Handmade creations

rose earings ( Vonnie)
I love creating personnalised gift for others, it's a way for me to show them how much they count for me, how much i appreciate them or sometimes to comfort them.
Since i've joined the RAK, i did even more and i've come to understand that if some people doesn't want an idea of what they will get before they receive it, other like to browse around before choosing. Since it's handmade, each one is different so it's just an idea.

The trouble is, i don't take picture of my creations,  i prefer to let the receiver do it if he/she like the result so i don't have a picture of all the designs and sometimes i don't offer a design in the choice i offer because i forgot it or i lack time etc. Until now the people had to look at all my RAK post to see some pictures and to help them i decided to put all the pictures together so all these are done by their receiver who i thank a lot for having offered me the right to post the said picture.

I will try to classify the design and to update this list progressively:

The animals:
bird (picture by martha)
white tiger ( darlene)
seahorse ( Kathrin)

cute kitten ( Katrina)


butterly ( Bianca)

unicorn ( emily)
bird ( Mariska)
Bird ( jane)
cute baby penguin ( Stephanie)
big key chain model: cute baby polar bear

rose bookmark ( dizinee)

flower n°3 ( Abby)
flower n°2 ( barbara)

flower 4&2 ( kayla)
flower 2&1 (Andrea)


Skull and snake ( aiecha)
snowflake ( picture by Christine)

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