mardi 30 décembre 2014

Mistletoe Magic ( Copper Mountain Christmas 3) by Melissa McClone

Hello to all,

                       2014 is reaching its end and globably it has been a good year i think, not perfect of course but i had worse^^. I'm also quite happy to have completed my goodreads challenge* ouf* then if all the gifts i had send had reached their receivers it would be better ( but it can still arrives today or tomorrow so let stay positive^^)

Today i will share with you a little, very short christmas romance that the author offered for free not long ago... i did like it but if i'm sharing this one first it's because it led me to a discovery....Mistletoe tradition.....

I know for each of you you have a perfectly built image in your head... i had one too but we often ignore that the same tradition can take a really different form not far from us. In this story, Mistletoes is linked to Christmas and kisses
I would have never linked Mistletoe and Christmas before... never! Here Mistletoe is for New Year ( New Year eve in some area)... We do kiss under it but it's to reinforce our wishes... you see so in my area it's 3 kisses one for happiness, one for health and the last one is left for personnalisation "lot of success" when you are studying for example  or no matter what  you know the person so for the third kisse you wish something that would be useful for him or her.

and not to make wait longer here is a sweet romance ! Mistletoe Magic

Happy Reading
Publisher: Tule Publishing Group
Publication: 2013
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: holidays romance, novella
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 14+
Source:free offer

Short description from goodreads :

 Spending a quiet Christmas housesitting and reading novels about hot cowboys sounds perfect to Caitlin Butler. Until a stray kitten brings her face-to-face with Noah, her crush from college. Watching the handsome vet in action melts Caitlin's heart and brings back long forgotten emotions. She would be safer back at the house lost in the pages of a book. But a toe-curling mistletoe kiss tempts her to stay. Maybe she won't be spending this Christmas... alone.

Veterinarian Noah Sullivan isn't a Scrooge, but the Christmas Eve tradition of hanging mistletoe in the clinic's waiting room annoys him. Kissing doesn't belong at the Copper Mountain Animal Hospital. Noah rethinks his position when Caitlin arrives with a stray kitten she found freezing in the snow. All he wants now is to maneuver the pretty preschool teacher under the mistletoe. If he's not careful, he'll wind up on Santa's naughty list.

Mistletoe Magic is a short story companion to the Copper Mountain Christmas series.

My opinion:
          It’s my first attempt at this author and I would not mind discovering her novel at all after enjoying this short Christmas novella!

This story is really short and it can bother some but as I wanted something that could be read quickly it was perfect and let me wishing for more. This story is a sweet romance with only  a few kissing so if you are looking for something spicy this is not the novella for you.

 However if you want some Christmas feeling, magic and second chance this one should please you a lot.

I really enjoyed discovering the characters even if it was only shortly and it seemed to me a perfect reads for the season, yes I would have probably enjoyed to see more of the HEA but the way it was alluded, showed as a hope worked really well as well

Score:  4/5

So tell me Mistletoe: Christmas or New Year? any special tradition linked to it?

jeudi 25 décembre 2014

Christmas with the Black Sheep by Natalie-Nicole Bates


I hope you had/ have ( depending where you are) a fantastic, magical day!!!

Since it's the season, i love to read some holidays/ Christmas stories and i started with a novella by Natalie- Nicole Bates which i want to share with you but it will be a short review  to avoid spoilers^^

Enjoy !!
Publisher: Books to Go Now
Publication: 2014
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: romance, Holidays, Christmas, contemporary
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+
Source: Free offer

Short description from goodreads :

 It’s Christmas time, and Eriah Jameson has returned home to restart his family’s business. Due to his wild child past, no one is friendly or welcoming to Barrow Haven’s black sheep.

Aylin Myers lost her job when Eriah’s father took ill. She knows Eriah needs her help getting his business up and running again, but she doesn’t trust him. If he fails, she knows it will dishonor his father’s memory. And Aylin knows that at Christmas, it’s the right thing to help your fellow man—no matter how wretched he might be.

As Aylin gets to know Eriah, she sees a side of him Barrow Haven never saw. That perhaps the black sheep has changed for the better. Still, can she be sure this side of Eriah is real, and not just a facade he’s perfected over time to get his own way?

My opinion:
          At this time of the year I need to read some Christmas stories so when the author offered this one for free for a few days I decided to try it. I’m really happy I did…. It’s a contemporary Christmas romance, short since it’s a novella but really sweet.
I would have loved to learn more about the characters but for a short read this is really good, I especially appreciated that the author did not rush the romance. It starts soon in the story yes but she let time passes between the steps which in my opinion made this story even more believable and super sweet.

If you have only a few minutes and want an agreeable Christmas romance you could try this one for sure!

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

mardi 23 décembre 2014

Some News

Hello you!
                       As you have probably seen i have been quite silent lately.It's not that blogging was not something interesting me anymore or that i had no good books left to read   simply... i was crafting the christmas handmade gift i wanted to send and that took my all days and even night in hope to finish on time. Spreading the love and joy  does require time, Santa has a reason for having so many elves at his side^^

 Those that had to be sent abroad were completed and the last one left this weekend ( *fingers crossed* it arrives on time ) now i still have one to finish but thankfully i can bring it in person so i'm not stressed.
Anyway sadly i meant my reading time was no existent until today and i'm sorry i had no post ready for you beforehand. i will try to do better for next year and i do hope to finish my goodreads challenge still ( if only i had not movedup teh level it would have been done already^^;;) so you can expect at least one more post this year but hopefully a little more

If  i can't put it online before i just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas already!!!

and see you soon!

vendredi 5 décembre 2014

Angel’s Wolf ( Guild Hunter 3.5) by Nalini Singh

 Hi to all,

 Friday already..... less than 20 days before Christmas so even less before i must send the package, the stress is becoming stronger so really reading has been put aside for a time ( i need to send the majority on Tuesday so after that reading should become accessible again)

So while i still have to wait for more reading, i enjoy crafting for friends as well but it does not mean i will be completely silent here either. Today i'm sharing with you the last novella from the Angel's flight anthology by Nalini Singh ( also available as an ebook)

Happy Reading!
Publisher: Berkley
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: gifted

Short description from goodreads :

 Warrior angels, vampire hunters, and angels gone bad heat up this altogether sizzling paranormal alternate universe, from the bestselling author Nalini Singh.

Angels' Wolf is a tale of flirtation and danger set in the Guild Hunter world. Noel has been promoted, but in the Guild Hunter world that's not always as positive as it sounds. And now that he's working with the beautiful, dangerous, seductive Nimra there are a whole host of new risks he has to contend with . . .

Nimra is drawn to the mysterious Noel, sent to her by an angel, defiant and intense and oh-so-intriguing. Is their an alliance to be forged between them, or is it a matter of time before one of them becomes the others prey . .

My opinion:
          Nalini Singh really manages to give us what we want even if we don’t know it. After reading Archangel’s Kiss, book 2 of the main series my heart went to Noel and I did wonder what would happen of him but caught in the story I put that worry aside so what a good surprise it was to discover that this novella focused on him after those events!

Really it was a good story, I can imagine that after suffering like he did Noel would feel less of himself but I was a tad bothered he doubted Raphael…. He can seem cruel but he never acts without reason which made me wonder if he planned everything as I don’t know exactly  how he interact with Nimra yet ( this come after book 3 and I haven’t read it yet). 

Nimra is an interesting angel, powerful enough to hold Louisinia for Raphael but still quite humane, I loved her relationship with Fen and how she cared for her pets. … It also made me quite curious after having read the opinion of Noel on her which differs so much from what we discover.
She understands Noel easily and doesn’t try to make him change which I really appreciate from her (she is becoming one of my favourite angels)

The plot wasn’t too difficult to understand, the culprit(s) easily found but  this story focused more on the romance and relationship between the characters so it wasn’t really a problem. I hated that pets suffered and worse but the author made it so we could really feel the pain of Nimra.

 All together it was enjoyable novella, not my favourite but well written and fitting the series as a whole. To recommend ( in the anthology Angel flight so you get a bunch of them together^^)

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

Some Winners

Hello to all,

 So my giveaway for handmade jewelery at the occasion of the release of Deadly Calm and Deep by Suzanne Johnson ended earlier this week.  I had not as many entries as i hoped but i decided that since christmas was near to still select a second winner.

Results are ( you can check the rafflecopter) 

Kat who won the Bracelet 
Callie who won the Ring

Both winners have been contacted and answered so their package are on the way already.

 Thank you to all who entered!