mardi 24 janvier 2023

Crowbones ( The others 8) by Anne Bishop- Review

 Hello to all,

To start the year i wanted to read something for pleasure not just because i needed to read something so i reread one of my favourite series to be able to read the latest one to lift my mood this month.  It's not an easy world, it's quite dark but so well written  you get addicted....i just hope we will have more as i do wonder how the situation is at Bennet but before hoping for a book 9 let's focus a minute on book 1 Crowbones when we discovers new kind of Others with pleasure

Publisher: Ace Books 
Publication: 2022
ISBN:  0593337336
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong, very strong

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

In this engrossing and gripping fantasy set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Others series, an inn owner and her friends must find a killer-before it's too late....


Crowbones will gitcha if you don't watch out!

Deep in the territory controlled by the Others-shape-shifters, vampires, and even deadlier paranormal beings-Vicki DeVine has made a new life for herself running The Jumble, a rustic resort. When she decides to host a gathering of friends and guests for Trickster Night, at first everything is going well between the humans and the Others.

But then someone arrives dressed as Crowbones, the Crowgard bogeyman. When the impostor is killed along with a shape-shifting Crow, and the deaths are clearly connected, everyone fears that the real Crowbones may have come to The Jumble-and that could mean serious trouble.

To "encourage" humans to help them find some answers, the Elders and Elementals close all the roads, locking in suspects and victims alike. Now Vicki, human police chief Grimshaw, vampire lawyer Ilya Sanguinati, and the rest of their friends have to figure out who is manipulating events designed to pit humans against Others-and who may have put Vicki DeVine in the crosshairs of a powerful hunter

I LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! really i just rerad the whole series and i just want more,  this is fantastic!
Victoria has become friendly with a lot of the Others as the Reader and trouble magnet ( thus source of amusement) so when something is threathening her they jump to the rescue.

However the bad is perhaps deeper than it seems and a pranks leads to several murders resulting in the presence of some less know elders and Hunter...

I loved that we got to hear about other characters we missed and we hear Meg not just hear about her so that was fantastic and let's be honest....Simon way of apoligise is the best one^^ More importantly there are deeply sad moment, there are big consequences to some of characters we come to like so it's a bit darker than some other books in the series but read in order it's just perfect. I really thing Others made things "gentler" for Meg 's sake in comparaison to what Victoria is learning.

A series i recommend without any hesitation

vendredi 13 janvier 2023

TBR PILE 2023 Challenge the 10th edition Sign Up

 Hello to all!!

2023 did not start that well for me so i nearly missed posting my Challenge list because yes the TBR pile Challenge is back for a 10th edition and i could not miss that ( i may get lucky this time)

I love the challenge hosted by ,it's a good one to get back on track and the level of pressure is not too high so i should not make myself sick trying to read my 12 books.

My List for the Challenge:

1: Phantoms and Felonies ( Hunted Mansion Mystery 2) ( 2021) by Lucy Ness

2: Miss Frost solves a Cold Case ( Jayne Frost 1) ( 2016)  by Kristen Painter

3: Sons of Darkness (Night Vigil 1) ( 2018) by Gail Z Martin

4: Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye ( Psychic Eye Mystery 1) ( 2004) by Victoria Laurie

5: Furbidden Attraction ( Raven Fall1) ( 2020) by R. O'Leary

6: Spells, Salt, & Steel ( Spells, Salt & Steel 1) ( 2017) by Gail Z Martin

7: Lock'N'Load ( Federal K-9 1) ( 2018)  by Tee O'Fallon

8: Stranded with The Detective ( Tennessee SWAT 4)  ( 2018) by Lena Diaz

9: Assassin's Honor ( Assassins of Landria 1) ( 2018) by Gail Z Martin

10: Keeping Guard ( K-9 brother book2)  ( 2021) by Sandra Owens

11: Miss Frost Ices the Imp ( Jayne Frost 2) ( 2016) by Kristen Painter

12: Jingle all the Slay ( Marshmallow Mysteries1) ( 2020) by Dakota Cassidy


1: Mercenary instinct  ( 2014) by Ruby Liondrake

2: K-9 Defense ( K-9, Alaska 1) ( 2019) by Elizabeth Heiter

are you participating?