samedi 31 décembre 2011

Happy New Year

C'est avec juste un peu d'avance  mais je tenais à vous écrire ce message pour vous souhaiter à tous une merveilleuse année 2012 pleine de bonheur et surtout la santé.

Just a short message to Wish you all an Happy New Year full of hapiness, luck, health and all you need.

Happy New Year 2012
Best Wishes

Bonne Année et Meilleurs Voeux pour 2012

vendredi 30 décembre 2011

Top 10 Books books i'm looking forward in 2012

Last day for this event and we project ourselves in the futur, which books i'm looking forward next year. There are several and even some that i've read the first one to start with  so i hope i won't be  disappointed  but hey we can hope.

I've decided not to post a cover for these one because, they don' necessary exist already and  it would be more easy.

1: Endlessly by Kiersten White, hardback ( last book of the paranormalcy serie)
2: Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost
3: Biting Cold by Chloe Neill
4: Pure from Jennifer Armentrout ( such a great cover)
5:Psi Changeling tome 3 from Nalini Singh, french edition  by Milady
6:Minuit tome 6 from Lara Adrian, milady french edition
7: Succubus tome 5, french edition by Milady
8: andrea's books ( no title yet) spin off of Kate daniels serie.
9: Oracles' moon, Elders race serie tome 4 by Thea Harrison
10:Deity by Jennifer Armentrout

To be honest my top priority were at first Kate Daniels 6 and the New Mercy Thompson books but both were reschelduled to be published in 2013 so i have to be very very patient.

All the best and in advance Happy New year

jeudi 29 décembre 2011

top 10 of 2011 day 4: Characters

The topic of today must be based on Characters so after several attempts, i've decided to choose as my topic: my top 10 of shapeshifters that i would like to have as a friend ( or boyfriend for somes males. )

Adam from the Mercy Thompson serie by Patricia Briggs.
So loyal, he protect his pack well and in the same time he can stand some non members on his territory.Intelligent , he doesn't give up on what he wished even if it takes time. And he has a great sense of humor. A perfect alpha ( an a wolf to make it even better)

Dragos from the elder races serie by Thea Harrison. A dragon, that's not sommon and he managed to get under his wing and reign several kind of shapeshifters, not so easy. Very intelligent he is also very possessive but he can be  selfness when it's needed .

Curran from Kate daniels serie by ilona Andrews. Perseverant, humor , great fighter, old power, fair ruler a lot of quality even if he is very possessive too he tries to bend his rules a bit to let a small place for independence as long as he can surpervise^^;;

Pia from the Elder races serie by thea Harrison. What a great friend, loyal, honest and with the gift of healing i like this kind of unicorn.

Mahon from the Kate daniels serie by Ilona Andrews. I can hate his decision sometimes i must admit that he is a perfect exemple of shapeshifters, loyal,  fierce fighter and very protective. i much prefer to have this bear on my side than as an opponent.

Lucan from Psy changeling serie by Nalini Singh. A big big cat ^^;; with all his qualities and defaults: curiosity, playfulness etc. He is very loyal and has the respect from his pack...perhaps a bit too much of cuddling with packmembers (what?! i can be possessive too^^;;)

Elena from the women of otherworlds by Kelley Armstrong. She is very independant and always there for her friend. But, where she is Clayton is there too and i'm not so sure he is so happy to share^^;;

Jim from the Kate Daniels serie by Ilona Andrews. Again a "cat "^^;; i like them even if i prefer the wolves. I mean is should be a great friend but he is so paranoïac and independant that i won't be easy  even he is very loyal and protective. He should speak his mind a bit more

Dali from kate Daniels serie by Ilona Andrews. A white tiger so great even more she like langages and history how cool it's that . I would love to have her as my friend and she doesn't like blood so i won't risk an injury too easily ^^;;

10° Dereck from the Kate Daniels serie by Ilona Andrews. A wolf yes but he lost points by not following orders ( direct orders!!) from his alpha. Anyway he is loyal and protective so he is on this top.

Believe me it wasn't easy for me to decide which topic to do for today's post but after seeing the majority of vampire in my top boyfriend i decided to honor a bit the shapeshifters too.
Perhaps we have something in common.

all the best and see you tomorrow for the last day of this  great even.

mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011

       third day of Top 10 of 2011 and it's consacred to the book Boyfriend, based on books read in 2011.Who do i wish could be mine.
Not so easy to decide but it's not as difficult as it could be.

1: Bones from the Night Huntress Serie from Jeaniene Frost. Really so loyal, honest and perseverant..if your forguet all the past mistress he is perfect.

2: Adam: From Mercy Thompson Serie from Patricia Briggs. Also very perseverant and funny; i admire the fact that he tried to let Mercy be independant when she wish to be and how kind he is waiting for her.

3: Curran from Kate Daniels Serie by ilona Andrews.  It was hard to decide at wich place to put it... he is loyal, funny but also he can be very oppressive, i guess what works in his favor was that he still decided to trust her when leraning who was her father and perseverance counts a lot for me.

4: Dragos from the Elders race serie by Thea Harrison. Possesive witha good sense of humor he decide to be himself for the one he love. So cute and the way he can be so gentle when needed and fierce with his ennemies. A good alpha

5: Lucas Hunter from Psi changeling serie by Nalini Singh. Loyal to his pack but still he doesn't give up his soulmate and even help her when she forbids him to do it .  Wonderful

6: Lucan Thorne from the Midnight serie by Lara Adrian he is loyal and protective but not oppressive so yes i like him.

7: Dante from the Guardians of Eternity by Alexandra Ivy. He is ready to stay a slave to protect his loved one and he is demonstrative. Perfect.

8: Dante ( another one^^) from  the Midnight serie by lara Adrian. Also fiercely protective, he keep his promise and can be so kind when it's needed.

9:Vlad from the Night Huntress Serie by Jeaniene Frost. I mean he is still loyal to his late wife, can be funny and protective, he is quite good for me.

10: Jim from the Kate Daniels Serie by Ilona Andrews.  Only place 10 because he is loyal yes but so protective that he doesn't express his love at all. And i need a boyfriend who show me and tell me that he loves me.

So if analyse this list: more vampire than shapeshifters ( i guess i've read more books about vampire this year^^;;) the common aspect of them is their loyalty , protectiveness and perseverance. Where is my soulmate now....

Do we have someone in common on our list? Who and why did you choose him ( them)?

all the best

mardi 27 décembre 2011

Top 10 2011: covers


  On this second day of the Top 10 of 2011  the special topic is: the cover because a book with a great cover can catch your eyes and made you want to read the book. Thus i will show you my favorite cover published in 2011.

First: Le royaume des loups By Kathryn Lasky in Pocket jeunesse éditons ( French)-2011 oh my i love wolves so this so cute puppy i couldn't resist. And the background make me think winter so Christmas time^^;; ( i have to get that book , it should be on the way). I love the covers for this author in general , i mean the one for gahoole's guardian were somptuous also ( not the last one)

Second place: Half- Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout. A purple flower semmed made by smoke.....great, poetic...i'm still trying to win this book to have my hand on it

Third place: Flying Bling by Deborah CookeThere is something magical in this one, the Uk cover isn't so great but this one with the light blue with effet oh my i have to get it one day ( even if i have the uk version too)

Four place: Tiger's curse by Colleen Houck, paperback edition by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. A white tiger, my heart is warming when i look at the eyes. ( yes i love animals^^;;)

Five:Les chants de la Terre by Elspeth Cooper- editor Bragelonne ( FR)-Novembre 2011. I can't explain this choose for me it's a feeling that this cover is simple and in the same time so appropriate for that title and book.

Six.Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, paperback edition by Harper Teen ( july 2011) i love the feeling of this cover and the pink and purple...whoah ( the hardback from 2010 is a bit darker than this one)

Seven: Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews ( editor ACE). The book wasn't up to my expectation but the cover is very appropriate with the lion in the background
Eight: Waterfall by Lisa T Bergen David C Cook Publishing Company -2011.
Something mystical, the light.; i don't know but in the top 10 that's for sure.

Nine: Winging it by Deborah Cooke at New American Library- 2011. The orange and pink,give a warm feeling to this cover.

Ten: Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennet at POCKET BOOKS. I can't explain, i just love it.

I'm sure your choices are different but hey, every one has different taste ^^.

all the best

lundi 26 décembre 2011

Top10 of 2011


            i've decided to participate in the event called Top 10 of 2011, organized and hosted by  Jessica from Confessions of a Bookaholic and Lisa from A Life Bound By Books , Jaime & Patricia from Two Chicks on Books and Rachel from Fiktshun .

During one week, each day will have a post about our top 10 of books, or covers or characters. Each day, a special topic.

Today we start with the Top 10 of Books read in 2011- any book so not just the one published in 2011. For me it's a bit special because it will be a mix of   books in French and in English ( because sometimes i discover an author thank to the translation in a French editor house)

Here we Go:
First place goes to:
 Psi Changeling "l'esclave des sens" by Nalini singh
Editor: Milady, Publication 2011. I was so happy to discover this book. A great time really ( can't wait to read the next one)


Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison Berkley publishing, 2011. Captivating, sad the second book wasn't as good.

Third place: Chloe Neill with Vampire of Chicago tome 1, Editor Milady, 2011. I wanted to the next one quickly. ( Milday published a lot of paranormal romance, bit lit this year)

Four:Alexandra Ivy and Les Gardiens de l'éternité, tome 1 Dante- editor Milady , 2011

Five: On the Prowl by karen MacInerney- ballantine book, 2009. Discovered by chance it was really a good read.

Six: Karen chance serie Cassandra Palmer - ( tome3) Editor Milady pulished in 2011
To be honest perhaps it's higher in the list.. i had a lot of difficulties to choose which book and such so it's only number 6 it would be better in a list of  favorite serie however.

Seven: Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs- Ace books, 2011. Great great book but only number seven because i much prefered the first one.

Eight: Jeaniene Frost the night huntress serie book 4- french editor Milady , 2011
I've discovered this serie late ^^;; now i'm impatient to read the next one ( in english on my TBR)

Nine: Succubus blues- Milady published in 2011. I was hesitant at first but i don't regret to have given it a try

Ten: Kate Daniels serie by Ilona Andrews tome 3 french editor Milady ( 2010) second publication 2011) lovely

Now making this list wasn't easy at all...some could be higher in the list but since i've read them  at the beginning of the year i didn't thought of them first. Also sometimes i've got a problem becaus ei love the serie but the level of books isn't regular. So i've decided to add my Top 5 of Serie discovered in 2011 or still on going in 2011. ( the one i don't want to miss^^;;)

1: Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs, i was disappointed by the last book published but i really love this serie as a whole ( and the next will be as good as the first one)
2: Night huntress serie by Jeaniene Frost
3:Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews ( exaequo with Night huntress serie in fact)
4: Cassandra Palmer by Karen Chance
5: Midnight serie by lara Adrian
6:Chicago vampire by Chloe Neill ( exaequo with Th midnight serie)

For these six serie, i've got the book, in French and in English ^^ because i really love them. I've read the last book published or at least it's on my TBR pile. ( exception for the midnight serie, but i'm planning to get the english books too)

Next is Succubus serie, Psi changeling, Jaz Parks, Dark Swan, Guardian of Eternity etc ( not necessary in order because i don't have read all the book yet, sometime just the first one ( or2) so i can't say if the serie is good or my favorite in his globality.

And a great new...Ilona Andrews is offering a novella : Magic Gifts on her blog. Download free for only 2weeks so if you love the Kate Daniels serie, hurry and enjoy it.

dimanche 25 décembre 2011

Ready for a hunt?


 Merry Christmas, to all of you

Just a short mail to wish you to have a wonderful day.
This week i will participate in the Top10 of 2011 so a post each day if you got some time.

But Better Shorties says is doing a special hunt starting today. Each day you can win  a different prize you just have to hunt the avatar. Enjoy

mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Giveaway international around the web


          like before, i will tell you about some giveaways open to international ( yes europe too) and very interesting.

Fist, a new one for Christmas at Fuzze Coffee Books called Twelves days of Christmas giveaway. You can win there a fabulous prize or should i said prizes because in 2012 each month you will receive the new release of your choice. That's really really great! Open until 25 December.

Next, the Paperplanes has a giveaway celebrating December where you can win 2 books from a list with several new release. Open until the 28 January

Enjoy and good luck

dimanche 4 décembre 2011

aide recherchée pour cadeau de noël

bonsoir à tous,

                       Aujourd'hui il s'agit d'un message un peu spécial puisque je vais vous demander votre aide. J'aimerai vraiment faire plaisir pour Noël/ Nouvel An à maman en lui offrant les lires qui lui manque dans ses séries favorites.C'est en effet la seule chose qui parvient à la faire sourire et à s'évader depuis le décès de papa...mais voilà une partie de ceux manquants ( voir tous) ne sont plus édité. Normalement je fais le tour des magasins d'occasions et si je suis chanceuse j'en trouve un que je met de côté et ainsi de suite mais là je n'en ai aucun en réserve et pour raison médicale je suis coincée à  la maison ( interdiction de marcher).

Bref j'aurai besoin d'aide, si jamais vous avez un de ces titres en double ou simplement que vous voulez vous en séparer ou alors il est  au magasin du coin près de chez vous etc j'apprécierai grandement votre aide ( diverses modalités possibles: cadeau, échange etc)

Si vous pensez pouvoir m'aider merci de me laisser un commentaire ou de m'envoyer un mail à isabelle(dot)frisch(at)gmail(dot)com

Auteur: Kate Sedley ( priorité)
Edition 10/18
titre: *La cape de Plymouth
*la corde au cou
*La fortune de l'échevin
*L'auberge du gué

Auteur: Paul Doherty
Edition 10/18
Série Hugh Corbett
titre: *L'ange de la mort
*funestes présages

D'avance merci à tous

vendredi 2 décembre 2011

Christmas Cards reminders


 i just wanted to remind you that if you follow my blog and wish to receive a Christmas Card, i would be very happy to send you one. It's not somethin big but it's from the bottom of my heart so for more information check  this post . New followers are welcome.

If you want your card early or at least on time ( better be sure with the post) please send me the email for the 5december at the latest.- i extended the time limit so you ahve enough time.

thanks you

jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Christmas events and giveaways in the blogosphere

Hello to all,

              Christmas is fast approaching and this is a big event in the world so many giveaways and blog hop appear. I wanted to share with you some i follow ( open internationally at least for some prizes) because i 'm a followers of thes greats blogs. I won't be complete but i will try to make honor to them so let's begin!

* Carmel at Rabid reads is as kind and generous as ever and organize an event : Holiday foreplay with eath day before Christmas an interview or a guest post and great giveaway. Have a look on the schedule and you will start dreaming ^^

*Hippies, beauty and books. Oh my! is doing a fabulous event called 25days of Christmas Event. Each day, a new giveaway and international- thanks you a lot- you can find the complete list of giveaways here. I would love several of theses books as you would i'm sure.

*Book n Kisses organize the Winter’s Favorites Monthly Giveaway, each day, interview blog post and giveaways unfortunately all the paperback aren't international so check carefully before entering. Seems very very interesting anyway, so enjoy. ( until 31/12)

* 25 Days of jubilation is an event hosted by Cyndi at Dog-Eared & Bookmarked, Jacinda at The Reading Housewives, Yani at The Secret Life of an Avid Reader.  Each day, a new blog makes a giveaway. Not every one is international but we aren't left out so discover new blog along the way. Complete schedule here

I'm sure there are others so if i can i will let you now. Happy holidays