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To the Edge ( Bodyguard1) by Cindy Gerard

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                  i'm sorry i didn't post more this week but my heatlh got a little worse when i thought i was done, now after a second blood analysis my treatment will be better i hope, once i receive the results. Before that..or even with all that it's an exam weeks, finals, tests etc  and i can't keep my eyes open yet so a bit stressed but i will do what i can.

The good thing is that i didn't forget you so today i will share my opinion on To the Edge the first book of the bodyguard series written by Cindy Gerard, a military romance.

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Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication: 2005
ISBN:  031299091x
Genre: romantic suspense/military romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodread :

 The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Jillian Kincaid grew up with bodyguards shadowing her every move-and she hated it. Now a TV anchorwoman, she refuses to let another hired thug follow her around. Not even when she begins to receive terrifying death threats. Not even when the bodyguard is the darkly seductive Nolan Garrett...
Trained in Special Ops, bodyguard Nolan Garrett has been hired by Jillian's father to keep her out of danger. But it's clear from the start that Jillian isn't going to make his job easy. Far from the spoiled princess he expected, Jillian is tough, independent, and totally sexy. And she's fighting him every step of the way.
As Jillian's stalker raises the stakes, Nolan must keep her close if he wants to keep her alive. But being so close can only turn up the heat that's been simmering between them-a heat that could explode into passion at any moment...

My opinion:
          In a whole it was quite a good book. The suspense was well written and I didn’t guess the culprit or his motive before the end; the romance was developed in a interesting way and the psychology of the characters well thought but I wasn’t into it. It’s really strange because I’ve liked this book and in the same time I’m not looking forward to read the next one of the series.

I found the military part interesting because that’s part of what Nolan his and the reason for his behaviour. The psychology part of this seems really accurate and I was essentially drawn by it. Also Jillian seems a realistic character, having lived under a lot of pressure and all she wants her independence, very understandable. Now her parents aren’t as well constructed in my taste, her mother is depressive that is not the problem but the way she completely changes at the end of the book is done too quickly for me. Same with her father reaction, after sometimes yes he could think that way but just days after an attempted murder on his daughter…not likely. I love happy end but here it was too stretched…even more no words about her father opinion on her relationship? Him being so protective and all…it didn’t ring well with me. The plot is well constructed just some details are making me a bit disappointed with this book but I love the writing style of Cindy Gerard and I will check her others books.
So a good book with a lot of suspense, action and romance but not my favourite.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

Score:  3,5/5


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