samedi 26 novembre 2011

Paranormal turkey tour

Hi, for my first participation in a blog tour,i choose this one because it's pre-formated and seems interesting ( even if i didn't read the book^^;;). Enter to win books or perhaps the grand prize. Happy thanksgiving

Ah yes, Thanksgiving. Nothing says the holidays like sitting around a fully decked out dining room table with mouthwatering temptations waiting to be gobbled up. Everyone waits anxiously for the big reveal… the turkey!

Lovingly prepared since early that morning, the turkey is brought out in a covered, silver serving platter. Aunt Edith smacks little Tommy's hand as he attempts to steal a candied yam dripping with marshmallow. The collective breath is held as the silver cover is removed… revealing… a zombie turkey!

What—what? That's right folks, this year, we are celebrating this American holiday paranormal style. And what says paranormal holiday better than a walking, talking zombie turkey?

This zombie turkey brings you important tidings of great prizes that shall be for all people… who participate and win of course.

November 25-27 you could win up to $200 in prizes!

Three days. Four YA paranormal books. Five chances to win!

And who are these crazy paranormal authors? Check them out. It's like the Nightmare Before Christmas, Thanksgiving style!

Emlyn Chand, author of Farsighted

"Psychic or not, you'll never see the end for this one coming! Emlyn Chand is pioneering 'the next big thing' for YA." ~ Emily Reese, author of Second Death

Alex Kosmitoras may be blind, but he can still “see” things others can’t. When his unwanted visions of the future begin to suggest that the girl he likes could be in danger, he has no choice but to take on destiny and demand it reconsider.

Monster Mash: Emlyn says… I. AM. WEREWOLF! And why's that you ask? First off, my name (Chand) literally means moon in Sanskrit. Next, werewolves are super cool--we can blend in with common folk, and then out of nowhere, kapow! I'm a werewolf, and I sure am hungry. Lastly, Team Jacob 100%. Now excuse me while I cock back my head and howl at my namesake.

Patti Larsen, author of Family Magic

"Patti Larsen is truly gifted because I read Family Magic cover to cover and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment!" ~  from Goodreads review

Sixteen-year-old Sydlynn Hayle is the daughter of a powerful witch and a demon lord, but she just wants to be ordinary. When her coven comes under attack, Syd must face the fact only her power can save her family's magic.

Monster Mash: Patti says… I am a witch. Naturally. I weave spells with my words, cast incantations from my keyboard, mix up the very best potions in my cauldron of documents. You want to stay on my good side. Trust me. Unless you enjoy waking up as something... unnatural.

Kimberly Kinrade, author of Forbidden Mind

"Forbidden Mind is a thrilling, dark and deeply romantic read that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and eagerly awaiting the next installment." ~Refracted Light Young Adult Book Reviews

Paranormal teens with unimaginable powers. An evil organization with deep secrets. When Sam, a girl who reads minds, meets a boy who controls minds, she discovers her future isn't what she thought. Together they must escape and free the others… or risk losing everything—and everyone—they love.

Monster Mash: Kimberly says… I may look like a demon, but I'm actually a succubus. Enchanting and seductive, I weave stories that will fuel your passions and make you fall in love. But be warned… once you fall under the spell of my words, your world will never be the same.

John Corwin, author of The Next Thing I Knew

Corwin does a phenomenal job of including humor throughout this novel. This book was like . . . Ghost (the movie) meets The Host (by Stephanie Meyer) meets MIB (Men In Black the movie). ~Maryann, Chapter by Chapter

The afterlife is the last thing on Lucy’s mind until she and every other human on the planet drop dead and find themselves in the hereafter. Lucy drags her social life back from the grave and enlists her friends to figure out the rules of the afterlife and, more importantly, to discover who or what killed everyone and why anyone would do such a mean thing.

Monster Mash: John says… I am a ninja. After all, vampires are simply ninjas with fangs. They can hide in plain sight, right in your living room. Jump out and scare the wits out of you. Drop a smoke bomb and poof! All you’re left with is stinky smoke in your house and soiled underclothes.

The Prizes

Four $25 Book Entries: For each of the four books in the contest, you can enter to win $25 (up to $100 in giveaways!) Simply buy a copy of the book (each is priced at just  99 cents for this special promotion) and email the proof of purchase for that book OR submit the first sentence of the fifth chapter for that book to Winners will be chosen randomly. Each person can submit one entry per book. Here are the links for each book:

    And... if you buy all FOUR books, you are entered to win the Grand Prize!

    The Grand Prize

    One randomly selected reader who enters to win all four book prizes (Family Magic, Farsighted, Forbidden Mind and The Next Thing I Knew) will win the grand prize of $100.

    So go on now and pick up a copy of these fantastic paranormal reads before the zombie turkey eats you!

    What? Still around? Then enjoy these fun book trailers and Paranormal Turkey Tour trailer. (Then go buy the books.) Also, leave a comment and help your favorite blog host win a $50 prize!


      • All winners will be chosen randomly using
      • Amazon links are provided, but books purchased through any online vendor will qualify with proof of purchase.

      lundi 21 novembre 2011

      Followers...thanks you

               it's hard to imagine for me but i've got some followers  already not that i don't want you- totally the opposite- but i'm just a beginner and i know i have a lot to improve. I'm really moved on by your support, you mean a lot to me.

      So i thought about what i could do to show you how happy and thankful i'm.... i don't have a lot of money but i can manage to send to each "old" followers that's mean you that suscribed before today a christmas card if desire one. I will try also to add something from Belgium while checking i found Smurf's Stickers ( the one printed in the '80) completly impossible to find anymore normaly. I thought that since there was a film in 2011 for the ones who didn't know them and the old fans it could be a great gift even it it quite simple.
      Or if one of you collect bookmarks, like me, and want some French one i could see which one enter with the card ( not signed because that's not done here)- i've got some double.

      To make that simple if you want a Christmas Card, please send me an email with the subject " christmas wishes card" and your name and address to isabelle(dot)frisch(at)gmail(dot)com.
       I won't give it to anybody else , don't worry.

      Also, i don't want to hurt anyone feeling so i prefer to ask each of you which type of card would you like. In Belgium , Christmas is a catholic holiday so lots of card have this topic " religious pictures", like some virgo and child etc. I can understand if someone doesn't like this kind of card.
      Could you add in your mail with type or card you want: traditional or non religious or doesn't matter.

      Finally, tell me if you want the stickers of the Smurfs ( Belgian creation^^;;) or a bookmark.

      If someone else is very interested too, i could see what i could do but my old followers come first.( I guess that if you commented but didn't follow for example you are still in)

      thanks you

      ps: To be sure with the post, please send me our information for the 3December at the latest so i can post them early.

      Je commence à peine dans cet univers et vous êtes déjà quelques un à me suivre,merci. Pour être honnête je pensais qu'il me faudrait beaucoup plus de temps pour avoir un membre et puis je dois encore m'améliorer sur tellement de points. Bref, je vous suis très reconnaissante pour votre soutien et je tenais à vous en remercier tous. Comme je ne peux manifestement pas envoyer un livre à chacun et que je ne veux pas faire de sélection entre vous j'ai choisi d'opter pour autre solution peut-être plus simple mais venant du fond du coeur et de saison.

      Je me propose de vous envoyer une carte de voeux non virtuelle peu importe où vous vous trouvez dans le monde. Et puis, pour vous offrir un petit quelque chose de chez moi, j'ai retrouvé des autollocants des stroumpfts sortis dans les années 80., un vrai collector. Donc si vous souhaitez recevoir une carte de voeux, il vous suffit de m'envoyer un petit mail avec comme sujet "Chritsmas wishes" avec vos noms et adresse ensuite suffit de me dire si vous souhaitez un autocollant ( qui sait les stroumpfts ne vous interessent peut-être pas)ou éventuellement un marque page si vous les collectionner- j'en ai quelques un en double). Merci aussi de me préciser le genre de carte que vous voulez ( thématique ou illustration religieuse ou pas)car je ne souhaite choquer personne .Mail à m'envoyer avant le 3 décembre pour que vous recevez votre carte à temps.

      Oh et ceci s'adresse aux membres inscrits avant la publication de ce message. Si quelqu'un d'autre est intéressé, ça reste une possibilité mais il faudra être motivé car je donne la priorité à ceux qui n'étaient pas là pour ça à la base comme vous le comprendrez surement.


      vendredi 18 novembre 2011

      Some great giveaways open worlwide on blogs i love

             today i decided to share with you some giveaways or contests that are open to worldewide followers on blog that i follow and really like or i spoke with the blogger who was more than kind and perhaps some new discovery after.

      First: SweetMarie83 from Ramblings of a Daydreamer has her birthday soon ( 16december) and her blog reached more than 400 followers. To celebrate that she is doing a big giveaway, win our choice of book from a selection. Open until the 16 december

      After: Patricia from the Book exhibitionism need some help: answer a lots ( and when i say lots i don't exagerate)of questions about blogging, books etc from her survey and be entered for a book of your choice under 10dollars. Several winners. Open until January ( 7)

      New discovery: Megan at Book Brats is celebrating her 200followers with an appreciation giveaway for 11dollars worth at bookdepository or amazon and another gift an arc+swag) is she reaches 300 followers before the end the 7december.

      Oh and don't forget the Gratitude blog hop hosted by hosted  on I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and co-hosted by All-Consuming Books.  Part of these giveaways are internationals


      Good Luck

      jeudi 10 novembre 2011

      Dans ma boite aux lettres Septembre-octobre


                    dans ma boite aux lettres " In my mailbox" est une invention américaine de la bloggeuse Kristi, the Story Siren. Cela consiste à partager les livres que nous avons reçus, achetés, gagnés, échangés ou empruntés à la bibliothèque, traditionellement cela se fait 1fois par semaine mais au vu de mon budget je pense que une fois par mois serait plus raisonnable pour moi.

      je commencerais donc par les mois de septembre et d'octobre qui m'ont réservés de belles surprises avouons le:

      Tous les deux précommandés sur Bookdepository

       achétés seconde main

      gagné lors du Bloganniversary sur Rabid Reads

      gagné lors du literary blog hop sur Nerfreaders

      gagnés grâce à Smexy Book

      Great Saving on Book depository UK


                     i thought i was going to tell you since it could be a great opportunity. Book Depository ( uk version) is doing a special offer. During 24 hours ( starting in less than one hour ^^;;) there will be one book each hour with a great saving on it. Each hour we discover which book and it lasts only one hour or until this book is sold out.

      Perhaps you will find the book you really want, anyway, i thought it could be useful so go there if you have the opportunity to do so.

      Special giveaway on LC's Adventures in Libraryland


              just a short message to announce you that LC's Adventures in Libraryland is celebrating her 1000 followers by a great giveaway. Several packs to choose from, two winners and more important: international!

      So go there  before the 1December and good luck

      dimanche 6 novembre 2011

      Thankful for ...L'appel de la Lune- Mercy Thompson1

      In honor of thanksgiving  Beth Revis asked us to write about the book we are the most thanksful for and that's an entry for a wonderful giveaway: 19books, we could be thankful for that too.- for the contest here.

      I most thankful for...L'appel de la Lune by Patricia Briggs ( original title Moon Called)

      I found this book in a second hand shop when i was looking for anything to help me. My father was really ill at that time and it was a degenerative illness so day by day it went worst and   i couldn't remember my loving father. It was really hard andi was alone in front of that. I wanted to help my mother so she had to be able to rely on me because of that i couldn't speak to her or anybody else.

      I was at a breaking point when i saw that book, alone on a shelf. I took it and for that i'm grateful. I discovered a strong heroine who did his best and who wasn't as alone as she thought. There was adventure, romance and humor as well as loyalty and honor. It helped me to escape my problem for a bit and made me feel stronger to face the situation.

      Books always helped me but i had forgotten that at that time of need. The mercy thompson serie and after also the Kate Daniels one were ( and still are) a great help to maintain my mood. I need to become stronger but i still want to be me , i thankful for these books that help me doing that. so Thanks you

      samedi 5 novembre 2011

      Online Booksellers vs vs amazon

      Hello to all,
      Bonsoir à tous,

           Today i wanted to speak a bit about online booksellers and make a small comparaison between the two known in Europe: amazon and Book depository. Perhaps it will help you when you organize a international giveaway/contest or when you have to choose from where receive yours books/prizes.

      Aujourd'hui je souhaitais vous parler un peu de commerce de livres en ligne et faire une petite comparaison entre les deux plus connus en Europe: amazon et Book depository. Peut-être cela vous aidera t-il lorsque vous organisez un concours/giveaway international or lorsque que vous devez choisir d'où vous recevrez un prix ou vos livres.

      First: Amazon.
      Like you problably know it, there are several amazon( .fr etc) but as long as you registered on one you are registered on the others. That can be an advantage. However the rules and conditions aren't the same on each of these websites. For example: the gift card/gift code, they existe on each website but are valid only on the website it come from. A gift card on are valid only on not on or anything.
      A specificity about amazon gift cards also is that the French one have an expiration date. So if you don't use it before 1year it's lost, the same if you don't use it completly the sum you still have will stay valid on your account only for the rest of the year. doesn't have this expiration date, on their website they say that it always valid.

      Pour commencer: Amazon:
      Comme vous le savez probablement déjà, il y a plusieurs sites Amazon ( .com , .Uk, .ca, .fr etc) mais une fois que vous vous êtes enregistré sur l'un d'eux vous avez un compte pour tous. Ca peut être un avantage.Cependant, les règles et conditions ne sont pas identiques sur tous ces sites. Par example: une carte cadeau ou un code cadeau n'est valable que sur le site d'où il vient. Ainsi une carte cadeau ne sera valable que sur et pas sur ou un autre.
      Une spécificité à propos de ces cartes cadeau d'amazon est également que la version française à une durée de validité limitée à un an. Si vous ne l'employez pas avant un an elle est perdue, de même si vous ne la dépensez pas complètement le reste de la somme ne sera valable sur votre compte que pour le restant de l'année de validité. Amazon. com n'a pas cette limitation et il est bien précisé sur leur site que les cartes et codes restent toujours valides.

      The inconvenient of amazon is the shipping fee for international. If your book come from you have a minimum of 8dollars of shipping fee so if you only won a gift card of 10 dollars you can't have a book of more than 2dollars. Not funny at all.

      L'inconvénient d'Amazon est l'importance des frais d'envoi pour l'international. Si votre livre provient d' vous avez actuellement un minimum de 8dollars de frais par livre donc si vous avez gagnez une carte ou un code de 10dollars vous ne pouvez choisir en fait que un livre d'une valeur de moins de 2dollars.Pas vraiment marrant.

      Next: Book Depository
      Book Depository is the other important online booksellers for english books ( UK or US) and in really there are two websites: book and book However, like with amazon, when you are registered on one  you are registered on both so no problem there.
      The biggest advantage of Book Depository is that there are no shipping fee for a large number of countries. So if you book is 3,78 dollars you pay 3,78 dollars that's all. The choice is vast and the prices are attractives and easily seen in different currency ( euro/ dollars US, dollars CAN etc). You also have very easy to check if your order is still precessing or already sent.

      Ensuite: Book Depository:
      Il s'agit de l'autre important commerce en ligne de livres en anglais ( publications US ou UK) et pour être précis il y a deux sites:book et book cependant, comme pore amazon, une fois que vous êtes enregistré sur l'un vous avez un compte sur l'autre donc pas de soucis sur ce point.
      Le plus grand avantage de Book Depository est l'absence de frais d'envoi pour une large série de destinations. Donc si votre livre coûte 3,78 dollars vous payer 3,78 dollars et pas un cent de plus. Le choix est vaste et les prix attractifs et facilement visible dans d'autres monnaies ( prix en euro/dollars US, dollars canadiens etc). Vous pouvez aussi facilement savoir si votre commande est en traitement ou déjà envoyée. 

      The inconvenient is that there are no gifts cards yet so if you use that in a contest you have to order or pre-order the book for the winner . He can't do it himself.
      Another could be that they specialize in english publications from USA or UK, there also have some books in spanish and German but really few.

      L'inconvénient est qu'il n'existe pas encore de cartes cadeau pour Book Depository donc si vous utilisez cette option pour un concours vous devrez commander ou précommander le livre pour le gagnant. Il ne peut pas le faire lui-même. Un autre pourrait être qu'il se sépacialise dans les livres en anglais  qu'ils soient publiés aux USA ou au Royaume- Unis; il y a aussi quelques titres en espagnol et en allemands mais vraiment peu et pour le moment aucun en français.
      Tips: When you have to choose a book from book depository check both their websites because the price can vary and when you have a limitation like a book less than 10 dollars it could help to check because it could be on one and not on the other.

      Conseil: Quand vous devez choisir un livre sur Book Depository, vérifiez leur deux sites car le prix peut varier et lorsque vous avez une limitation par exemple un livre de moins de 10 dollars ça pourrait aider de vérifier car il pourrait très bien l'être sur un site et pas sur l'autre.

      Personaly i've only used Book Depository and i'm very happy with it even i've decided sometimes to divide my order between the 2 websites to get the better prices.
      And you which one do you prefer and Why?

      Personnellement je n'ai encore utilisé que Book Depository et j'en suis très satisfaite même s'il m'est arrivé de diviser une commande entre les deux sites pour obtenir les meilleurs prix.
      Et vous lequel préférez-vous et pourquoi?