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Tackle your TBR Read a-Thon Wrap Up

Hello to all,

And so the read a-thon hosted by Tressa came to an end at Midnight yesterday....   i didn't get to keep a lot of update on the blog as my time was very limited and i wanted to fovus on reading but i did keep up in the goodread group that was open for this event.

It was really fun and i enjoyed a lot the interaction  on the group on goodread... it did manage to keep me motivated especially when i was stuck in the last book i needed to reach my goal so in teh end i did even better than planned^^


Books read
I have  read the 4 books i wanted to read

Books started
i've read  roughly half of 

and 70 pages of " Le sottisier de L'école"

Now about the other goals i set for myself:  i did visit other participants posts , i didn't set a specific number but i would have loved to do more still this  goal has been met.
 I also managed to  enter several challenges so that's done as well

in conclusion i'm really happy to have participated in this and Tressa was a wonderful Hostess. Thanks Tressa!

 So How did you do?

Shadows Before the Sun ( Charlie Madigan 4) by Kelly Gay

Hello to all,

       A new week start and September is slowly reaching its end...which start to make me stress at the idea of not being ready on time for Christmas. However i need to stay calm and go one step after the other so let's finish september before thinking october and even worse December.

The read-a-thon hosted by Tressa is now finished and i was able to read a little more as to surpass my goal and before i give you a complete wrap up that i'm sharing with you my opinion on one of the book i've read during this event: Shadows Before the Sun by Kelly Gay.

 This book was in my TBR pile for a long time but i couldn't decide to start it after learning it was the last of the series because the publishers didn't want to continue it....such a disappointment as i really loved the series but i was afraid  to read it. Lately, i saw that there was a cover for a book 5 so  knowing the author wasn't giving up  i couldn't delay any longer and this read-a-thon was the perfect solution to give me the little additional push i needed.

Happy Reading!!
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication: 2012
ISBN: 1451625480
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 The electrifying sequel to the acclaimed urban fantasies The Better Part of Darkness, The Darkest Edge of Dawn, and The Hour of Dust and Ashes!

After filling out mountains of paperwork, Detective Charlie Madigan sets out for a death-defying trip into heavenly Elysia to rescue her partner Hank and bring the siren home. Of course, she doesn’t expect to leave behind an all out siren revolution or return home to find that jinn crime boss, Grigori Tennin, has begun a massive search for the divine being, Ahkneri. Tennin’s tactics set off a chain reaction that puts Charlie in the crosshairs of the shadowy creature known as Death and awakens Ahkneri from her long sleep. And when Vengeance rises, Atlanta will never be the same

My opinion:
          Very good! I has been ages since i’ve read the precedent book but i was only confused for a few pages before getting completely immersed again in the universe. But i do recommend you to read this in order as it’s not a stand alone.
In this story we visit places of Elysia and i really enjoyed that part iit was interesting to see and even more knowing what we knew about the dark secrets hidden there... and the elysian ( adonai especially are so full of themselves!)

The plot is very well structured and the pace is just perfect... it could never be too slow wxith Charlie after all she can’t stay in one place or keep silent for too long ;) but it wasn’t too fast either. Sandra is a good friend for Charlie and her knowledge really vast while at the same time she is staying so mysterious and alone... foreseen part of the futur isn’t a power i would like to have.

Charlie stayed true to herself and i loved to see how deep her loyalty run. Emma is also as funny as she is intelligent and Charlie can be glad to have her. The plot is grpping all your attention as each element can have a role in this story or in the future which is something that is usual with this series but is also a reason why we love it so much.

Now  i must tell you that this book  doesn’t answer all the questions we had in the previous installments, we get a few hints, part of answers and... more questions and mysteries.  This book wasn’t written to be the last of the series that’s for sure to much is left unsaid like... who is Leander! What he wants etc.. we do get a kind of  conclusion yes even if the ending is a kind of cliffhanger it can also be saw as  the fact they continue their job so  i was both unsatified and glad it wasn’t an ending putting you on edge either.

 I do hope though that the book 5 which has a cover now will really come into existence and answer all our interrogation once and for all however with this one i can wait without being on edge so  i’m happy.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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Dark Secrets: A paranormal Noir Anthology with Rachel Caine, Suzanne Johnson , Mina Khan and others ( early review)

Hello to all

I'm really happy to share with you  my opinion on an anthology which will be released soon " Dark Secrets"  which include a favourite author of mine but also new favourite ( some i  had read and just got even more fan of, some completely new)and new authors to me.... A wonderful group of women, very talented and generous as well because if you pre order the book now, before the release on the 29th, you can get it for 99cent only if you are in the USA.

Six stories for that price that's a great offer. But even better, they thought about those of us who love print books more and it will be released in print in the future as well.

I have opted to read the stories in order of the anthology and not jump directly to those of the authors i knew beforehand and i think i was a good way to go about it as I didn't get any specific expectations but was open to anything. I really recommend you this book if you love dark paranormal of if you want to try any of these authors, you have nothing to loose so don't hesitate.

I will give you my opinion, short as not to spoil too much, novella by novella so the post will be longer than usual  but first a little words about each of them.

 happy reading!
Publication: 2015
Genre: paranormal romance, noir, fantasy
Violence: mild to strong

Language: normal to strong
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: ebook received in exchange for an honest review

Short description from goodreads :

 Six award-winning authors bring you this spellbinding collection of stories about dark desires, mysterious worlds, and danger that lurks in the shadows of the night. Where nothing is black and white; where things might not be as they seem; where magic and mayhem rule.

MARION, MISSING by Rachel Caine

Valentine is a detective with two major problems: he's been offered a kidnapping case that will probably get him killed, and his partner won't let him turn it down. He owes her that much … since his partner's a ghost, and he blames himself for her death. A dark, haunting noir mystery of love, hate and loss.

FEMME FATALE by Cynthia Eden

PI Mick Swayne has seen it all—his clients have included liars, thieves, and even killers. He thinks he can handle anything and anyone. Then she walks into his office. Savannah Moreau is beautiful, seductive, and…a vampire? The gorgeous vamp hires Mick to help her track down a killer who is hunting in Chicago, but as Mick slips deeper into Savannah’s paranormal world, he wonders if he can really trust his new client…


When the devil starts the music, you'd better get ready to dance.
Kathleen Murphy has sold her soul to the devil. Fame, fortune, success...everything she's ever dreamed of is hers, and all she has to do is the devil's bidding. When love comes knocking, the last thing in the world she wants to do is involve Jake in her twisted world, but the devil's started up the jukebox and Kathleen has no choice but to learn the steps

THE CONSORT by Suzanne Johnson

Faulkner Hearne, the captain of the ruthless Fae Hunters, finds his duty at odds with his heart when he’s ordered to capture the consort of Faerie’s cruel Prince of Summer when she flees across the veil into modern New Orleans. Can Faulk turn Liandra over to a certain death at the hands of the prince, or will he risk a war with Faerie in order to save her?
An all-new novella set in the Sentinels of New Orleans multiverse.

HEART’S BLOOD by Jeffe Kennedy, a Twelve Kingdoms novella

A dark fairytale retelling of a princess robbed of rank, husband and even her name.
Nix is nothing. The Princess Natilde—her former waiting woman—attacked her on the journey to wed Prince Cavan, stripping her of everything and taking her place. With no serving skills, Nix becomes a goose girl. Perhaps if Nix keeps her promise never to reveal who she really is, Natilde won’t carry out her vile threats. Prince Cavan entered his arranged marriage determined to have a congenial, if not loving relationship with his future queen—for the sake of both their kingdoms. But, his wife repels him more each day and he finds himself absurdly drawn to the lovely Nix.

THE DJINN IN THE MIRROR by Mina Khan, a Djinn World novella

A paranormal Cinderella story with a young witch as the heroine and a wicked, sexy djinn instead of a fairy godmother.

Dahlia, the step-daughter of a power hungry wizard, promises to free a djinn trapped in a mirror if he rescues her from impending death. But Ashmael the djinn has his own agenda: to trick & seduce his way to freedom. The only problem is he ends up falling for Dahlia. Can he win his freedom and save the girl?

My opinion:

          Marion, Missing by Rachel Caine

It was well written and heartbreaking .... i don’t see how you could remain unmoved by this story Rachel Caine really did well but  for me it was too sad. So far she is the author i have the less affinities with so i’m not surprised  if i don’t connect too much with it.

The story speaks about racism too and in a such a way that you are not really sure of what time it... of course you have element showing it’s the past but it done in sucha way that you really can imagine it still done now in some place of the word and that’s probably what makes it unsettling. It’s not my favourite short stories but mostly because ofthe topic and ending and how it left me. I must  precise that this was REALLY wonderfully written.

Femme Fatale by Cynthia Eden

This was a novelty for me as i didn’t read this author before even if i do have at least one of her book in my TBR pile. In this short story about vampire and PI i really liked to be surprised as the author manages to maintain the doubt until the end.
 It was well built and Mick is an inetresting Heroe, i liked how he wanted to stay honorable and all.

So very good reading time.

Dance with the Devil by Megan Hart

Another new author to me and new series of course. The good point is that you can absolutely read this without prior knowledge. If you are one of those who don’t like to read about demons and angel you should probably  pass this one but if you have an open mind this is an interesting story.
 I don’t think i would follow up this series though but as a try it was good

The Consort by Suzanne Johnson

I LOVE IT!!! Suzanne Johnson never disappointed me but this is simply fabulous, even if you have never heard of her series you can follow this easily and it just leave you wanting for more.

You have the action, humour some suspense and romance... just perfect I really liked Liandra, she is only half fae but she is strong willed and intelligent and couregous. Faulk... i just want to read more of him and his team it’s a wonderful treat that works wonderfully aside from the main series but i do hope we will see more of the characters we met here either in other shorts or in the main series but i want more^^

Heat’s Blood by Jeffe Kennedy , a Twelve Kingdoms novella

Oki this is my last liked in the anthology... it’s not bad written or anything, quite the opposite even but it’s not my cup of tea at all... i don’t like cruelty towards animals ( fae or not) or  unjustified violence.... If only the vilains got what he/ she deserved but i didn’t feel as it was the case.
 Some how i would have wanted the fae‘s wrath to apply judgement or something... i’m definitively not ready for the series after reading this, like i said it’s not bad written simply it’s not for me at this time. I reassure you it has an happy ending but i ‘m still upset days after reading it so better if i put it aside for a time

The Djinn in the Mirror by Mina Khan, a Djinn World novella

I loved this one as well. I had read and loved other works by this author  but nothing about her stories with Djinn and now i really want to read those ( part of me want to see a certain revenge well deserved)

 This novella is a little difficult to tell you about without spoiler but if you are new to her Djinn universe like i am don’t fear you will be swept by the story really easily!  It’s engaging, mysterious and so well written.
 There is romance, action, tension and a lot more

You will love Ash and Dalhia story i’m sure if you love magic, witches, djinn and want a good romance.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review. Source: an ecopy received in excahnge of an honest review


You can pre order this book on amazon Here

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Tackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon Update week 1

Hello to all!

As i told you before i have joined Tressa Read-a-Thon which started last Monday and will continue this week ( you can still join)... i have for goal to read 4 books.

 So this sunday isn't finished and i do hope to be able to read a little so this update is for Monday to Saturday of the past week... i'm a little ashamed because i've read even less than usual between the pain growing and several medical appointment and life events my free time was near to nothing.

What did i do so far? I've finished one book! Which i will present you tomorrow as i do want to give you the opportunity to preorder it as it's worth it. Dark Secrets anthology with Suzanne Johnson and others.
pre order on amazon here

So roughly 444 pages... really  i should have done better but i'm not giving up and i do hope this second week will be better and that i will complete all my goals.

 So far i participated in one challenge like i planned and i commented on severals other participants posts but i didn't count how many. Only the books reading goals ( the main one ^^;;) still need to be worked on.

 Are you participating? How are you doing at the middle of the read- a thon?

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The Hunter’s Moon ( Windham werewolves 1) by Shawntelle Madison

Hello to all!

                        The week didn't go as planned at all  so while i joined Tressa read- a-thon i'm still  far behind my goals as i just finished one book for it and while i'm working on the review you will get soon i decided to tell you about what i had read just before.

Serials have become quite numerous and  it doesn't fit well with the kind of reader i am ( after all i hate cliffhanger so much among other things).
However  i do admit that when we can get the first episodes free it can help us make discoveries we would perhaps have missed otherwise. It's how i came accross this series that i hope to continue one day

 So without more delay, here is my opinion on The Hunter's moon from Shawntelle Madison

Happy Reading!
Publisher: Shawntelle Madison
Publication: 2014
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: mild

Language: mild
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: free promo

Short description from goodreads :

This is the first story in the Windham Werewolves series. Episodes will be released once per month. This is not a standalone story.

Kaden will do anything to protect his pack, including saving a dying werewolf hunter. But Cynthia would rather take him down than become his mate.

My opinion:
          I really dislike this new serial trend because one episode only isn’t enough, in most case, to get a real opinion on a story. Now this first episode really made me want for more, it sounds really promising but at the same time I’m missing too much info, character’s background to fully enjoy it.
We get a universe like ours but where werewolves are known and hunted like monsters….

Kaden is an alpha, a doctor too, and he is hell bent on protecting is pack. To reach that goal he made a bargain with an hunter to save his dying sister in exchange for such protection … however we ignore in what form: an alliance, information that’s left to be discovered. I really liked Kaden , we can feel his compassion and need to protect, he is really an attentive doctor but often to be able to study and practise he had to hide his nature.

Cynthia is dying from a cancer, before that she was a talented wolf hunter with her brother…since little she has been taught that werewolves were monsters, eating people and other things by her parents so she never questioned that teaching. When she wakes up in a cabin with an werewolf her first instinct is to try to kill him….slowly she learns that her brother is being her presence there but still she doubts Kaden’s intentions and doesn’t make it easy for him.
I’m still not sure what to think of her….. I hate the fact she did never try to question what she was told, and it doesn’t help that I don’t really understand the hunters’ structure yet. So far we gather that they are organised in clan with some freelances but what are the clan really ( extended family? Group of people without blood link, what about the hierarchy etc)… She does seem worried because if her presence was to be known by other hunters she would be hunted as well….

This first episode is short but it’s evident the author wanted to catch the reader’s interest which is working but only if the rest of the story answer those questions…. So far we have a little idea of what hunters believe werewolves to be to nothing on the real habits of werewolves (safe that they can change without the moon)
The relationship moves up a little too quickly for my taste as well but I understand it as being part of the serial conditions.

Do I want to read more? Yes definitively but I’m really relieved that the complete story exists in print already because no more serial for me for a time, it’s too frustrating. The print book is only available on amazon though so not that easily easy for me to obtain but I do have hope for the future as I really want to learn more about this universe and I like the author’s writing style

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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Tackle your TBR read- a Thon sign up, goals and updates

Hello to all!

                      Lately i found myself to be quite in pain ( not too strongly but when it's permanent it can become too much), it's not too serious and i'm starting to take care of it but it did affect my reading especially when i had even less time for me than i do usually.

So i'm behind writing my wrap up post for the summer for example and i'm sorry for that, i will do it later but i will do it and i'm grateful for each book i've got really.  To get back in the reading mood, i've decided to join Tressa read- a-thon challenge which Start tomorrow Monday 14th and last until the 27th.

I'm not planning to set  high goals or anything i want to do this well but with pleasure it's simply to get back on track and not to pick any excuse to avoid stopping and taking some time for me reading or crafting.

If i can read 4 books i would be super happy, and complete the review for those would be even better so i have  some ready for you when the time requires it, but what i hope the most in this read- a thon is being able to read a little each day that's the main goal. Which book(s)? that i absolutely have no idea yet so it will be a surprise for me as well

I will be putting my updates here ( perhaps weekly or more frequently) and in the goodreads group that was done especially for that. If you join us there is still time, the sign up  linky stay open until the end of the read a thon here.

There will be some challenge too so depending on my health and how much i've read ( and if they don't require twitter or facebook) i plan to at least enter one.

 Thanks to Tressa and all the participants for the extra motivation, i'm really forward this challenge.


 week 1
What I read today: 
Number of pages read:
Today's finished books: 
Total number of finished books: 
Titles of finished books:

Do your health affect your reading mood/ tastes as well? Any idea of how to stay motivated later?

 I wish you all a good week, reading side and all^^

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Viper Moon ( Earth Witches 1) by Lee Roland

Hello to all!

                     This week has been quite busy for me as i had two birthdays to work for and, while i do it with great pleasure ( my best friend and brother deserve it), it does take time. Fortunately i should get  a little more reading time now which is great as i plan to participate in a read-a-thon starting next week.

But since we are not there yet, i'm happy to share with you my opinion on Viper moon by Lee Roland.

Happy reading
Publisher: Signet
Publication: 2011
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal romance, magic
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: gifted

Short description from goodreads :

 Cassandra Archer is the Huntress. She has faithfully served the Earth Mother for years, rescuing kidnapped children from monsters-both human and supernatural-dwelling in the ruins of the Barrows District. But when two children are kidnapped under similar circumstances, all clues point to a cataclysmic event on the next dark moon. Now Cass must race against the clock and prevent a sacrifice that could destroy the entire town..

My opinion:
          Interesting but I still have mixed feeling about this series. To begin, I did enjoy the book, a lot even. I spent a good time not guessing everything and enjoying the ride. Cass is a character you get attached too, fiercely independent she still doesn’t like to be alone thus her funny and attaching pets with their own mind. I’m no fan of serpent, I won’t be, but Nefertiti and Nirah nearly won me over; and Horus, the feline, was simply impossible to resist with his antics.  I liked Abby a lot too and I felt for her as it must not be easy to send those love into dangerous situations like that and simply have to stand aside without being able to do anything.
Flynn…I’m a little torn on a side I loved how loyal, protective and good cop he is, on the other side the way he react sometimes badly to the mysteries he has to face and at others time too quickly I just could not decipher him too well and at the end I liked him but not as much as some others. Michael for example.. While he isn’t a bad man he isn’t a good one either… he is more into the grey zone but he did not try to hide it, he was consistent in his actions and his words… he did have a hard life and in a sense I admire him for managing to stay in, the grey and not fall into the dark zone. Same for the mafia boss Carlos, he isn’t good but he really loves his son. I won’t agree with lots of his actions but he was honest in his behaviour, staying true to his way of thinking…. He doesn’t get suddenly all white or darker if you see what I mean. Both Michael and Carlos  actions toward Cassandra were motivated of course but  true in a sense, they did not doubt her, they offered what trust they could ( in their world that’s something not given lightly)and shared what secret they could.
Flynn keeps a major secret as well and to me it did not seem fair, during a long time he alternate between trusting Cass and judging her and that got on my nerves even if I could understand his reasoning

So the romance was good but with his hesitation it came too quickly in my opinion especially if we consider the stress he was under.
The investigation part, I really loved the paranormal aspect did spice thing up but honestly I don’t remember a book I’ve read lately with so many casualties that I lost count like with this one… yes not all of them are described in detail…. For example we are told the whole gang blow up into little piece, not many more details, no numbers but that’s quite a lot and when you add all the others it becomes quite messy ^^;; not speaking of the sewers and creatures in it.

The fact is that I enjoyed this book but at the same time I doubt I will continue the series… why? Because I need to have the same characters or recurring ones at the moment and I fear that with this series it won’t be the case so until I get an answer for sure or find the next book in a book fair or something I will stay with this one as it end on a good place, not necessarily the end I would have wanted in detail but a good one to make a break without being angsty.

If you want a book with witches, strange creatures, characters neither good nor evil, magic and suspense as well as some humour you could try this one. It’s really worth it.

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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Seven Psychics ( Shifter Squad 1) by J.C. Diem

Hello to all!

                      Already September so only 3 months to finish all the handmade gifts i have planned.. the stress level is going up for sure but  this year i do want to manage my time better which means keeping some time to read as well.
However, we are not that far ahead yet.. i have two birthday to prepare this month and it's the priority...

 That being said i do want to share with you as well so today i'm introducing you to  J. C. Diem and her Shifter Squad which i just discovered.

Happy reading!
Publisher: creaspace
Publication: 2014
ISBN:  1503120465
Genre: YA, urban fantasy, shifters, military
Violence: very strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: free ( promo) digital book/ paperback

Short description from goodreads :

 Alexis Levine has just graduated from high school and intends to join the Army as soon as she turns eighteen. Her dream is to become a sniper, just like her often absent father. During routine weapons practice, she meets Mark Steel, the head of a small team of agents who work for a mysterious organization. He needs someone with outstanding skills to help his squad destroy seven psychotic psychics. With her father overseas on a mission, she is the next best choice.

Still reeling from the knowledge that psychics actually exist, Lexi agrees to become a temporary member of their team. From the first moment that she meets Reece Garrett, she is instantly drawn to him. He is strong, sexy and charismatic and unfortunately thinks of her as little more than a child.

Garrett and his team have a secret that few people are aware of. They are shape shifters who transform into ravenous beasts with every full moon. The upside of being shifters is that they possess a natural resistance to mind control, which makes them the perfect team to hunt the psychics. But Reece soon learns that some instincts are impossible for even him to deny. Caught in a mind trap that he can't escape from, he finds himself irresistibly attracted to the one person that he'd do anything to protect.

My opinion:
          To be honest , the beginning put me off a little...i’m not fond of guns in general ( it’s not in my culture) and a father who teaches his child that has me ill at ease , now the fact he is military softened it  too it’s a little more understandable even if i’m not confortable with that idea... however i’m really glad i haven’t stopped reading at that point because this is simply excellent!!

Where to start...the world building is more than well done you can easily imagine that(s our world or a parallele ones ( if that rassures you ;))  the author’s writing style is really addictive and i’m curious about discovering her other series to see if  i love it as much as this one.
 The characters , you immediately guess what the team members are even without having read the blurb ( oki the titles helps) . They are simply too well written and J C does gives us  hints about the nature of each one. I love Kala and Flynn  they are welcoming and so positive, while Kala is a bubble of energy and love to tease Reece and the others, Flynn is the calm before the tempest. Charming, smiling and very understanding you don’t suspect the force he has.Reece, that’s another matter.. he is an alpha put in the beta role since Mark Steel is the official chief, i guess it must not always be easy for him  and he has quite a temper. He isn’t easy to understand but even when he is terribly grumpy you can’t resist to like him as you guess how good he must be inside. He probably is the one who is the most conscious of what is at stake and how their job and  more could simply disappear if some just decided how expendabel they are.... he is so protective that it’s too cute.

Mark Steele has saved them and he got the post of alpha in that group as well as officially. He trusts his tem and will do anything to protect them i really liked that about him. However i do think he somehow failed in that roles by not understanding wjhat is happening to Lexi earlier.

Lexi has always dreamed to join military but never expected it to happen so soon or that way. While practicing her sniper skill she is approached by a man, Mark, who knows her father and require her talents...soon she join his team while not aware of all what it entails. I did love how serious Lexi is and how she needs her father’s answer before truisting Mark and following him. The way she tried to adapt the situation was both admirable and cute as it showed her real age. Her crush on Reece had me smiling.

 The plot was well twisted not completely unpredictable but with enough dosis of surprise and you get engrossed into the story very easily and when it’s done you can’t keep turning the page....sadly it end on a cliffhanger which i hate but the main mission has a conclusion and i’m so eager for the next book that  the cliffhanger is nearly forgotten.

I do plan to follow this series as soon as i can and to continue to tell you what i think of it , book 6 will be released soon so  if you want to try it it’s time if you are lucky you will still find book 1 free in digital book on amazon when you are finishing reading this post.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review