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Blog tour: Release: Talon of the Hawk by Jeffe Kennedy

Hello to all!!!

                     If you know me, you already know that i'm not participating in a lot of blog tours.... i only do it if i love the book and/or the author.
In this case, a dear friend of mine is more than fan of this series "the Twelves Kingdoms" and while i haven't read book 1 yet ( i planned to but with the past monts events i'm behind schedule but you get my review of it later) i did have contact with the author, Jeffe Kennedy, in precedents books tour or in comments after interview and she won me over so i was really happy to participate in promoting Talon of the Hawk, third book in the series, which releases today!
 I did read the prequel novella "Negociation" too as you can see in the precedent post (and to celebrate today release it's free!)

So a little more info about this book:

Talon of the Hawk, The Twelves Kingdoms : book 3 by Jeffe Kennedy
Genre: Fantasy, fantasy romance
Publisher: Kensington
Date of Publication: May 26,2015

ISBN 13:978-0-7582-9447-0
ISBN 10:0-7582-9447-6

Number of Page: 438
word count ~130k

Cover Artist: Design by Kristine Mills,
Illustration by Don Sipley

Book Description:


Three daughters were born to High King Uorsin, in place of the son he wanted. The youngest, lovely and sweet. The middle, pretty and subtle, with an air of magic. And the eldest, the Heir. A girl grudgingly honed to leadership, not beauty, to bear the sword and honor of the king.

Ursula’s loyalty is as ingrained as her straight warrior’s spine. She protects the peace of the Twelve Kingdoms with sweat and blood, her sisters from threats far and near. And she protects her father to prove her worth. But she never imagined her loyalty would become an open question on palace grounds. That her father would receive her with a foreign witch at one side and a hireling captain at the other—that soldiers would look on her as a woman, not as a warrior. She also never expected to decide the destiny of her sisters, of her people, of the Twelve Kingdoms and the Thirteenth. Not with her father still on the throne and war in the air. But the choice is before her. And the Heir must lead…

Quite tempting, no? If you want here is a little excerpt to give you a better idea of the author's writing^^

Two of the mercenaries marked off a circle with twine, roughly twice a man’s height in diameter, while Captain Harlan and another man began stripping off their shirts and pants. To keep from watching, I pulled up a bench and set to polishing my sword. Not that I hadn’t seen plenty of men unclothed—field outposts and battle left little room or reason for modesty—but Harlan’s muscled physique seemed unduly attention-grabbing.
His all-over golden tan hinted that he often went unclothed outdoors, and his fair hair barely showed, leaving the rippling cuts of his muscle plainly defined. He seemed more lithe, more like a male animal, without the hardened leather armor he typically wore. Fortunately he and the other man retained strips of cloth over their groins, though their buttocks were bared.

Unfortunately, they commenced applying some sort of oil, the morning light catching it and making Harlan’s golden skin gleam over taut muscles. I resheathed my sword when I came close to slicing off a finger, Danu take him.
“Now, that,” Jepp said, coming to straddle the bench next to me, “is a fine way to start the day.”
“I thought you were teaching those mercs the Midnight form.”
“This is much more interesting. Everybody is coming to watch.”

Indeed, the other female Hawks had drawn quite close, expressions avid with more than casual interest. Marskal circulated, taking more bets, no doubt, but everyone else watched Harlan and his man. At the far end of the practice yard, Madeline and some of the maids and kitchen ladies gathered, their giggles carrying on the air like birdsong. The castle ladies would likely be sorry that they were not early risers and had missed the spectacle.

“Nice of you to grab us a ringside seat,” Jepp continued, sounding entirely too casual, “but then, this is staged for your benefit, isn’t it?”

I was sorry I’d put my sword away, as I had nothing to do with my hands now and seemed to be unable to look away from the glistening display of Harlan’s masculine form. “Yes. Marskal knows I’m keen to learn more about how these Dasnarians train and fight.”

“Oh, Captain, we are all keen to see more,” she drawled.
“No consorting,” I snapped, without thinking it through. Always a bad sign.
Jepp gave me an astonished—and terribly disappointed—look. “You can’t mean it.”
She leaned in on the pretext of drawing her knives to polish and dropped her voice. “If we’re to get out, it will be through them. I’m working on making some special friends.”

“Duly noted. But you needn’t do anything you don’t wish to.”

“Not exactly a sacrifice.” She boldly eyed the near-naked men. “I don’t mind fucking one or two. Or five. Possibly all at once.” The two men in the ring circled each other, thighs flexing in their half crouches, backs rippling, as they flexed muscles in display. “Do you think they all look that good under their clothes? I need to know. Call it scouting. Postcoital glow is excellent for extracting information from a man. Danu, I love my job.”

“You worry me, Jepp.”
“I won’t touch the captain, but say I can try a few of the others. Please?”
“Danu. Fine. Have any of them—even the captain. I don’t care. Just watch your own glow and what gets extracted from you.”
She tore her gaze away to cast me a quick, delighted grin. “You’re flustered. I’ve never seen you flustered.”
“Shut up, Jepp.”

The men connected, grappling, their hands sliding off the oiled skin of the other before catching to hold. They strained to master the strength of the other, their muscles hardened and impossibly bulging.

“I missed my workout is all,” I added. “All this waiting and wondering. It’s making me restless.”

Harlan flipped the other man and they went down in a tangle of limbs, the oil gleaming bright. The other man slipped partly free and Harlan laughed, exultant, scrambling to lock him into another hold.
“Uh-huh,” Jepp breathed. “I feel exceptionally restless this morning also.”

The maids and kitchen ladies had made bold to press through the ring of onlookers now—else they wouldn’t have been able to see through the crowd—and cheered wildly, cheeks pink and eyes bright. No one blocked our view, however, much as I wished they might.

“We’ll have a crop of Dasnarian-made babies in nine months,” I predicted. “And likely no Dasnarian fathers about to help feed the lot.”

“Mmm,” Jepp hummed, not listening to a word I said, fascinated gaze locked on the men as they tumbled over each other. Harlan had the other man pinned, facedown, locked so that he could barely struggle. Another mercenary counted in what must be Dasnarian, slapping the ground on a shout.

Thankfully that ended the match, the mercs, Hawks, and overexcited ladies cheering alike. Even Jepp leapt up from the bench, squealing in most un-warrior-like fashion. Harlan and the other man rose to their feet, now swarmed by the onlookers with much congratulating and slapping of backs.

“Not bad for a little rabbit!” The loser clapped the mercenary captain on the shoulder, shaking his head as he did.

Jepp turned on me with a stern, expectant expression. “You can count on me, Captain. I swear to extract as much as womanly possible”—she couldn’t suppress her grin at the thought—“and hands off Captain Harlan. Fair?”

“I told you, I don’t care if—”

“I’ll report!” She gave me a distracted salute and sauntered over to the man Harlan had defeated, a saucy sway to her trim hips. Harlan used her arrival to deftly extract himself from the cluster. For a big man, he moved with slick precision, and came toward me.
I stood to go, but he stepped into my path.
“Not bad for a rabbit?” I echoed his man, raising my eyebrows.
Abashed by nothing, he grinned. “‘Harlan’ means ‘rabbit’ in Dasnarian.”

“Not very auspicious.”

“I don’t know about that. What did you think?”

“An interesting sport,” I commented, keeping my eyes on his, pretending that he wasn’t standing nearly naked in front of me, glistening with oil and sweat. “As you noted, not terribly useful on the battlefield.”

“Did you like what you saw, though?” he pressed.
“Not enough to be further interested.”

He smiled easily. “You’re not tempted—not even a little?”
“Tempted?” I had gone for arch, not breathless, Danu take it.
“I think you are. We could trade lessons. You’d enjoy it.”

“You’re mistaken.” I deliberately looked at the sun, pretending to gauge the time. “I have no interest in learning a new sport; nor do I have free time to squander on pointless activities.”

“Never pointless, if done well.”

Over his shoulder, Jepp had her hands splayed on the other man’s pecs, as if measuring, gazing up at him with a bright, teasing smile. Madeline had corralled the maids into heading back to their duties, but more than one gazed back longingly. We’d be in for a bumper crop of babies, indeed.

Harlan turned, following the direction of my gaze. “Shall I order the men to keep hands off? They are accustomed to exercising that discipline.”

“As are you?” I riposted, seizing the opening and regretting it instantly.

“As well you know, Your Highness,” he returned in that smooth, deep voice, a caress in it that reminded me of the feel of his hands. “I would never press an undesired advance. Nor would my men. But yon ladies look most willing. The men will resist any and all invitations, however, if I instruct them so.”

“No need,” I sighed, thinking of Jepp’s ulterior motives and enviable enthusiasm. “I’d have every woman in Ordnung out for my blood. But make sure they behave themselves—and that they pay up for any babies they start.”That should have been in his almighty contract. Docked pay for each child left for us to raise.

“There won’t be any.”

“You’re so sure?” In my skepticism, I made the mistake of looking at him, his blond hair dark with the oil, the thick neck and corded shoulders. For some strange reason, my fingers itched to do as Jepp was even still—run my hands over the shape of those muscles, to feel that strength for myself, to discover if his skin was as smooth as it looked. I shouldn’t want that. Had never felt that desire.

He knew it, too, Danu take him, eyes glittering with answering invitation. This is staged for your benefit, isn’t it? “We have methods for preventing unplanned babies. Our women are always safe with us. No Dasnarian man would have so little care for his lover as to expose her to that danger. I should have made that clear last night. It didn’t occur to me that it was one of your concerns.”

“I have many concerns—none of them to do with you. Believe me, Captain, I haven’t given you or your… offer the least bit of thought.”

“Liar.” He leaned in close to murmur the word, so I scented his skin. Man, sweat, and sunlight. “How did you sleep? I tossed and turned myself. I kept thinking of you and the way you taste. Imagining how your hands on me would feel.”

Calling it a strategic retreat, I stepped back, removing myself from the temptation to touch him, to run my fingertips over his oiled muscles. “How unfortunate for you,” I replied. “I had far more important things to think about and still do. Excuse me, Captain.”

Satisfied at having set him back on his heels, I strode away, ignoring the fact that his amused laugh once again followed me.

About the author:
Jeffe Kennedy is an award-winning author whose works include non-fiction, poetry, short fiction, and novels. She has been a Ucross Foundation Fellow, received the Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship for Poetry, and was awarded a Frank Nelson Doubleday Memorial Award. Her essays have appeared in many publications, including Redbook. 

Her most recent works include a number of fiction series: the fantasy romance novels of A Covenant of Thorns; the contemporary BDSM novellas of the Facets of Passion, and an erotic  contemporary serial novel, Master of the Opera. A fourth series, the fantasy trilogy The Twelve Kingdoms, hit the shelves starting in May 2014 and book 1, The Mark of the Tala, received a starred Library Journal review and has been nominated for the RT Book of the Year while the sequel, The Tears of the Rose, has been nominated for best fantasy romance of the year. A fifth series, the highly anticipated erotic romance trilogy, Falling Under, released starting with Going Under, followed by Under His Touch and Under Contract. 
She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with two Maine coon cats, plentiful free-range lizards and a very handsome Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Jeffe can be found online at her website:, every Sunday at the popular Word Whores blog, on Facebook, and pretty much constantly on Twitter @jeffekennedy. She is represented by Connor Goldsmith of Fuse Literary.

Jeffe Kennedy Website

Have you started this series? If yes what do you think of it? If no are you tempted now?

As stated in my precedent post ( here) you can get the prequel for free for a limited time so it's a wonderful opportunity to discover a little of this series ( and could be useful for the already fans) so don't hesitate to get it while the promotion last!

Negociation ( The Twelves Kingdoms 0.5) by Jeffe Kennedy


              Welcome on The Twelves Kingdoms Day event!!!!

Jeffe Kennedy is releasing the third book in the Twelves Kigdoms series today and to celebrate that she is offering the prequel novella " Negociation" for free but hurry because that offer will be for a limited time only!

Before the only opportunity to read it was in the anthology " Thunder on Battlefield, vol II" but now it's available in ebook format. A good way to start on the series if you haven't already and a sweet bonus for those who are up to date. In any case i had to share it with you ( i love the cover)

Book Description: Negotiation by Jeffe Kennedy

A Story of the Twelve Kingdoms

A wounded warrior trapped by the sorceress who knows him better than he does himself…

General Uorsin escapes the last devastating battle, only to find himself alone on a mountain, feverish and no closer to finding the paradise that drives him on. Salena, greatest shapeshifter and magic-worker of her people, springs the trap she’s set to protect her land—and to prevent the ravager Uorsin from ever reaching it.

Together, they spend a night setting the terms that will determine not only the rest of their lives, but the fates of the peoples of the Twelve Kingdoms—and the thirteenth.

A description it's not always enough to decide a reader to pick a book or not so i was even more happy when i got the opportunity to review this novella so here is what i thought of it.

My opinion:
          I love when a novella gives us a real insight into the story and author’s writing style which is what “Negociation” does. If like me you haven’t started the series yet this prequel is a wonderful entry in this universe in which the author put a lot of work building.
You can see how engaging her writing is and all the complexity of the world but also how determined the characters can be….Jeffe really put a lot of thinking into her character building and it shows even in such a short story. Salena knows what she wants and she did think, a lot even, before acting even if the outcome she knows will happen isn’t ideal, far from it;…I’m not sure I would have been able to make the same choice as her.
Uorsin….i don’t like him he makes my skin crawls and I fear Salena did not measure all consequences and even that aside just how he considers women makes me disliking him greatly.

And here come the detail that perhaps makes this series not one for me at the moment despite all the beauty of this universe and lovely writing…. In this series the women are acting, they are not simple trophies so far so good but even from this novella we can get that the author isn’t against making them use sex as a weapon…. I’m not naïve, I know women in all history often had to use that trick, weapon to survive or worse and I can read paranormal romance so it’s not the description that really bothers me either.- By the way in the novella they only speak of it, no steamy scene or nothing so don’t hesitate to give it a try- It’s just that I’m not comfortable with that idea, at least at this moment.

This is a fantasy romance so you can expect a mix of them and there isn’t a perfect ideal balance either it depends on the moment if fantasy or romance must be prevalent. I have no problem with that….after all I need some romance in my books but it’s also the reason why I can’t take it lightly either.. I want love not sex ( not sure if I’m  being clear) so I fear  it will come to clash for me at some moment of the story….the question is will this fear be enough to prevent me for trying….i don’t think so but at least I come prepared.I did like this novella!

So do I recommend this novella? DEFINITIVELY! Either you will be in love with the universe and jump on the first book if you haven’t already or it will at least gives you a really good idea of the style so you can make your choice in all conscience but one thing for sure the author is more than talented and really kind so don’t hesitate to send her a message if you read her books. 

So interested? Remember you can this Free for a limited time so don't be shy and gives it a try!

you can get it via the following links ( if it's not free when you are checking, just check again later it will be )

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Fury’s Kiss ( Dorina Basarab 3) by Karen Chance

Hello to all!

                       Really there isn't enough time in the day to do all we want, or have, to do... at least in my case. Right now i'm back at making list to make sure i'm not forgetting any task and it's time for the review of the week!
This time i'm going back in a universe i really enjoy via it's spin off which i think i'm even starting to like more than the main one but honestly i can only recommend to read both series and jumping from one to the other following the reading line the author kindly provided it makes the experience a lot more pleasurable.

 So without waiting here comes " Fury's Kiss" third book in the Dorina Basarab series by Karen CHance

Happy reading!
Publisher: Penguin
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0451413237
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 Dorina Basarab is a dhampir—half-human, half-vampire. Subject to uncontrollable rages, most dhampirs live very short, very violent lives. But so far, Dory has managed to maintain her sanity by unleashing her anger on those demons and vampires who deserve killing...

Dory is used to fighting hard and nasty. So when she wakes up in a strange scientific lab with a strange man standing over her, her first instinct is to take his head off. Luckily, the man is actually the master vampire Louis-Cesare, so he’s not an easy kill.

It turns out that Dory had been working with a Vampire Senate task force on the smuggling of magical items and weaponry out of Faerie when she was captured and brought to the lab. But when Louis-Cesare rescues her, she has no memory of what happened to her.

To find out what was done to her—and who is behind it—Dory will have to face off with fallen angels, the maddest of mad scientists, and a new breed of vampires that are far worse than undead…

My opinion:
          I loved this book but I must say it was far from the easiest to read in the series…. It can even be really confusing at time with the memories from different characters, the time shifts and the mind speaking added.  I’m not sure I’ve grasped all the details either honestly but at the same time strangely I was never lost if it makes sense…
Karen Chance mastered her story in a very interesting way leading you one way then another without a reprieve but you do glimpse some info along this tortuous path and you can’t be driven wrong. In a sense, while I would not recommend it at all, this book could even works as standalone probably, though it doesn’t represent all the instalments. It has been years since I’ve read the precedent books or one in the other series Cassandra Clare (both series intertwine in the time line) but really it was not a problem for the understanding of the plot.

Dory is a damphir, as the daughter of a senate member she isn’t hunted but works with the vampires at the moment which doesn’t means she trusts them or like them….Things get complicated when she is the sole survivor of a mission and worse a mission she has no memory of….. She wants to discover the truth and for that she is taking risks….
I loved how Dory was maturing, able to put her prejudices aside for what she believes in and… getting some elements of her past was both informative and entertaining….we start to understand Dorina, the vampire part of Dory, in a new light….the author really did well by using the method of storytelling and memories travel to give them to us it fit wonderfully with the world building and what we learned in past instalments…even if it can leads to some confusion yes.
You see when Dory get full damphir mode, survival mode, it’s Dorina personality that is at command and normally one doesn’t remember what the other did ( as we were told)…so we get part from Dorina point of view and other from Dory…some actual , some from the past and the transition is sometimes abrupt.

For example we have the case of a child…but I still don’t understand how Dory/ Dorina “lost” it during their escape…because Luis Cesare never speak of him/her either….we have another mention later but is it the same child? I guess but I’m not sure and that moment I don’t know where to put it in the story frame time….. there are so many  jump between past nights and present ones that left me confused on some elements like this one.

However the main plot, the investigation, what happened etc. is perfectly clear and so enjoyable… I did guess the culprit ( a talent of mine) too quickly but discovering the “why “and “how “ along the ride kept my interest  well focused on the story which I’ve read in one sitting.

I don’t want to tell you too much because all the mysteries are part of the story in itself and you should savour it. So, I can tell you that the action is intense, the romance finally takes more importance and with Dory personality and snarky remarks the humour is a big part of this book as well. Some characters will surprises you other will moves you and you will want to beat others . It’s a great story and I can only regret that the next book, which promises to be something, isn’t released yet nor will it be soon because it’s a series I really want more of.

If you love action romance and dark humour ^^ it’s a book/series for you!

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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Minuit 9 : Au-delà de Minuit par Lara Adrian

Bonjour à tous!

 Je profite d'un jour férié pour avoir un peu plus de temps pour lire alors je ne vais pas être trop longue aujourd'hui et je vais partager avec vous mon avis sur le neuvième tome de la série Minuit par Lara Adrian.

Bonne Lecture
Editeur VF: Milady 2013
Titre original:Deeper  than Midnight ( edited 2011)
Genre: bit-lit, romance paranormale
Violence: élevée

Langage: normal
Public: +18ans
Obtenu par achat

Quatrième de couverture de l'éditeur milady:

La Lignée est parmi nous depuis toujours : de puissants guerriers vampires mènent une guerre secrète contre les Renégats pervertis par la Soif sanguinaire.

La vie de Corinne Bishop a basculé en un instant lorsqu’elle a été enlevée par un cruel vampire : Dragos. Libérée après des années de tourments, la jeune femme voit sa sécurité confiée au Chasseur. Le mâle le plus mystérieux de la Lignée, autrefois au service de Dragos, travaille désormais contre celui-ci et ne reculera devant rien pour se venger. Il va cependant être confronté à un choix difficile: les émotions qu’éveille en lui sa protégée sont un frein à sa mission, mais s’y fermer briserait le cœur de Corinne.

          Un  récit longtemps attendu car Le Chasseur était resté très mystérieux jusqu’à présent  et qui amène l’histoire générale à un tournant important. Pourtant, je dois reconnaître que ce tome est loin d’être mon favori dans la série. Il est difficile de pointer exactement la raison, je pense que c’est parce que je ne suis pas fan de Corinne… j’admire son courage, sa résistance mais on a pas d’atomes crochus… la façon dont elle espère utiliser le chasseur au lieu de faire simplement confiance à l’ordre m’horripile.

Il est aussi important de noter que on a en fait  deux intrigues cette fois. D’un côté, on a la relation entre Corinne et le Chasseur et la recherche qu’ils mènent. De l’autre,  on a le cas de Chase…le guerrier est sur une pente dangereuse qui el fait s’éloigner du groupe mais malgré son état il reste un guerrier dans l’âme et poursuit la traque de Dragos, mettant le doigts sur certains événements majeurs pour lesquels il n’a pas conscience des conséquences. Cette partie là est importante pour le reste de la série et malheureusement c’est celle qui se termine sur un cliffhanger, cela joue sûrement sur mon appréciation globale de l’histoire.

Lara Adrian parvient à faire encore monter le niveau de tension et le suspense croit de façon exponentielle, ce qui nous pousse à ne pas trop attendre avant de poursuivre la lecture du reste de la série. Une fois chose positive cependant est que à côté du passé du Chasseur et de Corinne, on apprends aussi des éléments sur Savannah et Gideon , ce à quoi je ne m’attendait pas et m’a laissé dans une situation où j’en veux plus. De même, on voit tous les autres guerriers un minimum et c’est toujours un bonus.

 Un bon élément dans une série qui tient ses promesse.

Score:  3/5

Disclaimer: Toutes les opinions exprimées ici sont les miennes, il s’agit de d’un avis honnête et personnel. Aucune compensation n’a été fournie en échange de ce dernier.


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Free Agent ( Grimm Agency 1) by J. C. Nelson


            i'm coming today between the numerous storms to share with you my opinion on Free Agent by J. C. Nelson, book that i was lucky to receive as a birthday gift this year and that i've read during my april reading challenge.
I do hope all of you have ( or had) a good day!

Happy reading!
Publisher: Ace
Publication: 2014
ISBN:  0425272672
Genre: urban fantasy, fae
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: gifted

Description from goodreads :

 When it comes to crafting happily-ever-afters, the Agency is the best in the land of Kingdom. The Fairy Godfather Grimm can solve any problem—from eliminating imps to finding prince charming—as long as you can pay the price…

Working for Grimm isn’t Marissa Locks’s dream job. But when your parents trade you to a Fairy Godfather for a miracle, you don’t have many career options. To pay off her parents’ debt and earn her freedom, Marissa must do whatever Grimm asks, no matter what fairy-tale fiasco she’s called on to deal with.

Setting up a second-rate princess with a first-class prince is just another day at the office. But when the matchmaking goes wrong, Marissa and Grimm find themselves in a bigger magical muddle than ever before. Not only has the prince gone missing, but the Fae are gearing up to attack Kingdom, and a new Fairy Godmother is sniffing around Grimm’s turf, threatening Marissa with the one thing she can’t resist: her heart’s wishes.

Now Marissa will have to take on Fairies, Fae, dragons, and princesses to save the realm—or give up any hope of ever getting her happy ending…

My opinion:
          I’m becoming more and more interested in the fae since I’ve discovered the October Daye series so when I learned of this book I had  to read it , even more after receiving recommendations from friends and bloggers alike telling me how much ( and fast) I should read this. Let me tell you I haven’t been disappointed at all.

I really enjoyed this book greatly with the original  fae and faeries universe J. C. Nelson created. It was funny and captivating, the suspense was well built, the intrigue keeping its interest until the end. I have read more about the fae than about the faeries ( for the little difference those terms include in this universe) so for me it was really interesting and will perhaps makes me try more retelling as well.

Remember your childhood stories about princes and princesses locked in towers? In this universes princes, princesses and a lot of others are not only statuts it become nature, the core of the character’s identity… strange? A little but you get easily into the mechanics of the world… the same poison won’t work the same depending on the receiver being, human, faeries, or a specific class of characters like a princess for example… some have immunity or particular results and consequences… it was funny to discover those or try to guess other.

Marissa’s job is to make wish come true since she works for a godfather….she did not choose that job but she must do it to earn her freedom… we discover how it happened along the story but more importantly…we learn bits of a bigger secret hiding…and I do wonder the real identity of Marissa and would be really curious to find more info along the series.  Her relation with Grimm seems more complex that it appears at first read/ glance.
I do love her personality as well, she is loyal, determined and at the same time she is hurt deep inside and try to hide it…without loosing her compassion. She is also prone to disaster from those we are told about and those we can see…being her friend is not something you are for the quiet and peace^^;;

Grimm we still don’t know a lot about him but he does seems to care for his agent in its own way.  I like his humour and his way of thinking isn’t always too twisted on contrary it does make sense more often than not.
 The secondary character like Ari and Liam are also terribly interesting and we do learn more about them than about Marissa in my opinion.. others like Evangeline can be unsettling ^^;; ( and I’m happy she isn’t my driver;) )

I don’t want to tell you too much about the story itself as each detail is important and the mystery a big part of it but I can tell you that it is quite fast paced, the action is catching you in its web, the humour, sometimes quite sarcastic is delightful and you get some closure with this book even if you will want more nevertheless.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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Treasures and Finds+ April Recap

Hello to all,

                        May is there and hopefully it means that the sun will be there more often than the rain but, so far, here rain is winning.
April has been a difficult month for me as my mother had a stroke and i've been taking care of her and the house,thankfully she is slowly recovering as it was a minor one however it left me quite stressed aside being i can hope May will get better and better in all domain.

Anyway thank you a lot for your patience and for your gifts and comments!

 Now let see how April was in more details.

First a new to me author

then  a series  i'm following up with pleasure

On the challenge part i had one special added for this month of April only but for the precedent one i haven't read a lot that could be included.

goodreads : 18/50
The official 2015 TBR pile Challenge : 7/12
2015 TBR reading Pile Challenge: 15/10
New to you Reading Challenge 2015: 8/6
April paperback Month reading challenge ( hosted by lavender): 5 3/4 /6   (only missed 20pages to reach my goal-_-;)



From Ruty at Reading...  Dreaming in her blogoversary

from Roger ( thanks, THANKS!)

none, no time to shop

So on bookish side, i was happily surprised to receive something and it helped to make the month a lot better (thanks again Roger)

On the crafting side,nothing as i did not had any free time or nearly

How was april for you?