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Treasures and Finds+ January recap

Hello to all!!

                     So how did January go for you? Calm  or filled with excitement, rest or recovery?
 On my side i had the counter effect of my december run to finish everything so i'm fighting virus now but they have the upper hand at this time ... which means that if you have been waiting for an email from me  it will arrive but i'm lightly behind already^^;;  February will be better ;)

 But let start with what interest you the January recap and Treasures and Finds, which i will try to do monthly this year without forgetting^^;;

So  i did manage to read and post some reviews this month....and i made some discoveries.
First two new to me authors :
then some mostly new and some i'm already fond of:

All thing considered that was a good reading month and i managed to  get a good start in the challenge i've entered.

goodreads : 4/50
The official 2015 TBR pile Challenge : 2/12
2015 TBR reading Pile Challenge: 4/10
New to you Reading Challenge 2015: 3/6

It's so good i will perhaps move up the level during the year but first i'll try to reach those goals.


Thanks Suzanne! ( the review won't be up before April when it releases so don't forget to pre order it when you can!)


From Natalie at Book Lover's Life  ( Thank you so, so much!!)

From Jen Minkman on Carpe Diem ( big Thanks to Jen and Amber)

Thanks Carien!

none, i did try but the bookstore had none from my list ç_ç

So on bookish side it has been a good month, and for those new to my blog i do post only that i actually received ( i won one more but since it's not here yet it will be ( i hope) in the next recap).

On the crafting side, since i plan to craft more i will probably add a few note in my recap when i have something to say....this month was quite calm safe at the beginning but i did finish those i wanted to send in January, i'm working on a scarf for someone and ...even better.. the final christmas package was received!!!
Honestly i was starting to fear it was lost but it arrived with a delay of more than one month ( not good note to the postal service)

And it's a good news because it means that i will post sometime in february some pictures like i was asked for but even more important ( for you) means that i will be able to start working on those for 2015!! Some projets take weeks to be finished so i decided to start early so it could hopefully be received on time in 2015 so if you receive a message to ask for your favourite colors or topic etc don't be surprised;) ( i don't think i will be able to send more than 20 like this year but we never know)

 So how was January for you?

mardi 27 janvier 2015

Throne of Glass ( Throne of Glass1) by Sarah J. Maas

Hello to all!

                        i do hope this first month of 2015 has been better for you that it has been for me. On a side note, the last christmas package reached its recipient finally ( yes more than one month of delay... the postal service can be slower than a slug) so i will be able to share with you some pictures like i was asked to but before we come to that let's see this week review.

I told you that, this January,i was starting on "new" to me books and or author and series that i do follow up this month so this time it's a new author and new series with Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas.  I was gifted this for my birthday but told the series had cliffhanger so i prefered to wait until i got all the released books so far... it's not the case yet but the temptation was too great especially when i discovered this was the chosen reads for the TBR read along ^^ so without more delay here is my opinion of " Throne of Glass"

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: YA, Fantasy, romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+
Source: gifted ( thanks Vonnie!)

Short description from goodreads :

 After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin. Her opponents are men-thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king's council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she'll serve the kingdom for three years and then be granted her freedom.

Celaena finds her training sessions with the captain of the guard, Westfall, challenging and exhilarating. But she's bored stiff by court life. Things get a little more interesting when the prince starts to show interest in her... but it's the gruff Captain Westfall who seems to understand her best.

Then one of the other contestants turns up dead... quickly followed by another.

Can Celaena figure out who the killer is before she becomes a victim? As the young assassin investigates, her search leads her to discover a greater destiny than she could possibly have imagined.

My opinion:
          I’m really happy to have decided to finally start this series because this story is as good as I hoped it would be. There is action, mystery, suspense and some romance and you get quite attached to the characters it was a really great surprise.

Celaena is really a strong minded character to survives what she did and to stay such a kind soul… she is afraid of betrayal but she is not hesitating to save people even if it could not be in her interest. She had a hard past of which we still don’t know a lot but she is a good girl and I would love to discover what the gift she thinks she lost was. And she loves books! I don’t resist character who loves reading.
 The only thing bothering me is to see how she is mixing love with attraction….. I’m not fan of love triangle at all so that’s bother me a lot and I hope she will understand quickly as not to get hurt too much.

Doran and Chaol… I’m definitively more for Chaol at this point because he is loyal, honourable,  he is trusting and he does not hesitate to do what he thinks right…. He did gave up his title for example and for a good reason. I like his friendship with Dorian but I fear the Prince does not know  how much Chaol is doing for him…. Because honestly I think if Chaol became  captain of the guard it’s to protect Dorian not because he believes in the king… Dorian is not bad… I think he is quite lost  as he can’t really oppose his father yet even when he hate his actions but at the same time he was too frivolous for me. He does love dogs which makes him more likeable but still….he sound too often like he is playing with others…. For example he knows what Chaol feels but it does not prevent him for wanting Celaena. Also I don’t think he could take a lot of risk to what he wants…. He isn’t determined enough at this time… he could become a good ruler but he needs to mature

Nehemia is in a sense quite like Chaol, like him she is ready to sacrifice a lot for what she believes in and she is taking risks but I do love her friendship with Celaena  and I hope it won’t finish badly for them both.
Now and Pelor were perhaps competitors but part of me wonders why they accepted such a contest as they sound really good… I can only hope we will see more of them and that they will become trusted and loyal allies of  Celaena…; I feel she will really need all the help she can get.

The intrigue was deeper that what I expected but still a little predictable. It’s a universe more complex that we can imagine at first and Sarah J Maas did a great job in giving us glimpse of more little by little to get us addicted and wanting to discover a lot more.  I hope we will learn more about Elena and our heroine relationship.
 The King is even more evil that what we could think at first ( oki with him killing thousands and destroying books he was on my hate list already but he is really more dangerous than that)…and he is not the only player with add to the dangerosity….he made a contract quite difficult for Celaena and I fears what is too come.

 It’s a great YA fantasy filled with action, some sweet moment and romance… friendship and betrayal… a really interesting universe so I do recommend it if you like those things I will be sure to follow up the series.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


Do you tend to read book when they get released or you prefer to have all the series on hands first?

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Ashes of Honor ( October Daye 6) by Seanan McGuire

Hello to all

                        For my reading of this beginning of the year i decided to alternate between new authors to me that i had on my TBR pile waiting for me and some series i really loved but somewhat fell behind.

 This time i go back to a series that i tend to enjoy more and more after each installment : The October Daye seeries... i'm missing some books in it and it's the reason i stopped reading it for a time and slowly i got even more behind. Now i'm trying to get back on track ( to be at least up to date at the end of the year^^;;)

Happy reading!
Publisher: DAW
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: urban fantasy, fae
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Description from goodreads :

 It's been almost a year since October "Toby" Daye averted a war, gave up a county, and suffered personal losses that have left her wishing for a good day's sleep. She's tried to focus on her responsibilities—training Quentin, upholding her position as Sylvester's knight, and paying the bills—but she can't help feeling like her world is crumbling around her, and her increasingly reckless behavior is beginning to worry even her staunchest supporters.

To make matters worse, Toby's just been asked to find another missing child...only this time it's the changeling daughter of her fellow knight, Etienne, who didn't even know he was a father until the girl went missing. Her name is Chelsea. She's a teleporter, like her father. She's also the kind of changeling the old stories warn about, the kind with all the strength and none of the control. She's opening doors that were never meant to be opened, releasing dangers that were sealed away centuries before—and there's a good chance she could destroy Faerie if she isn't stopped.

Now Toby must find Chelsea before time runs out, racing against an unknown deadline and through unknown worlds as she and her allies try to avert disaster. But danger is also stirring in the Court of Cats, and Tybalt may need Toby's help with the biggest challenge he's ever faced.

Toby thought the last year was bad. She has no idea.

My opinion:
          It has been a moment since I’ve read Toby’s adventures but it was really easy to join them once again. The story works wonderfully well as a whole with enough info from precedent books to remind you or teach you important elements so you are not lost and at the same time you can understand the story really easily without having read the other books. It’s really well done.

Now I would still recommend you to start at the beginning but only for the relationship (kind of) between Toby and Tybalt.  Really it’s a pleasure to see them banter, have their kind of hate relationship but still be there when the other needs it and in Ashes of Honor finally you have more ^^ ( chutt I won’t tell you more)

Tybalt is sure one of the elements which made me love this series so much, he is really a cat with its way to annoy you to the fullest but still manage to have you around his finger with a simple look ( all those whit a cat understand that I’m sure^^;;). This time we get a deeper inside of his relation with his nephew Raj and the mechanic of the Cait Sidhe court which is quite special.

We do have a huge dosis of Fae politic as well but the adventure focus on Toby and Tybalt while they try to save a young changeling Chelsea…

As often it’s not an easy series to explain as a lot of little elements seemingly insignificant gets really important either in this book or for the future ones. However I can tell you that Toby went a long way in maturing in this book especially after all that happened before and…what could be strange for those who follow the series… this is the first book with a real HEA! Yes really for once the book close on happy element not on something dreading letting us know it will get worse….
Now I even want to read the next book more as strange as it sound but I know it can wait as no cliffhanger or something of the sort has me on edge.

Seanan McGuire really surprises me this time and it’s one of the best additions in the series!

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Words that bind by Ash Krafton

 Hello to all!!

                         It's not usual that i share with you my opinion on a book on a Sunday... but this time is a little special.... you see i did want to read this book as soon as i learned of it's existence for once because i have the other series ( the Demimonde series) from the author on my wishlist for ages and  it sounded good and original ( too tempting to resist).

Sadly being sick with really strong headache i had to postpone reading a little.... BUT you see the book is actually in promotion... for less than 1 dollars if you are in the USA ( and for europe but if you use all romance)...
 i really wanted to share that info with you  but it's better if the book tempt you also for the content not only the price so today i'm telling you what i thought of " Words that bind" by Ash Kratfon

Happy Reading
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication: 2014
ISBN:  9781628305609
Genre: paranormal romance, djinn
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: mild+
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodreads :

 Social worker Tam Kerish can’t keep her cool professionalism when steamy client Mr. Burns kindles a desire for more than a client-therapist relationship—so she drops him. However, they discover she’s the talisman to which Burns, an immortal djinn, has been bound since the days of King Solomon…and that makes it difficult.

Ethical guidelines are unequivocal when it comes to personal relationships with clients. However, the djinn has a thawing effect on the usually non-emotive Tam, who begins to feel true emotion whenever he is near. Tam has to make a difficult choice: to stay on the outside, forever looking in…or to turn her back on her entire world, just for the chance to finally experience what it means to fall in love.

My opinion:
          Last year I’ve been learning of the existence of a few book including djinns and I got to read some but not that many ( 2 only) so when I learned of this one with a Djinn as main character I really wanted to read it especially since I do hope strongly to read the other series of this author on my wishlist for too long.

I’m really not disappointed. This story is well written I smiled, I laughed I even cried at some moments as it was a whirlwind of emotions and I was captivated by the originality of the concept.

But let’s see more in details.  First the female main character: Tam…she is psychologist, working with emotions is for a her a way to study them…she can understand her patients on a calm logical level because herself can’t feel the emotions. She is that way since her childhood so she learned  to act like she has them but deep down she is not feeling and it’s something she regret. When I discovered her problem it made me think about Shaw from the “Persons of Interest” show.. she has the same problem but because of something that happened to her later so in comparison she knows emotions she just lost the way to connect to them. In a sense it helped me to imagine Tam’s life more easily…and I really could connect with her.
Tam is a kind person, apparently cold because of her “problem” she is still attentive and she is loyal… trust is really important to her. She also has the powers to see things other can’t.
We do learn about Tam situation right at the beginning which I think was a intelligent manoeuvre to help us to understand the impact Burns has on her better and quicker.

Burns is a Djinn…more precisely it’s a fire elemental, he was bound to Salomon’s ring and now longs to be free by reclaiming his talisman. His quest lasted millennia but he finally found Tam and he is sure she has his talisman so he decides to contact her since she is bound by confidentiality.  He never expected to find a human woman able to resist him and able to surprise him.  The fact Tam is so logical even with dealing with him despites everything he shows her has him entranced .But Burn is its element like fire he can be unpredictable calm one moment in frenzy the next…he has tantrums^^ and anger easily….that made me smile as much as want to  strangle him sometimes.

While trying to make Tam give up his Talisman; Burns help her discover magic and a totally new world….he also opens to him like never in the past and as strange as it is for Tam…he makes her feel… before him the only time she experienced briefly emotion was in her dreams, with him it’s surprise after surprise and they slowly fall for each other.

The quest for the Talisman has some really good twists and i was happily surprised. It’s not complicated but we are lead on false tracks or we learn news elements that makes us doubt our first opinion so I really liked how it was done to keep us captivated by the story as well as the romance.

Now I loved it but there are still little details that make me not to give a 5…. Perhaps it’s due to the fact I’ve read this while I was just recovering and perhaps my heads was not at his place all the time but for example I’m curious about to who the “other” door was, or why Burns say Lily can see him…. Did they meet? Did Lily met his enemies first?...perhaps it was said I missed it but… who took the decision to make the special ceremony? Was it something planned by Solomon to those he entrusted or something done against what he would have wished?  Honestly  it’s because I’m really into detail that I have those questions and I will reread the book happily to see if I missed something but it’s why I give only a 4,5 and believe me if you forget those you will be immersed in the series and not think about it at all

 I do recommend “Words that Binds” if you want a good paranormal romance with a good dose of originality , romance, some humour and emotions you keep you on edge until the last page.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


If you want more info on the author or her books you can visit her Website

and if Words that Bind tempt you as it did to me the ebook is on a very small price until the 23 January so hurry at grab it when you can you have nothing to loose^^ here is some place you can find it but you have more on her blog.

 Amazon US:

All Romance: 


Barnes & Noble:

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The Magical Christmas Cat ( anthology with Lora Leigh, Nalini Singh, Erin McCarthy,…)

Hello to all,

                  First review of the year and since i was a little busy around Christmas i only managed to have my christmas stories reading time while i know some of you can't read those any time of the year i thought i could still share my discovery with you, it will give you enough time to find this book before december that way ;).

As often we pick an anthology for 1 or 2 authors we know and a series we love, in this case it was for Nalini Singh that i could not resist getting this book...the 3 ohters authors are new to me and i must say that i was happily surprised. All these novellas have 2things  in common: cat, normal one, demon or shifter this is a good way to discover series with feline in it;) and they are set around Christmas ( a little seasonnal magic;)

I will give you a short, really short opinion on each novella so you can see if you want to discover more of it ;)

Happy reading!
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publication: 2008
ISBN:  0425223558
Genre: paranormal romance, Christmas, Holidays Romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 Put a little "meow" in their stocking this year with these tales of Christmas and felines―from beloved bestselling authors!

New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh and top-selling authors Nalini Singh, Erin McCarthy, and Linda Winstead Jones have a special gift for readers this year: heartwarming holiday stories featuring passionate romance, paranormal adventure, and a distinctly alluring feline touch. With four new stories―including one featuring Lora Leigh's genetically altered Feline Breeds―this is a collection packed with more surprises than Christmas morning, and more chills than the snowiest winter night...

My opinion:

         Stroke of Enticement  (Psi Changeling 3.5) by Nalini Singh   (5/5)

OH my GOD! I can’t believe I nearly missed this one…so far I can’t resist Nalini Singh writing and she won me over once again with only a few pages… This was simply too good! If you haven’t read her psi Changeling series you have nothing to fear you can read this one without a problem as you get glimpse of the universe, the main battle,  only alluded, stays in the background. Here the focus stays on the romance  and what a wonderful Christmas romance^^
I did not remembered Zach a lot but I love this leopard , he is too good with his nephew Bryan…and Annie she suffered so much but she is so strong… I could understand her doubts and I really wanted Zach to gain her trust^^
Really I have nothing negative to say about this one, the rhythm, the space even the length all is perfect I just hope that later in the series Annie will meet again the psi who saved her as a child and I wonder a little if he is who I think he is^^;; but that would be a meeting I would love to read about nevertheless.
So if you want to discover Nalini Singh writing this could be a excellent introduction if you also want some holidays romance
Christmas Bree ( Murphy Sisters 2) by Erin McCarthy (3/5)
Bof… really this is the story I liked the less from the whole anthology. It’s not that bad written, it’s quite spicy but not the spicier from the whole book either… I did spend a good time reading the story but the only funny element was the cat Alaska

Christmas Bree did not give me even for an instant the wants to read more about the sisters or about the universes itself it’s simply was enough as it is.

Sweet Dreams by Linda Winsted Jones (3,5/5)

This story was quite different from the others as it’s the only one where the “ cat” is not a positive element… total opposite in fact as it’s about a demon taking the shape of a cat. So as you can imagine the title is really deceptive
I liked the story and I think I would love to learn more of that brotherhood if all members are like Zane… so I would not mind discovering that the author has more books in this universe even thought it won’t be a priority either.

 I liked Ruby she was a little close minded at first but when it’s needed she does act which courage and faith.
This story is the darker one from the anthology which is not normally what I would have linked to Christmas but it does work.

Christmas Heat  ( Breeds 17) by Lora Leigh (4,5/5)

 I loved this one! It was perhaps just a tad too spicy and detailed for me but I loved the whole concepts of the Breeds and I would love to discover the series. This one was my first attempt at this author and despites  Christmas heat being number 17 (and the series well past number 20) I managed to get immersed into the universe without any problem  so if like me you are new to this author this is an anthology you would not regret.

Noble and Haley were too cute to resist especially Noble, protective but also as his name predestined it ^^ noble^^. There are some more sad parts in the story especially when it comes to Jason but as a whole it was a fantastic reads leaving me wanting more

I did love how Noble discovered what Christmas means for Haley and went with the flow.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


jeudi 8 janvier 2015

Challenges for 2015

Hello to all,

I wanted to post this earlier this week but some events happened and... i did not feel like it anymore...for those who don't watch the News.. a  French Newspaper was attacked yesterday.. people died...good people...innocent people... France is really not far from here but more than the proximity is the act that schocked me a lot.  Charlie Hebdo was a satirical newspaper...they did not hesitate to speak and draw about everything to open the discussion.. however deep down it was never evil or done to hurt anyone. It was a symbol of the freedom of Speech...and some want to destroy that.
As blogger or even simple reader we can't be unaffected... because it's our freedom which is at risk too....there are books we don't like, even books we hate but as long as it done  without hate we can share our opinion on it, we can say " i did not like it" some will agree some won't it does not matter.. there is no right or wrong in that it's simply a opinion, a personnal opinion we share. People fought to give us that right now we must fight with our words and drawing to keep it.
I'm not blaming a community, a country or a religion i don't want that act to result in more violence on any side...i just want us to be able to say "never again", to say that we won't forget their courage and that we won't give up our freedom because of threats or fear.
I am Charlie

Bonsoir à tous,

Je pensais poster mes plans et objectifs pour 2015 plutôt cette semaine mais l'actualité m'en a momentanément coupé l'envie. Pour ceux qui l'ignorerai encore, un journal français a été attaqué et des personnes sont décédées, des gens biens, des innocents... Certes Charlie Hebdo était un journal satirique irrévérencieux mais jamais méchant, ils n'hésitaient pas à parler de tout et à dessiner sur tous les sujets afin de provoquer le débat et cela sans avoir pour but de blesser quiconque. C'était et cela reste un symbole de la liberté d'expression que certains veulent détruire.
En tant que blogger ou même simple lecteur,  on ne peut pas rester indifférent parceque c'est également notre liberté qui est menacée.. ; il y a des livres qui nous déçoivent, qu'on aiment pas ou qu'on détestent franchement cependant tant qu'on le fait sans haine, on est libre de partager notre avis dessus, on peut dire " je n'aime pas" certains partageront cette opinion, d'autres non... il n'y a pas un camp qui a raison et un qui a tort dans ce cas ce sont simplement des opinions personnelles partagées. Des gens ont combattus pour nous garantir ce droit, cette liberté et maintenant c'est à nous de combattre avec nos mots et nos dessins pour la garder.

Je ne blâme pas une communauté, un pays or une religion, je ne veux pas que cet acte aboutisse à encore plus de violence.. je veux juste qu'on puisse dire " plus jamais ça", qu'on oublie pas leur courage, qu'on puisse dire qu'on n'abandonnera pas notre liberté à cause de la peur et des menaces...

Je suis Charlie

And because i don't want to give up and for them i will try to stay up with my schedule and let you know what challenge i plan to undertake in 2015!

I did complete my 2014 challenge but some organisation disappointed me and i stopped to enter the links to the respective linky...2015 will be better^^ and i'm trying some new!

Voici les challenges auxquels j'ai décidés de participer en 2015 en espérant que ce sera une meilleure année que 2014 ( même si j'ai atteints mes objectifs!)

 To start the new ones:

Anna from Herding Cats and Burning soup is hosting the  New To you Reading Challenge.

That one is simple, you just have to read something that qualify a new to you in 2015 ( new series, new authors etc) as long as you read it in 2015 and that's something new for you it qualifies.
However to stay reasonnable i will aim for level 1: 6 " new" to you books.

If you are interested you can join us here

next i also decided to be courageous and this time i'm joining  The Official 2015 TBR Pile Reading Challenge" hosted by  Roof Beam Reader.

For this challenge, we must read 12 books we have in our TBR pile for more than a year so it must be a book released in 2013 or earlier and to avoid any problem, the participants must create their lists before hands... so we have to stick with it ( i guess creating this list will be the hardest part of it for me).
Those who complete the challenge can  enter win 50dollars on the bookdepository and it should be some smaller giveaways along the way
 i will post my list on the special challenge page to keep track of it soon.

you can join us until the 15 January,  to sign up and see all the rules it's here

Lastly, for now at least,

 i'm trying again the 2015 TBR reading Pile Challenge hosted by Evie from bookish..since the last 2 editions really disapppointed it will be probably the last time i try it but i'm giving it another chance as Evie really had a lot in her life in 2014 and doing something so big alone it's not easy.

For this one the rule is to read book from 2014 and earlier that are waiting in your TBR for quite some time already.
 i plan to read at least 10 books so the level 1 : 1-10 A Firm Handshake ( i will see if i move up the level like the past year later)

 the advantage here is that you don't have to show a premade list of what you plan to read so you can let your mood pick what you want in the TBR pile as long as it fit the rules.

For the schedule, the rules and signing up it's HERE

jeudi 1 janvier 2015


 Best Wishes! 

Meilleurs Voeux

 I hope 2014 ended well for everyone of you and that 2015 began with happy news and a lot of dreams.

J'espère que 2014 s'est terminée dans la joie et la bonne humeur pour chacun d'entre vous et que 2015 promet d'être emplis de joies, bonnes nouvelles et mettra pleins de rêves dan vos yeux

What are my projects for 2015, i absolutely don't know.... reading of course, crafting as well but i don't want to look to far ahead yet so i think i will take the end of the week slow to start back with more energy on monday.... nothing definitive yet  just savouring the moment.

Mes projets pour 2015, honnêtement je n'y ai pas encore réfléchi.....lire et créer bien sûr mais je ne veux pas me projeter trop en avance pour le moment donc je vais peut-être prendre le reste de la semaine ou au moins y aller très doucement pour reprendre Lundi avec plein d'énergie... rien n'est encore définitif en fait  je veux juste savourer le moment ^^

Happy New Year Bonne Année
Best Wishes Meilleurs Voeux

and happy reading!
et Bonne Lecture