lundi 20 août 2018

In the Lawman 's protection ( Omega sector: under siege 6) by Janie Crouch

Hello to all,

                2018 does not seem to be my year with how life keep interfering in my plans to give me more troubles...nothing i won't survive but i admit reading about strong characters can be a good motivation for not giving up.

Today i'm sharing with you my opinion on the 6th book in the Omega sector: under siege series by Janie Crouch....i still haven't gotten book3 (i sure hope i will soon) but i have loved all the rest of the series and this finale is quite the top! i couldn't have hoped for a better story to add to this series.

But enough teasing and let see that in more details. Happy Reading!

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Publication: 2018
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

  An agent will do anything to take down a terrorist.

Even if that means using a woman as his weapon.

To locate a terrorist, Ren McClement must find the criminal’s “dead” wife Natalie. His plan: use the innocent beauty as bait. But when his duplicity leads them into grave danger, Ren reveals his secret to Natalie...and his passion for her. Will furious Natalie be able to forgive his lie? And will they get to the mastermind before he unleashes mass destruction?

My opinion:
          Ren is a fantastic character, we learned about him a little before in the series but  he has a complex personality and his life is full of mysteries since he spent most of it undercover. I really enjoyed learning more about him and to see him act as well....he is really the perfect match for someone like Nathalie

Nathalie has fear deeply set in her bones...beside psychological  trauma, her body as well as her psyche show the traces of Damien torture.... she took the opportunity she saw to flee but she never felt free always terrified he would find her again....but no matter how much she suffered...deep inside she is still a good person, she shows compassion and when she can help other she's really telling how courageous she is.

This story was all i wanted it to be...there was tension, moments where i cried, moments where i laughed all together with the Damien arc coming to an end and while i love this series it was really time for him to meet his fate and for the rest of the characters to be able to breathe a little...
It was a page turner from the beginning and if this could work as a standalone i prefer to recommend you to read it in order so you have a deeper insight of what the characters have suffered to help understand how far they are willing to go to succeed. It's said they suffered yes but it's it's too light explanation for what they really endured so this series is better read in order for sure.

It's a great romance with a excellent dose of suspense so i recommend it without any hesitation or doubt!

Score:  5/5