vendredi 28 avril 2023

Death Raiser ( Lark Morgan 2) by J.C. McKenzie- review

 Hello to all,

          I can believe i managed to wait the release date to share my point of view about this book since i loved it so much....i guess i was lucky to be busy. However today is the day so.....if you haven't started this series it's high time you start ( and with book 1)

Happy reading

Publisher: JCM Publications 
Publication: 2023
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: strong
sex: mild
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

Necromancy is a gift that keeps on giving…

…and my powers always deliver death.

I may have narrowly escaped death during my last case with the Victoria Police Department, but now it appears another serial killer has stepped forward to fill the murderous void. This time, the dead aren’t talking. And while the souls are silent, the vampires won’t shut up. I’ve given them a taste of my powers and now they want more.

My relationships with the Lord of the Veil and the vampires are complicated and my feelings for a certain grumpy detective even more so. But these are the least of my concerns. The serial killer isn’t stopping any time soon and after a string of discoveries, the only lead we have is the killer’s apparent obsession with me.

With my personal and professional lives set on a collision course, if I don’t find a way to sort through the facts and my feelings and learn why I’m the target, I’ll end up as the next casualty.

A deliciously dark Urban Fantasy tale with a flawed necromancer trying to survive a harsh supernatural world by International Bestselling Author, J. C. McKenzie.

Excellent, really excellent but i do recommend you to read the book in order to enjoy the full experience. There are a lot of action, humour, touch of romance and very strong suspense.

It's not easy to tell a lot without spoiler so i will be short but It's a must read!
This instalment takes place after the events in book 1 "death maker" and Lark is adjusting to the consequences of the deals and discoveries she made.
It's simply too great for words.

This investigation ( at least the official one) is centered about murders of women where the ghost can't answer Lark because the murder was very brutal and mutilations to prevent a good raising were done. Are they all linked? Why and how they must uncover everything and Lark is a bit distracted by a gorgeous detective and mysterious roses.

We discover more about the  red lign and Lark, more about other characters and the mystery deepens so you get hooked right at the beginning and can't stop until the last page leaving you wanting for more. Really great urban fantasy with necromancer but not too dark ( yes there are rules to follows....somewhat in case^^)

to be recommended

vendredi 7 avril 2023

Stolen Sorcery & Other Misadventures ( the guild Codex: Warped 4) by annette Marie & Rob Jacobsen

 Hello to all!!!

  Oh i absolutely love the universe Annette Marie created , it's captivating and i love the links between all the spin off and i'm always amazed at how the quality of the series stays excellent or even improve with long series it's always easy but with this one it's so good i just want to reread it again and again.

Today is the release of a new instlament in the warped spin off where we follow Kit Morris an MPD agent, not by choice. This definitively deserve to read in order , you will just be amazed.

Happy reading!

Publisher: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.
Publication: 2023
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong
Language: mild
sex: none
Public: 16+

Description from goodreads :

What’s a hardworking MagiPol agent need to do to get a little R&R?

Between Agent Söze, the treacherous Internal Affairs tyrant who’s taken over my precinct, and the super illegal sorcery my partner Lienna was hiding in said precinct—which is now missing—my usual routine of busting magical criminals has fallen apart in favor of hectic damage control.

But that went out the window too when a respected Guild Master was found dead. Agent Söze is trying to cover it up, which is all the reason I need to make solving the murder my top priority.

Except now Agent Söze is trying to arrest and/or kill me. Not entirely unexpected, but both dangerous and highly irritating.

With the clock ticking on the next mysterious Guild Master murder, Lienna and I have to find a way to prove Agent Söze is behind it all. We need rock-solid evidence to bring him down, which is kind of tricky when crooked agents, shady allies, and cutthroat assassins keep complicating matters.

And if we don’t get to the bottom of it fast, my next day off will be in the morgue as another corpse to be swept under the corruption rug.

Oh my god this is so excellent!!!!! I love LOVE it!!

Agent Kit Morris and Lienna Sheng are on edge since Söze took control of their precinct after trying to obliterate the Crow& Hammer guild things are getting dangerous. If Söze thinks you are against him you can be fired or put in jail without any explanation or defense.
However when some Guild Masters are found dead but no real investigation are taking place they decide , under their old chief Blythe, to investigate the suspicious case.....not expecting to be put on a hit list for that when Söze and his team try to kill them for asking questions.

Not knowing who is corrupt and who is not, determined to find the truth and get Söze fired they must go allies who would not turn them down but without putting a target on their back as well. So Crow& Hammer is one of their stop along some MPD mole that Zack used in the past...but only for information as they refuses to ask for more help and put them in danger. It's them against the world..However even with their life and some others on the line Kit can't ignore how Lienna seems distracted....

Action, lot of twists, humour, recurring characters ( yes Paige and Zylas appears and more Darius!) this is a rollecaster full of tension to keep you on edge and it promise so much more to come. I loved to see the evolution of Kit!!! This is definitively a must read but in order is better as this instalment continue the main series but takes place after in the perfect continuity with more vilains to fight.