samedi 31 décembre 2022

TBR pile Challenge 2022 wrap up post

 Hello to all!

      I wish you all the best for 2023 and i sure hope to do better than i did this year. Oh i've read more than 100 books but with the stress of the actual situation and the rest, the blog sure was put aside  a bit ....i guess it means i can only improve and i will try.

However before thinking of 2023 let see how i did the TBR pile challenge for 2022.

I'm happy to say i've completed it....i've read 12 books: 11 from my main pile and 1 of the alternate. Why? because my 12th book was somewhat misplaced and i could not find it ( suspect is brother who may be reading it in secret) so i had to take an alternate to complete the challenge. I'm really proud to have managed to finish it and i will join next year with pleasure

My list for this challenge :

1. Vendetta (2015) by Gail Z Martin

2. Chase the Dark ( 2014) by Annette Marie

3. Bind the Soul ( 2015) by Annette Marie

4. After Dark  ( 2000) by Jayne Castle

5.A Ghost of a Chance  ( 2019) by debbie Cassidy

6. The Rookie ( 2020)  by Kimberly Kincaid

7. Magic for Nothing  ( 2017) by Seanan McGuire

8. Elemental Mating ( A.L.F.A. 1) ( 2017)  by Milly Taiden 

9. Demon Slayer t6 ( 2017)  by Koyoharu Gotouge

10. Lake Silence ( 2018)  by Anne Bishop

11. Wild Country ( 2019)  by Anne Bishop

12. Demon Slayer t7 ( 2017) by Koyoharu Gotouge


1:Mercenary instinct  ( 2014) by Ruby Liondrake

2: Mating Needs  ( 2017) by Milly Taiden 

I think my favourite was Silver Lake but i enjoyed all the book so a bit hard to pick only one favourite.

How was your 2022 reading year? Any Goal for 2023?

Happy New Year ( with a few hours of advance)