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Cover Reveal: HOT Valor by Lynn Raye Harris

Hello to all!

                  One of the series i love will have a new release so it's time to reveal the cover of this new instalment and it's so good!!!

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HOT VALOR by Lynn Raye Harris
Published: July 18, 2017
ISBN: 978-1- 941002-18- 6
Military Romantic Suspense


A new standalone romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Lynn Raye Harris. Sexy, action-packed, and thrilling! 

Colonel John "Viper" Mendez searches for a ghost from his past... and when he finds her, nothing will be the same!


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There were days that changed your life forever, though at first they felt perfectly ordinary. You got up, you got dressed, you prepared to go to work and Charlie Mike the hell out of the day. Continuing the mission was what Colonel John “Viper” Mendez lived for. Every day he sent teams around the world to save pieces of it, and every night he went to bed knowing that tomorrow would be more of the same.

He lived for the mission. He played sometimes, but not often, and when it was over he went back to work. He’d been doing it for so long that it was normal and expected. If he got up tomorrow and didn’t have a mission, he’d probably go out of his mind.

But today… Today there was still a mission.
Mendez—he’d long ago stopped thinking of himself by any name but that one—watched the news while he got dressed and fielded the usual calls about operations and statuses. His aide pulled up to the curb at precisely five-thirty a.m., and Mendez prepared to walk out the door.

His phone rang again and he lifted it to his ear with a clipped “Mendez.”

“Good morning, colonel,” a cheerful voice said.

Mendez stopped. “Black? What’s up?” Because Ian Black never called unless there was something important going on. Something that Mendez would want to hear.
“I’m saving your ass today, colonel.”
Lieutenant Connor waited patiently in the car as Mendez stared out the window.
“What does that mean?”

“It means I’ve got news you need to hear. Today, around nine a.m., the military police will arrive at HOT HQ. They’ll be accompanied by a general officer who’s there to relieve you of command. They’ll probably arrest you, by the way.”
A boulder formed in his gut. It wasn’t fear. It was fury. “Why? And where did you hear this?”

“Why? Because Vice President DeWitt has finally convinced the president that you’re dangerous and need to be stopped.”

That little motherfucker. He’d been after HOT for the last couple of years. Being President Campbell’s running mate in a successful election had elevated him to a position he’d only dreamed about—and given him the power to do things he hadn’t had as a junior congressman.
“I’m not worried. The president’s daughter is married to one of my operators. Campbell won’t let HOT be defanged, and I can handle an inquiry.”

“This isn’t an inquiry, John. It’s a witch hunt. And I can’t tell you where I heard it, but trust me, it’s real. The president is caving in to pressure, whether he wants to or not.”

Ian had never called him by his first name in all the time they’d known eachother. Black was a mystery, a disavowed CIA agent who wasn’t disavowed at all in Mendez’s opinion. He was deep undercover, so deep that Mendez couldn’t figure out who his handler was in the CIA. He’d questioned Samantha Spencer, the on again off again agent he had sex with, but she claimed not to know anything. Still, Mendez hadn’t
forgotten how her fingers trembled that first time he’d asked.

“I still gotta go to work. Not showing up is an admission of wrongdoing, don’t you think?”
“No. I think it’s smart. Run while you can. Far better to work on exposing the truth than to be locked up and at their mercy.”

Jesus H. Christ. What a clusterfuck. Maybe he should run, but it wasn’t the way he was wired. Besides, he wasn’t helpless. A general and a few MPs weren’t enough to stop him if he really wanted to get away. He’d been in black ops far too many years to be helpless.

“You do things your way and I’ll do them mine.”

Ian Black sighed. “Your funeral,” he said. “But I think you should know something else.”

Mendez’s patience hung on by a thread. “What?”
“Katya wants you to run.”
“Who the fuck is Katya?”
“Ekaterina. She says you knew her sister. She said you’ll recognize her name.”

Everything inside him went still. It couldn’t be the name that sprang immediately to mind. He’d searched in the year since Dmitri Leonov had told him she wasn’t dead, but he’d found nothing. A sister? He didn’t remember Valentina talking about a sister. 
Must be someone else, yet still he hoped. “What name?”


Ice coated his veins, stilled his blood. Someone was fucking with him. Baiting him. Hoping he’d do something rash. Hell, it could even be Leonov. Who, true to his word, had gotten sprung from an American prison within months of being captured. It could also be Sergei Turov, who against all odds had survived the bullet Dex “Double Dee” Davidson put in him last year. He’d even learned to walk again. Now that man had an axe to grind for sure.
But rash was not how Mendez operated. Ever. He wasn’t called Viper because he reacted too quickly. No, he was Viper because his strike was silent and deadly.

“That name means nothing to me,” he said.

“Doesn’t it? Valentina Alexandrovna Rostov. Katya says you have a locket that belonged to her sister. Bring it to the Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans. Tomorrow morning, ten-thirty sharp. Ball’s in your court.”
The line went dead.


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Magic Waking ( Legends Reborn book1) by Eva Chase

Hello to all!

        Today , i'm sharing with you an early review of Magic Waking. This one i had mixed feeling about but it's too good not to shared so  perhaps one of you will love it right at the beginning, in any case i'm more than tempted to continue the series.

 Happy reading

Publisher: Ink Spark Press
Publication: 2017
Genre: paranormal, fantasy, romance, fae
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+
Source: earc

Description from goodreads :

  Die, reincarnate, repeat. It's been a long fifteen hundred years...

Reborn wizard Emma Hale has three goals in life, or rather lives: Track down the present incarnation of the legendary King Arthur, fend off the shadow creatures that hound him for as long as she can, and break the spell that binds their souls in this morbid cycle.

If only she had a better idea how she'd cast that spell in the first place. And if only Arthur’s current host wasn't so cocky yet distractingly good-looking. Because Emma is falling even harder for the man she can't have.

When a fae mercenary with power to rival Emma's puts her king in his sights, Emma burns through all her tricks just to stay one step ahead. Now her only chance is to find some way to destroy the mercenary before he and his army of dark forces destroy Arthur.

No human Emma's ever known has managed to kill a fae. But if she can't, and quickly, this death might be their last.

Looking for a story full of sarcastic wizardry, cruel fae, and a star-crossed love centuries in the making? Scroll up and grab this Arthurian-flavored urban fantasy today!

My opinion:
           This could be very promising. I loved the plot idea , Arthur reincarnated, and the world building.  The rhythm is fast and  we are immediately in the centre of what is happening. It's really good and to give us more insight of what happened to put them in the present troubles we travel among Merlin and Arthur memories at the same time they rediscover them.

Emma is very dedicated, after so many centuries of failure it's amazing that she doesn't plan to give up....also a bit sad she doesn't learn from her mistake either. The fact she is determined to do it alone is frustrating even if we can partly understand it.  She is attracted to Darton  because in reality he is Arthur  and she will do anything to protect him . Trying at first to do it in secret wasn't the most subtle way though.
Darton is intrigued by Emma and not happy with his life but he doesn't really understand why as he is always the last of the two to remember their past lives. Even without knowing it though he is still the same: determined, loyal, protective.

We see and learn a bit about the fae in this first book but i really warmed to Sunki , she is young but more open minded and curious than some others.
Darton 's friends Keevan and Izzy i loved them a lot less.... they want to protect him and doesn't understand or trust Emma that i can understand but sometimes they reaction were really too stupid for me.

In fact, the only thing i didn't like was  Merlin and Arthur first i enjoyed it seeing how they met , what they did etc but the fact it started to hint they were more than friendship feeling between them broke the magic. I mean why couldn't two boy be best friend trust each other above everything else without them being or becoming gay. Why should Merlin had love feeling for Arthur at the time: friendship, admiration , respect all that i could easily envision.. love definitively a NO. The fact he often reincarnate in a female form help but i mean the love feeling could have started at those time  no need to say it was there before....that's the only detail that really bothered me in this book but it did bothers me a lot.

If that point isn't a matter for you then it's a perfectly good retelling of Arthur legend.

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book.

jeudi 18 mai 2017

Frost Line by Linda Howard, Linda Jones

Hello to all,

               Sorry to have missed last week post but Mother's day was near and since it's my first one without mine i wasn't in the mood for anything fun or even book related. I will give you two this week to make up for that but first today is a book that tempted me as soon as i saw the cover and read the blurb "Frost Line", i even got my brother to read it so i had to share it with you as well.

Happy reading!
Publisher: Avon
Publication: 2016
ISBN:  0062421980
Genre: paranormal romantic suspense,magic
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: gifted ( Thanks Sullivan McPigs)

Description from goodreads :

 Lenna is Strength, a manifestation of the Tarot card, and powerful beyond reckoning. But when she’s pulled into the human realm and tasked with protecting a young boy, everything is thrown into chaos. Lenna’s not supposed to be here, interacting with mortals. She’s definitely not supposed to be drawn to the sexy mercenary sent to retrieve her by any means necessary . . .

As a Hunter for magical beings, Caine’s duty is simple: return this compelling, impossibly attractive woman and secure the long lost Tarot deck that made travel between worlds possible. Instead he’s drawn into Lenna’s dangerous rescue mission and blindsided by his growing feelings. But there is more than one enemy to contend with. And as the clock runs out, failure means not just the loss of an innocent life and the woman Caine has come to love, but the destruction of Lenna’s entire world.

My opinion:
          It was a novelty for me and i wanted to start 2017 with one so it was perfect even better: i really, really liked this story. It has humour, some suspense, action  and magic all to make a great story.
it's a stand alone which makes it even better in my opinion. Lenna is a powerful being but she has a touch of innocence and is utterly loyal ( and clever) she is really a manifestation of willpower. I loved her a lot. The way she put Caine in difficulty was cute and humorous . Caine is a Hunter, a very dedicated one at that but also someone very loyal to his friends like we will discover. I loved how serious he was and at the same time of Lenna disturbed it.
I liked the interaction between  the adults with that little boy hurt but still so innocent and how they wanted to protect him.

The story is captivating, plot well build with twists to keep you very interested until the end and most villains get what they deserve^^.

In fact the only thing that disappointed me was the epilogue... in a sense i think i would have enjoyed the book more without it , which isn't usual for me. I do love discovering what happen to characters i love  but in this case... no either i would have wanted it different or not at all but in this case it saddened me so i was disappointed to see the book end like that. However i know some could be happy with  that kind of ending as well so it's really personal.

In Any case i do recommend this book if you want a paranormal romance/ paranormal romance suspense as all together it was quite enjoyable.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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Happy Pants Cafe (Happy Pants 0.5) by Mimi Pamfiloff

Hello to all!

                  With the sun outside it's hard to be stuck inside if we don't have a good book to spend the time. I did read this one last year but i reread it to make the review and this is one contemporary romance that could make me enjoy this genre

Happy reading!

Publisher: P&S, Inc.
Publication: 2014
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: contemporary romance
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: very strong
Public: 18+
Source: free ebook

Description from goodreads :


For over forty-five years, singles have been secretly flocking to The Happy Pants Café. And what are they searching for? It’s not coffee. And it’s not pants. It’s true love, and everyone who goes, finds it!

So what, exactly, is the café’s big secret? Harper Branton, a columnist for the San Francisco Tribune, who’d sooner believe in unicorns than in true love, is about to find out. And it’s the perfect story to save her train wreck of a career.

Too bad she’s got competition. He’s sexy, he’s arrogant, and he thinks she’s crazy. ("What kind of person doesn’t believe in love?") And this coming from a man!

When these two rivals go head to head, it's more like a WWF smackdown. A shared history binds them in wonderful, terrible ways quickly turning their duel into more than just a fight for a story.

Will they tear each other apart for the win or end up as two more satisfied Happy Pants customers?

Note: Stand-alone story

My opinion:
          Lovely, really it's more than i expected even from Mimi, i laughed and i cried and i spent a very good time with this book for someone not fan of contemporary romance that saying a lot.
Harper is a young woman who somehow lost faith in love, she is determined in what she is doing and wants to become a great reporter. It's while she is attempting to get an interview, important for her career, that she met a handsome man who coincidentally is a reporter for another newspaper..and things go downhill so she must find a new topic and quickly reason why she decide to investigate the Happy pant Cafe where something could be happening but fate knows its ways.

She has reason for her behaviour and i loved that and how the author made it so realistic.

i can't tell you a lot because i don't want to spoil anything but really this was a fantastic reads, the characters have a great chemistry and the secondary characters are really funny i couldn't stay unmoved and like i said i did shed a tear here and there between laughs and smiles

If you want a funny, short romantic story don't hesitate to try this one.

Score:  4,5/5

lundi 1 mai 2017

Viking Warrior Rising ( Viking Warrior 1) by Asa Maria Bradley

Hello to all,

                          Happy 1th of May to all of you, may it bring you lot of luck in your home.

New  month, new week, new review^^ and even better a new series. I 'm lucky to already have book 2 ( thanks Nikki) so you should get more of this soon but first  book 1 " Viking Warrior Rising"

Happy reading
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication: 2015
ISBN:  1492618845
Genre: paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: gifted ( thanks Carien!)

Description from goodreads :

  Immortal Vikings are among us.

Leif Skarsganger and his elite band of immortal warriors have been charged to protect humanity from the evil Norse god Loki.

Under attack from Loki’s minions, Leif is shocked to encounter a dark-haired beauty who fights like a warrior herself. Wounded and feverish, the Viking kisses her, inadvertently triggering an ancient Norse bond. But when Naya Brisbane breaks away and disappears before the bond is completed, Leif’s warrior spirit goes berserk. If Leif doesn’t find her fast, he’s going to lose himself to permanent battle fury.

But Naya doesn’t want to be found...and he’ll do anything to find her. Because they’re both running out of time.

My opinion:
          For those who love books with nordic mythology in it this one is perfect even if for Loki we only heard about him so far, no appearance yet.
I really loved this one, the vikings warrior are exactly like i imagined with some adapting more easily to our world and other more traditional : i love the second of Leif " Harrald" he is so grumpy in a sense but so determined to do well and when he see error of his way he sure admit it.
Irja is another secondary character, the medic of the team that i really like she is so calm, i do want to learn more about her.

The main couple in this case is Leif, their king ( or one among other as there are other groups of vikings with a king at their head around the world) and Naya. Leif always put his duty above the rest and he is really loyal to his men and valkyries ( yes females are equal warriors) when he is suddenly attracted to Naya he first thinks that the result of a poison but slowly he see how strong and special their bond is however he can't explain as he isn't a man used to expressed his feeling. The fact he lost his wife from his first life on earth doesn't help so he is a bit too protective  and tries to cage Naya at first which of course is counterproductive.

Naya....i don't like her yet...she is intelligent she suffered a lot so her behaviour is understandable...i loved her loyalty to her brother but she was a bit too obtuse for my tastes. She doesn't believe Leif but at the same time she doesn't really try to understand, she doesn't trust him so she want to take what she can when she can then leave... i don't like that attitude. How she react when he needs her isn't  one i appreciate either but she is good at her job and could be an asset to the group.

The story is well done we see the point of view of the viking warriors as well as Naya's and at the right time they merge together. the investigation is good but not the main focus and there are a lot of twists with a fast pace so the story and the romance moved quickly. Perhaps a bit too quickly even as when she went to  take care of a client she is supposed to go back but suddenly that disappear from the story. Since  the character of the client has my warning bells in havoc that bothered me. i can only hope we will come back to that part in a later book because really i feel something missing which is why i can't give a 5 stars despites how i loved this book.

All together it's a great universe i would be quite impatient to continue reading about it

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book