mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011

       third day of Top 10 of 2011 and it's consacred to the book Boyfriend, based on books read in 2011.Who do i wish could be mine.
Not so easy to decide but it's not as difficult as it could be.

1: Bones from the Night Huntress Serie from Jeaniene Frost. Really so loyal, honest and perseverant..if your forguet all the past mistress he is perfect.

2: Adam: From Mercy Thompson Serie from Patricia Briggs. Also very perseverant and funny; i admire the fact that he tried to let Mercy be independant when she wish to be and how kind he is waiting for her.

3: Curran from Kate Daniels Serie by ilona Andrews.  It was hard to decide at wich place to put it... he is loyal, funny but also he can be very oppressive, i guess what works in his favor was that he still decided to trust her when leraning who was her father and perseverance counts a lot for me.

4: Dragos from the Elders race serie by Thea Harrison. Possesive witha good sense of humor he decide to be himself for the one he love. So cute and the way he can be so gentle when needed and fierce with his ennemies. A good alpha

5: Lucas Hunter from Psi changeling serie by Nalini Singh. Loyal to his pack but still he doesn't give up his soulmate and even help her when she forbids him to do it .  Wonderful

6: Lucan Thorne from the Midnight serie by Lara Adrian he is loyal and protective but not oppressive so yes i like him.

7: Dante from the Guardians of Eternity by Alexandra Ivy. He is ready to stay a slave to protect his loved one and he is demonstrative. Perfect.

8: Dante ( another one^^) from  the Midnight serie by lara Adrian. Also fiercely protective, he keep his promise and can be so kind when it's needed.

9:Vlad from the Night Huntress Serie by Jeaniene Frost. I mean he is still loyal to his late wife, can be funny and protective, he is quite good for me.

10: Jim from the Kate Daniels Serie by Ilona Andrews.  Only place 10 because he is loyal yes but so protective that he doesn't express his love at all. And i need a boyfriend who show me and tell me that he loves me.

So if analyse this list: more vampire than shapeshifters ( i guess i've read more books about vampire this year^^;;) the common aspect of them is their loyalty , protectiveness and perseverance. Where is my soulmate now....

Do we have someone in common on our list? Who and why did you choose him ( them)?

all the best

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  1. Um, I actually don't know any of them, YET! ;) I should pick some of these books up :) Thanks for sharing! :)