jeudi 31 mars 2016

Justice Calling( The Twenty-sided Sorceress1) by Annie Bellet

Hello to all!

For the last day of March , i decided to try and finish at least one more book and i did it^^ so i'm happy to introduce you to a series that i want to follow at least for now: The Twenty-Sided Sorceress by Annie Bellet. If you are lucky you could probably get the ebook for free at your favourite retailer.

Happy reading!
Publisher: Annie Bellet
Publication: 2014
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: free

Description from goodreads :

Gamer. Nerd. Sorceress.

Jade Crow lives a quiet life running her comic book and game store in Wylde, Idaho. After twenty-five years fleeing from a powerful sorcerer who wants to eat her heart and take her powers, quiet suits her just fine. Surrounded by friends who are even less human than she is, Jade figures she’s finally safe.

As long as she doesn’t use her magic.

When dark powers threaten her friends’ lives, a sexy shape-shifter enforcer shows up. He’s the shifter world’s judge, jury, and executioner rolled into one, and he thinks Jade is to blame. To clear her name, save her friends, and stop the villain, she’ll have to use her wits… and her sorceress powers.

Except Jade knows that as soon as she does, a far deadlier nemesis awaits.

Justice Calling is the first book in The Twenty-Sided Sorceress urban fantasy series. Readers who enjoyed The Dresden Files or The Iron Druid Chronicles will likely enjoy this series.

My opinion:
          An excellent discovery! I'm really happy to finally have decided to read this book that was in my pile for so long and i do regret not having the second one ready.

Jade is a sorceress in hiding....because that's not the kind of magic with the best reputation to start with but also because someone wants to kill her more than anything.  To do so she decided to play in plain sight by living in a place surrounded by shifters of all kind, some covens, and other paranormal, even if they think she is a simple witch she is happy there running a shop about comic and roleplaying game.
I must say that the fact she was loving roleplaying game and making allusion to it made this story even funnier for me. I mean imagine a real sorceress, with the power to throw real fireball, playing a simple mage in a virtual game... too funny and at the same i could envision it too well.
She is a fighter though and i was intrigued by her Wolf sprit ( oki i start to wonder why she is called Wolf by the way but that i will keep a surprise for you), she speak her mind and bloodlust has funny effect on her ^^;;

Justice, or Alek since Justice is a title, is a shifter, a tiger shifter to be more precise. Yes a feline one which isn't surprising since he is kind of a head security ( and judge and jury) and from several books it seems a trend than paranoïd, a bit close minded ( or at least  fully bent to one objective and obtuse about the rest) shifter must be feline one. I did like him, really.
The others gamers, shifters of all kind ( fox, wolverine etc) are funny. Harper especially, she is acting so young.

The plot isn't fully new but it's well written and i took pleasure following Jade trying to help and hide at the same time. The magic we see at use is mostly bad, really dark while hers which should be , if we follow what the people think, is in fact a lot more natural and can be used for good.

It's not a long novel but one that i do recommend if you want a good urban fantasy ( with a touch of roleplaying game)

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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lundi 28 mars 2016

Kill it with Magic ( The Lillim Callina Chronicles 1) by J. A. Cipriano

Hello to all,

            This week has been really difficult aside from the tragic events taht made the news, i also received disastrous health news and it's taking me time to find a way to cope with everything.  I'm not giving up, at least not yet, but i need more strenght that i have at this time as a result  i didn't manage to read a lot, my heart wasn't into it either.
Now i finally finished the book i started last week and i will try to read a little more while still in March since i did enter the challenge to do so.

For now here is my opinion on Kill It with Magic by J.A. Cipriano

Happy Reading
Publisher: J. A. Cipriano
Publication: 2014
Genre: urban fantasy, magic
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: free ( promo)

Short description from goodreads :

 Sixteen-year-old Lillim Callina is good at two things: running away and magic.

Now, Lillim's half-demon ex-boyfriend is contacting her for help, she has somehow gotten herself mixed up in a kidnapping, and her long-dead rival has risen from the grave.

So when a dragon plotting to take over the world offers her a choice: Work for him or else.

Lillim Callina is going to choose else.

My opinion:
          This book isn't bad but could have been better.... there are some funny moments, the main character Lillim is one we want to follow, the plot is well thought to keep us out of balance until the end...BUT it's a tad too confusing to be enjoyed fully.

For example suddenly we learn that in that world people can get reincarnated... who, why, under what condition, by answer. Around the end of the book we discover a little how it happened at Lillim the last time yes but is it always like that? i don't think so and why some people get a new life and other no?..for example why Mattoc couldn't?
There are also some special terms which probably impart important meaning but without an glossary to explain them for me it meant nothing. All that bothered me a little too much and i can only hope that we will get explanation later in the series.

If you manage to keep reading despite the confusion like i said the story is good, i quite liked Lillim she was a tad naive, clumsy and even more important she is feeling lost. She doesn't really understand her place since she was often compared to her past incarnation and she isn't trusting easily ( that being said with a mother like her i would trust no one, really) but despite being afraid and in pain she is trying to do what needs to be done.
I really would like to discover more about Mattoc, the ghost soulbound to her, and between Joshua and Caleb,  i do think Called would be better for her if she love him for the right reason.

Lillim also has a sharp tongue and a wicked sense of humour , which doesn't always work in her favor. I loved  her powers though. She seems natural with Magic and at the same time a newbie i can't really explain but i do like her as a magic user and would be happy to read more.

The story is fast paced, filled with turn and treason and we discover a lot of different kind of supernatural: vampire ( but not those we are used to), shifters, and others (if they don't get blasted before being introduced^^).

This is really a universe i would be happy  to enter again ( and thankfully i do have another novella and book 2 ready)

Score:  3/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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mardi 22 mars 2016

there is still hope for this world

Hello to all,

                       I've decided to write this short post to let  everyone who could be worried about me and my family know that we are safe. As you know some bad people decided to make attacks in Bruxelles today and as a result many are dead or hurt and my thoughts and prayers are with them (the wounded) and their family.

 I can't say if it will be finished soon or if the world will keep becoming darker and darker but it reminds me to be even more grateful for each gentle gesture or kind word it can seem nothing, even more now, but each smile is like a little light that can make someone day better so if you think you can't do anything to help... just remember that, small gesture can have a deeper impact than big show of violence and are the first step to make the world better.

all of you... take care


vendredi 18 mars 2016

Ghost Light ( Ivy Granger 2) by EJ Stevens

Hello to all!!!

                        I'm late to post a review this week but it wasn't because i didn't want to i simply had no time at all for me. Wednesday was my birthday and i didn't even got a few minutes to read or nap or even unwrap gift(s) that gives you an idea of how busy this week was.
Honestly if it wasn't for some blogger friends that took the time to write me or send me a little something it would have been a day like any other, nothing special so thank you once again to everyone who thought of me!

What did i decide to give you my opinion on today?  I wanted to focus on two challenges the take control of TBR pile and the read sequel one for that reason and because i enjoyed book 1 i jumped into Ivy Granger book 2....if i had to start again i would do things differently. First, i would like the novella taking place after book 1 and before book 2 " Blood and Mistletoe" ( worse is that i do have it on hand -_-) then i would have left months between reading both books to avoid being bothered by too many repetition.
It's one of the reason i don't reread a book soon, i can wait years without difficulties because if i read it when it's still too fresh in mind it annoys me to no end as it's too repetitive so i tend to skip pages etc. Well better to wait longer and savor the story.

So let see that in more detail with my opinion on Ghost Light by E J. Stevens.

Happy reading

Publisher: Sacred Oaks Press
Publication: 2013
ISBN:  0984247599
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: won

Description from goodreads :

 Ivy Granger, psychic detective, thought she'd seen it all...until now.

With a vengeful lamia that only she can see on the city streets, reports of specters walking Harborsmouth cemeteries, and an angry mob of faerie clients at her office door, it's bound to be a long night. Add in an offense against the faerie courts and a few foolish bargains and one thing is clear—Ivy Granger is in some seriously deep trouble.

Ivy Granger is back, gathering clues in the darkest shadows of downtown Harborsmouth. With the lives of multiple clients on the line, she's in a race against time. Ivy finally has a lead to the whereabouts of the one person who can help her control her wisp abilities, but will she put the needs of her clients above her own?

If Ivy doesn't find a solution soon, she could wind up a ghost herself.

GHOST LIGHT is the second novel in the bestselling Ivy Granger urban fantasy series by E.J. Stevens.

My opinion:
          For this series i'm thinking that i will appreciate more if i don't read the books back to back, don't take me wrong the main story line, the universe and the separate investigation are good or perhaps even better than that but i have a problem with repetition.

In this book, the author made the story accessible even for those who haven't read the beginning yet  for that reason, i'm guessing, a lot of repetitions were used..not exactly repetition in this book but several whole passage were copied from book 1 either to introduce the universe or explaining the reasoning of Ivy...for me it cut my interest in the book at several occasion as simply it was still too fresh in my mind from book 1...after 2 thirds of the story though those "repetitions" disappear and i was again completely immersed and enjoying the story a lot. However, for those who have read the first instalment "Shadow Sight" first , i think you would do well to read the novella "Blood and Mistletoe" as well before starting this one. Now i haven't read it yet even if own it so i can't be sure it will fill the blank but for example Ivy speak a lot about Jenna and how she helped and trained her etc and that isn't explained in book  1. I'm hoping reading the novella will fill the blank and clear the confusion i felt sometimes.

That being said when the investigation really starts it's really an interesting one and we can see how the path Ivy is taking will be difficult. We learn more about her father and she is starting to remember her past with him better as well , she also dares to look into it. I really appreciated how she was maturing and trying to protect her friends and her lover ( that part was quite sweet) it ends with a cliffhanger not hard but still it angered me a little. So this is a good series i plan to continue but not in the near future either.

Score: 3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


Take Control of Your TBR Pile

Do you have some series you prefer not to read back to back?

samedi 12 mars 2016

24h Take control of TBR pile Read a thon

Hello to all,

 So today is a read-a-thon in the challenge i've entered to take control of my TBR pile thanks to Kimberly from Caffeinated book Reviewer You can find all the rules and how to join us here

I will do my best to read today because after monday when i did read even more than expected this week has been a desert on the reading side ( not on crafting side as i had to start preparing christmas gift to be ready on time this year) so this saturday i hope to read at least one book but right at this time i still haven't chosen it ^^;;

there are also some challenges with prize to be be won but unfortunately those are held on twitter or instagram so not for me but  perhaps it will works for you so even if you only have a few hours today don't hesitate to join us ( you can take part only in the read-a-thon, without joining the monthly challenge if you want)

i will put my progress here and in my Take control of your TBR pile update post.

Happy Reading

because like each time i decide to devote time to read something come to prevent me to actually do it i only managed to read and finish
 Accidental Abduction by Eve Langlais you can find my mini review here

mardi 8 mars 2016

[Early Review]Wild Man's Curse ( Wilds of The Bayou 1) by Susannah Sandlin

Hello to all!!

                         Today i'm  making a break in my reading challenge to introduce you to a book that if you can only buy ONE book in April that must be the one.

I'm not joking, if you love romance suspense  Wild Man's Curse by Susannah Sandlin is definitively a must read and i wanted to let you know early so you could pre order it already. I'm really grateful to have the opportunity to tell you about this book because it's so worth it and behind it is a great author that you really need to discover ( and support by buying this book! a must have!)

I have been waiting until it was the right time to let you tell you about this romance suspense and time seemed to drag seeing how impatient i was. However, now that i told you how excited i'm about this book it's time for me to reveal a little more about it so....Happy Reading!

Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication: 2016 ( april)
ISBN:  1503934748
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: ARC received in exchange of an honest review

Description from goodreads :

The bones said death was comin’, and the bones never lied.

While on an early morning patrol in the swamps of Whiskey Bayou, Louisiana wildlife agent Gentry Broussard spots a man leaving the home of voodoo priestess Eva Savoie—a man who bears a startling resemblance to his brother, whom Gentry thought he had killed during a drug raid three years earlier. Shaken, the agent enters Eva’s cabin and makes a bloody discovery: the old woman has been brutally murdered.

With no jurisdiction over the case, he’s forced to leave the investigation to the local sheriff, until Eva’s beautiful heir, Celestine, receives a series of gruesome threats. As Gentry’s involvement deepens and more victims turn up, can he untangle the secrets behind Eva’s murder and protect Celestine from the same fate? Or will an old family curse finally have its way?

From award-winning author Susannah Sandlin comes the first book in the Wilds of the Bayou series.

My opinion:
           Suzanne/ Susannah never disappointed me so far so when she decided to start writing in the romance suspense genre i was happy ( more than that) to follow her and give it a try. I'm honoured to have gotten the opportunity to read an advance copy and i really don't regret it, it's FABULOUS!!

This story once it has caught your full attention  won't let you stop until you turn the last page, the tension is simply constant  and the intrigue is distilled gradually with a master hand.  You want to know the culprit and even when you know who, you want the why , how and simply you want to follow the characters on their journey. I loved every moment of this book  really if you love romance suspense this is one you can't miss.

The atmosphere of Louisiana is depicted with justness with the weather but also , the customs, people's way of thinking ; you want to visit to get or live that experience. With a light touch of mysticism, paranormal  because really what would be New Orleans and Louisiana  without that  particular past and blend of beliefs, the author transport us in the swamp to follow Gentry and Celestine, Ceelie,  as their learn more about themselves and the investigation.

I loved how they got attracted to each other but let the time ( and events) built it in something more steps by steps. Ceelie is a lovely woman,  determined for sure but also not realising all her potential. To keep a promise she put her life on a path that wasn't necessarily the one she would have chosen . Now she is confronted to the truth.
Retired from the special force, after an event that quite traumatized him, but not giving up on his want of Justice, Gentry applied  into the LDWF enforcement....which sound even more complicated and demanding than the police is.

The secondary characters are also very well built and you can get attached to them easily like Paul or Jena but the whole bunch of characters is worth discovering. I can’t recommend this book enough really you have it all: the setting, ambiance, suspense, action and romance  all perfectly dosed...a perfect romance suspense!

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received.All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

So are you tempted? If yes really don't hesitate!

You can pre order Wild Man Curse on amazon or Bookdepository if you are international

More info on Suzanne/ Susannah's Website or blog

dimanche 6 mars 2016

Shadow Sight ( Ivy Granger Psychic Detective 1) by E. J. Stevens

hello to all,

 so while Carnaval has started meaning even less sleep for me it gives me the advantage of more reading/ internet time ( at least during the day as in evening it's more power cuts that are frequent with all the spotlight, etc).

So While reading for the Take Control of your TBR pile i decided to start with an urban fantasy that i wanted to read forever and never started for whatever reason, now it's done and book 2 will follow soon. Why Shadow Sight by EJ Stevens? Because at this time it's free in digital on nearly all platform so if you are tempted to try it it's definitively the time to grab it.

Happy reading
Publisher: Sacred Oaks Press
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0984247580
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Description from goodreads :

 Welcome to Harborsmouth, where monsters walk the streets
unseen by humans…except those with second sight, like Ivy Granger.

Some things are best left unseen...

Ivy Granger's second sight is finally giving her life purpose. Ivy and her best friend Jinx may not be raking in the dough, but their psychic detective agency pays the bills—most of the time. Their only worry is the boredom of a slow day and the occasional crazy client—until a demon walks through their door.

Demons are never a good sign...

A demon attorney representing the water fae? Stranger things have happened. And things are about to get very, very strange as a bloodthirsty nightmare hunts the city of Harborsmouth.

There's blood in the water...

Kelpies have a reputation for eating humans. Unfortunately, Kelpies are the clients. When an Unseelie faerie this evil stalks the waterways of your city, you have to make hard choices.

The lesser of two evils...

My opinion:
          A very enjoyable adventure! Ivy is a character you come to like easily, she is stubborn, loyal , kind hearted but also very determined and has a warrior spirit despite being too naive at time.
I really spent a good time reading this book despite some elements not being too surprising or original.

Discovering her " gift" of psychometry at an young age Ivy closed on herself until she met Jinx and discovered that her gift could also help people not just give her pain. Together they decided to open a detective agency and were doing enough on their own until a demon comes asking for Ivy's a war is brewing.

Knowing the supernatural world exist, being able to see the faes and other creatures without their glamour is still very different that to work and fight for it. Ivy is thrown  in a adventures she doesn't realise all the extent and she is doing her best to protect humans and others from the most of the damages. That being said, with the perhaps limited but still existing knowledge she has of the fae i don't understand how she can bargain and grant wishes without more specifics...fae and bargain that should have been a red alert ^^;;

The investigation, in the mist of the war is really well written. we see Ivy trying to gain allies while still trying to fullfill her part of the bargain with a lot of action and a touch of humour...some events are predictable but  when you are caught on the story you enjoy it too much to mind.
The secondary characters are really interesting as well, i loved Kaye the witch and i’m curious at all her powers, Galliel the unicorn, Marvin,  each one is important and play a big role.

It's a good urban fantasy story and i would gladly read more

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


Take Control of Your TBR Pile

samedi 5 mars 2016

Take Control of your TBR pile Challenge: goals &updates

Take Control of Your TBR Pile

        I know i'm a little late to create this goals/ updates/ results post but i wanted something to write in it and i was simply too busy but know  i will try to do this properly and i will update it the best i can.

Goals: Read 4 books ( no determined titles)

I will try to write here as sooon as i finish and/or post a review for the challenge.

Week 1:
at this time ( saturday) i've finished one book " Shadow Sight". Review posted on sunday

i've started a cozy mystery ( finished it on sunday night)

Week 2:
Monday: Mini review of Double Dog Dare posted on goodreads ( perhaps a extended version will be up on the blog but for now mini review will do)
 plus mini review Healing Dr Fortune on goodreads ( great but why the cliffhanger ç_ç)

Saturday: read- a thon
I've read and wrote  amini review for Accidental Abduction by Eve Langlais

Week 3 :
Friday  review of Ghost Light ( Ivy Granger 2) posted

Week 4:
I did start My secret Fantasies last week but only finished it today and wrote the mini review.

Then i started Kill It with Magic
Week 5:
 I managed to do more than i expected especially considering everything that came in the way. 
Monday i finally managed to complete and post my Review of Kill It with Magic by JA Cipriano

After that ThursdayI read and posted the review for Justice Calling by Annie Bellet and it was a fantastic discovery ( great to finish on a good book as well)

24h read a thon on saturday 12th March  You don't have to participate in the Take Control of your TBR pile challenge to join de readathon so if you are interested you can still join us here


Books read:8
Books reviewed: 8

Are you participating? If yes how are you doing?

mardi 1 mars 2016

Knives and Sheaths ( Guild Hunter 5.5) by Nalini Singh


 So March Take Control of your TBR pile challenge has started but novella and shorts stories don't count for it and i couldn't resist  reading a bonus from Nalini Singh especially since i have been waiting to read it until i had finally finished book 5.

Now that's done, Knives and Sheaths couldn't wait any longer but don't worry as soon as this is posted, i will focus on books for the challenge.

Happy reading

Publisher: Nalini Singh
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal, romance
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+

Short description from goodreads :

  Free short story in Nalini Singh's Newsletter.
What she writes about this story:

"The original version of this short story was meant to be a scene in ARCHANGEL’S STORM, but I deleted it in an earlier draft and the information shared here about Lijuan eventually became part of chapter 8 in the book.

However, I thought the scene offered a nice glimpse of Elena and Raphael’s relationship, so I decided to edit and extend it into a short story. I hope you enjoy!"

My opinion:
          I Absolutely love these free shorts that give us an insights on the daily life or relationship of our favourites characters it’s even better that it fit the timeline perfectly.

Elena and Rapahael are among my favourite couples so i was super happy to have this one focusing on them as we do see them in Archangel’s Storm, book 5, but  it’s mostly when they are separated. In this story we can see how they respect each other, Raphael does act as she is her equal and listen to her, Elena is a fighter and won’t change but she is also a woman in love

 I don’t want to reveal too much as this is a short story and it’s better if you have read book 5 before starting this one but i just want to tell you that it’s definitively a great treat that will make you smile or even laugh.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review