vendredi 30 juin 2023

Death Taker ( Lark Morgan 3) by JC McKenzie- review

 Hello to all,

 Today is the release of the last book in a series i greatly enjoyed and i'm happy to share my point of view with you on this one. I have been really busy lately and the list of things to do is getting longer but i can't resist a good book.


Publisher: JCM Publications 
Publication: 2023
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: strong
sex: mild
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

Life as a necromancer is never easy, but when the body of a ghost from my past turns up, inexplicably whole, very dead, and without a soul, I seriously reconsider my chosen profession. What good am I as a necromancer if I can’t raise the dead?

I might be a failure, but I’m still in high demand. The vampires want me to raise their progeny. The Lord of the Veil wants me to help him escape the veil. The police want me to continue solving their murder cases without giving me a pension.

And Detective Connor Kang wants me, too. Just me. He makes the magic in my blood sing and now I know his true identity and what’s in his heart. But as it turns out, Kang isn’t the only person in my life harbouring a secret.

I need to rescue a supernatural hostage, figure out who or what is capable of destroying souls, and somehow stay alive and out of the clutches of those who would seek to kill or use me. Mom raised me to follow five sacred rules to necromancy, and I’ve faithfully followed every single one.

Until now.

A deliciously dark Urban Fantasy tale with a flawed necromancer trying to survive a harsh supernatural world by International Bestselling Author, J. C. McKenzie.

A must read!!! This is the 3rd book and it just got even better than the precedent books which i did not think possible seeing they were already wonderfully written but this one is a piece of art.

We get deeper into Lark and Connor relationship, we learn more secrets, and there are so many twists and tension to keep us on edge from the first page to the last one.

There are moving moments, heartbreaking ones, lot of actions, Lark discover more allies and realise she has more ennemies she imagined. We get to see a side of Connor we had no idea he had and we see how loyal he is to Lark, revealing secrets and keeping her safe without putting her in bubble wraps ( that's more her brother's thing^^)

really this is a perfect mix of danger, action, magic, tension, steamy and romantic moments and humour. A must be read and a series not to be missed!

mardi 20 juin 2023

Drafted ( Para-Military Recruiter 1) by Renée Jaggér, Michael Anderle

 Hello  to all!

                           I got really busy so i've read but i did not post many reviews lately except that sometime i come accross a book i really want to share and  Drafted is one of those. The book was free a few days ago and the blurb tempted me so i decided to try it and....i LOVE it!! i've read it in one sitting and if i could i would have jumped into book 2 immediately. A new series, a new to me author...complete delicious discovery

so here comes my opinon on Drafted!

Publication: 2022
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal , magic
Violence: mild

Language: strong
sex: none
Public: 16+

Description from goodreads :

Julie Meadows is down on her luck when she receives an e-mail drafting her into the Official Para-Military Agency.

She didn’t expect “para” to mean paranormal. Her partner is an Aether Elf prince, her boss is a Were…something, and the IT department is staffed by literal trolls.

The prospect of a steady job and financial security draws her into a world filled with every myth and legend she’s ever read about.

Julie dives into the magical, mystical, and downright fantastic when she and her partner,
Taylor are tasked with finding new recruits for the Agency.

The problem? Julie is human, and the cost of failing to find a recruit is her life.

With the help of
Taylor and a snarky mystical artifact, Julie races against the clock to avoid a killer mind-wipe.

Should she succeed, her place at OPMA will be secure. If she fails, avoiding her mom’s insistence on the health benefits of aloe vera juice won’t be a problem anymore.

Either way, her life will never be the same again.

Amazing!!!!! i've read this one in one sitting and i can't wait to get more it's wonderful full of action, snarky humour and great characters.

Julie is looking for a job when she receives a letter announcing she has been drafted for the Para Military Agency....thinking it's a joke she still can't resist the promise of a free meal...until she discover it's no joke but an error and one that could means her death. Human with the abilities to see paranormals she is given the opportunity of a job- or termination ....she must recruit paranormals for the agency with Taylor, a elf prince , as a partner she must succeed in one week. in a world she has to learn everything about.

Vampire, Kelpie, drow, aether elves, orc, troll and so many other paranormal. This is perfect you get immersed into the series, you gather there are more to discover and want more but you enjoy this greatly!

to be recommended without a doubt