Vous trouverez ici les liens vers des concours  intéressants.
Here you can find some links to giveaways or contests.

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* Sur leur blog 

English and US websites:

* Brenda from Crazy Four Books loves her commenters and she is offering you the opportunity to win 1 book that appears on her blog during this month. You can enter until the end of March so don't hesitate , you only need to comment once ( and put that in the rafflecopter)

* Natalie from Book Lover's Life is kindly offering you a book of your choice under 12euros  during the "Lucky is reading giveaway hop". You can enter before the 21March and it's international. Enter here

Please remember to thank her for her generosity and for thinking about including us international!

* In the same giveaway hop, Vailia from Vailia's Page Turner is offered to a lucky winner book under 15 dollars, winner's choice as long as it's dystopian, hight fantasy or sci-fi. you also have an additional opportunity to win 10dollars on amazon if you do a lot of entries. You can enter here unthe 21st March 2015