jeudi 29 décembre 2011

top 10 of 2011 day 4: Characters

The topic of today must be based on Characters so after several attempts, i've decided to choose as my topic: my top 10 of shapeshifters that i would like to have as a friend ( or boyfriend for somes males. )

Adam from the Mercy Thompson serie by Patricia Briggs.
So loyal, he protect his pack well and in the same time he can stand some non members on his territory.Intelligent , he doesn't give up on what he wished even if it takes time. And he has a great sense of humor. A perfect alpha ( an a wolf to make it even better)

Dragos from the elder races serie by Thea Harrison. A dragon, that's not sommon and he managed to get under his wing and reign several kind of shapeshifters, not so easy. Very intelligent he is also very possessive but he can be  selfness when it's needed .

Curran from Kate daniels serie by ilona Andrews. Perseverant, humor , great fighter, old power, fair ruler a lot of quality even if he is very possessive too he tries to bend his rules a bit to let a small place for independence as long as he can surpervise^^;;

Pia from the Elder races serie by thea Harrison. What a great friend, loyal, honest and with the gift of healing i like this kind of unicorn.

Mahon from the Kate daniels serie by Ilona Andrews. I can hate his decision sometimes i must admit that he is a perfect exemple of shapeshifters, loyal,  fierce fighter and very protective. i much prefer to have this bear on my side than as an opponent.

Lucan from Psy changeling serie by Nalini Singh. A big big cat ^^;; with all his qualities and defaults: curiosity, playfulness etc. He is very loyal and has the respect from his pack...perhaps a bit too much of cuddling with packmembers (what?! i can be possessive too^^;;)

Elena from the women of otherworlds by Kelley Armstrong. She is very independant and always there for her friend. But, where she is Clayton is there too and i'm not so sure he is so happy to share^^;;

Jim from the Kate Daniels serie by Ilona Andrews. Again a "cat "^^;; i like them even if i prefer the wolves. I mean is should be a great friend but he is so paranoïac and independant that i won't be easy  even he is very loyal and protective. He should speak his mind a bit more

Dali from kate Daniels serie by Ilona Andrews. A white tiger so great even more she like langages and history how cool it's that . I would love to have her as my friend and she doesn't like blood so i won't risk an injury too easily ^^;;

10° Dereck from the Kate Daniels serie by Ilona Andrews. A wolf yes but he lost points by not following orders ( direct orders!!) from his alpha. Anyway he is loyal and protective so he is on this top.

Believe me it wasn't easy for me to decide which topic to do for today's post but after seeing the majority of vampire in my top boyfriend i decided to honor a bit the shapeshifters too.
Perhaps we have something in common.

all the best and see you tomorrow for the last day of this  great even.

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  1. I love top 10 shapeshifters! Great idea! I almost did top 10 vampires but I actually have been reading a wide variety of paranormal books this year and not that many vampire ones. My favorite on your list would be Adam Haumpton. He is so sexy! And a great pack leader/friend and everything!
    My Top 10 Characters of 2011

  2. You have an exceptionally well taste! Okay, I didn't like Lucas (Psy Changeling) and I don't know Pia and Dragos, but still. The rest is awesome. (And Lucas isn't so bad either *grin*)


  3. Adam & Elena. Awesomeness. The world is better that they are in it ;)

    Amy @

  4. Ohh you picks but I don't know them all >_<

    Here' s my Top 10 Characters of 2011

    Jay @ We Fancy Books