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August RAK Wrap-up

Hello to all,
                   Last day of summer, sad but true, however since it's the last day of the month it's also the day for my Random Act of Kindness wrap up post. This month was quite calm for me, i only received one book( thank you Christine) but even being ill quite too long for my taste i managed to do several RAK like i intended and i don't regret spending my time on these, even it means i wasn't on holiday, because sharing the love, spreading the smiles is really worth it.
In August I received:
From Christine ( thank you so so much), i was waiting to discover Rachel Vincent's books so now it will be possible. Thank you

 Also even if it's not in the RAK system, but in its spirit, i wanted to thanks Nat from reading Romances, i really wanted a book ( only available in pdf and in promotion for 3days only)and she accepted to help me when i asked, Thank you so so much!

and i've sent in august:
( note: i don't take picture of the Rak i create before sending them so it's only if the receiver made one i can use that i will add it here so this post will perhaps be edited later to add some)
A handmade bird keychain to Mariska from Me and my Books
A handmade unicorn Keychain to Trayana from I'm a lioness
A handmade unicorn keychain to Becky from Becky's Barmy Book Blog  (again happy birthday, she showed it in her vlog post Stacking the Shelves if you want to see it.)
A handmade bird keychain to Jane from Much ado Bout Books
A handmade rose keychain to Kerry-Ann from Reading A little bit from Everything  ( get better soon dear)
A handmade rose bookmark to Annabelle from Sparkles and lightning
A  handmade White tiger bookmark to Darlène from Darlene's Book Nook   ( it was a pleasure to make this one, take care and don't give up)
and lastly (but i could perhaps count it in September  when she receive it -so you will see it again-) i sent some handmade bird earrings to Camila from Books Down My Pillow
I'm really happy about this month , now that the school is starting again i won't be able to make that many and i will return to a normal rythm but i wanted to do what i could.
The only thing i regret is that some person didn't have take the time to answer my mail so please if you aren't interested when i offer you a handmade RAK please just tell me so that  i can spend the time on another one and not wait in vain
I will glady continue this experience so see you next time

So How is your RAK?

mardi 28 août 2012

Calling Romeo by Alexandra Potter

Hello to all,

                    nearly the end of summer , it is too soon but we have to do with what we have. Anyway, my dog is already better but under medication so i'm happy so happy ( i can't stand seeing him bleed ). So today i will share with you my opinion on the last chick lit book for this month " Calling Romeo", i could perhaps have read another one but it's really not my genre so after finishing one i have to read something else, it's impossible for me to read two chick lit in quick succession but i did discover at least one that i really liked so this month challenge was interesting to say the least.

Without any more delay here come Calling Romeo:

Publisher: Black Swan
Publication: 2002
ISBN:  0552770035
Genre: chick lit
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: received from Birgit (The Book Garden)

Short description from goodread :

 Juliet can't help wishing she had more romance in her life. She loves her boyfriend Will, but after living together for two and a half years, she's come to realise that thirtysomething monogamy isn't all it's cracked up to be. Will used to whisk her off to candlelit restaurants. Now his idea of a perfect evening is a video and vindaloo. He used to leave post-it notes saying 'I love you' on the bathroom mirror. Now the only things she finds are his dirty socks on the bathroom floor. So, when Juliet meets a sexy, dark-eyed Adonis from a rival London advertising agency she is sorely tempted. And when he invites her away for an illicit, no-expense-spared weekend in Verona it's almost impossible to resist. Her very own Romeo.

But does she want to risk losing Will and all they have shared together? Juliet must work out what's really important in life and whether romance really is all about sexy lingerie and red roses.

My opinion:

          Enjoyable read, we can easily see the improvement of Alexandra Potter’s writer style. Her first book was properly writing but didn’t keep the readers hooked, this one is better to keep the reader attention on the story.

The message is also expressed in a better way during the entire story: don’t keep everything for granted, stay attentive to your loved one, keep having small gestures to show your feeling and don’t give up at the first difficulty, speak about the problem instead or letting them add. The moral is good and true but I regret the fact that the characters have to succumb to understand them. Tempted I understand but I don’t see why the heroine could not be wise and strong willed. I mean there are women who keep their head on their shoulders even if they are terribly romantic. That’s the part of Alexandra’s books that keep bothering me, I can’t identify myself and I stay too detached from the characters.

Now like I say this one was better that the first one “What’s new Pussycat?” and I didn’t have to force myself as much to read it even the opposite. It was a light read, enjoyable but not my style. The readers of chick lit should love it and its happy ending and the no fan could appreciate it at least a minimum.

Score:  3/5


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review



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Book read for the 2012 TBR reading

dimanche 26 août 2012

Onyx( Lux2) By Jennifer L Armentrout

Hello to all,

                       this evening i will be short because my dog is in dire need of me, nothing too serious i hope but the vet. will tell me tomorrow so at the moment he is what i think about  so sorry if there are some mistakes.
Here comes my opinion on the second book of the Lux series, my favorite YA one, by Jennifer L Armentrout.

Happy reading.

Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  1620610116
Genre: YA, paranormal, romance
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 16+
Source: won

Short description from goodread :

Being connected to Daemon Black sucks…

Thanks to his alien mojo, Daemon’s determined to prove what he feels for me is more than a product of our bizarro connection. So I’ve sworn him off, even though he’s running more hot than cold these days. But we’ve got bigger problems.

Something worse than the Arum has come to town…

The Department of Defense are here. If they ever find out what Daemon can do and that we're linked, I’m a goner. So is he. And there's this new boy in school who’s got a secret of his own. He knows what’s happened to me and he can help, but to do so, I have to lie to Daemon and stay away from him. Like that's possible. Against all common sense, I'm falling for Daemon. Hard.

But then everything changes…

I’ve seen someone who shouldn’t be alive. And I have to tell Daemon, even though I know he’s never going to stop searching until he gets the truth. What happened to his brother? Who betrayed him? And what does the DOD want from them—from me?

No one is who they seem. And not everyone will survive the lies…

My opinion:

          To say that the tension goes up is a euphemism. Onyx starts just when Obsidian ended on Daemon’s promise. I really loved that. In this book we have the proof that every act has a consequence just not always an expected one. Katy is starting show some special abilities to move things around just but wishing them or in deeply emotional burst. Not really a good idea when you have to keep a low profile. Then, suddenly, a new boy appears and is really friendly with her. Doubting daemon’s feelings and wishing a bit of normalcy  Katy goes for it and when it seems Blake could have the answers she wants and offers to train her she jumps at the opportunity nor understanding how it hurts Daemon.

Jennifer l Armentrout keeps the level high with Onyx and while we go deeper in the romance part and the relationship between Daemon and Katy she also offers us a new view on the whole DOD things. This book is a lot darker than the first one and more violent too. We see that Daemon is willing to do everything, and I mean everything, to protect his family and Katy. Speaking of Katy, I really wanted to punch her sometimes even if I understand her wish for something true, this time I pitied Daemon who must suffer all her doubts and uncertainties. She was brat sometimes. The plot thickens and now we aren’t sure to know exactly who the bad guys are and who we can trust. It was also a story more emotional and I was nearly crying at some parts.

I really love her writing style and this series is my favourite from her but not this book. I preferred Obsidian less dark and still moving. I’m a bit afraid of opal now because if it’s becoming sadder and darker each time I will finish crying in my bed. In the end of Obsidian we had a promise but in the same time a certain closure. With Onyx we just finish with more angst and questions than before so I hope the question are in Opal.

To recommend without a doubt but keep tissues at hand.

Score:  4/5


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review



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jeudi 23 août 2012

A Perfect Darkness ( Offspring 1) by Jaime Rush

Hello to all,

              Since i've read a lot of paranormal romance during my read-a-thon ( favorite genre after all^^;;) today i will introduce you to the Offspring series by Jaime Rush. A really attentive author. So without waiting here comes A perfect Darkness.

Publisher: Avon paranormal romance
Publication: 2009
ISBN:  006169035X
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodread :

They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary. They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry - and they are in terrible danger.

A sexy stranger awakens Amy Shane in the dead of night. Lucas Vanderwyck barely has time to whisper a few words before three men burst into her bedroom and drag him away. But what Lucas reveals shatters Amy's safe little world forever.

Lucas and Amy share a psychic gift - a gift that could put them in mortal danger. And as they share night after night of savage passion, as a shadowy government conspiracy tracks their every move, they will fight to save each other. But only with their powers of second sight can they escape the terror of a perfect darkness.


My opinion:

          A bit of change and originality, this time the paranormal romance doesn’t include vampires or werewolves but special humans. Those “humans” called offspring are in fact the children of a group of person who were used in a secret mission by the government; project that when wrong when new drugs started to affect them irremediably. For twenty years or so the project was destroyed after the strange disappearance of all subjects but at that time they never thought about how the result of their experimentation could have affected the children born from the first subjects. Now, a man full of himself believe he will change the world and for that he is ready for all , discovering the abilities of the grown up  now he wants them to obey his orders, his not the government, and the one that should refuse must die.

The offspring don’t know their history, their abilities except for a few of them, each of them has lost at least one parent in a suicide or accident – for the authorities- now they are hunted and tortured.  They must choose a side: their or believe in the “ Devil man”, supposedly from the government.

Amy just new she was special, being able to see “auras”, until that night when a stranger comes to her and inform her that she is an offspring, can’t trust anyone before being arrested in a very strange way. Amy doesn’t understand but even when the “police” say it was a serial killer she doesn’t trust them and stay attracted to the stranger who isn’t so unknown that she first thought.
Lucas took great risks to save the one with who he has a very special link since his childhood and now captured, drugged his only thought is to keep her safe. He forgot that love can make people more courageous…

The writing style was good and the plot original. The characters all with different abilities are moving in their wish to discover the truth of what happened to their parents. Without guidance they must learn to survive and to control their abilities when they appear. The first offspring we meet know they are watched and perhaps more but they ignore why, when one of them is kidnapped trying to help his loved one, one of their, they understand they can’t stay passive. They must work together and some need to learn that.

Amy and Lucas bond really well together but the way of trying to protect her isn’t well thought, I was wondering why, once he saw who captured him he didn’t try his power to know what they really wanted and if they could be trusted. No, he just collaborate that bothered me a bit because I would not trust one who kidnap me , is perhaps responsible of my parents ‘ death just to be honest.
Eric is strong willed and sometimes looks a bit crazy but under his hard exterior he cares about his family and the ones he considers as such. Petra is more subdued, she didn’t think at first that she was special and she is slowly becoming more courageous in Amy’s contact.

It’s an interesting book and I liked it but I think that receiving all the information in once can be a bit confusing. I understand why for the plot and all but it’s also frustrating we want to know more but we can’t be ahead of the characters. Also the behaviour of Lucas like I said doesn’t ring right for me. Amy is better but even terribly courageous she still does a 180° a bit too quickly for my taste. So these are details and I would be very happy to see how the series develops.

Score:  3,5/5


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


Book read for the 2012 TBR reading

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Bout of Books reada thon 5.0 Wrap-up

"The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 13th and runs through Sunday, August 19th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 5.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. -From the Bout of Books 5.0 team "

It's time for the wrap up of the first read-a-thon i participated in. First i need to say how fun it was and it really motivated me so i will gladly participate again.

Now my goals were to read a minimum of 4books ( chick lit included), comment on others participants blog each day  at least once. Lastly i wanted to at least take note for each books if i couldn't immediately write the complete review.

  • Books: i did reach my goal of 4books but only one chick lit so that's something to improve

Books finished:Caresses de Glace ( PR), A perfect Darkness (PR),Calling Romeo (Chick lit), Obsidian (YA), Onyx (YA), Daimon (YA)
Books started: Half-Blood(Ya)
Total of pages read: 2306

  • Comments:  I commented each day and i think i did at least 5comments per day sometimes a lot more sometimes a bit less but my goals being one comment i did really well.

  • Socialize: i started to follow new blogs too

  • Reviews: I did write a draft of the review after finishing each book but it made me lost time and i can see i've really difficult to write a long review when the book didn't intesrest me

  • Challenges: I hoped to participate in 1or two challenges i wasn't sure what kind of challenge it could be so i didn't dare to set a  goal but in the end those were really fun and/or instructive so i partacipated nearly each day ( when a picture wasn't required etc). I  receive the good new that i won one ( page 99 test by Nova - thank you so much)  and that made me very happy^^

I think that for a first time i did well. Next time will perhaps be harder depending on the dates but for a first experience the dates were perfect and thus it was a great motivation. Participants were also wonderful so i wanted to thank all participants and hosts for this wonderful week.

Obsidian (Lux1) 2eme édition par Jennifer L Armentrout

Hello to all/ bonjour à tous

      Bonjour à tous dans le cadre du JLA read a thon organise par Valerie ( Stuck in books) et le reading challenge mensuel organisé par DeityIsland,  je me suis lancée dans la lecture de ma série favorite de Jennifer L Armentrout « Lux », j’avais déjà lu le premier tome Obsidian dans sa 1ère édition et rédigé un avis en anglais que vous pouvez lire ICI. Or, cette année, une nouvelle édition a été publiée et celle-ci contenait certes la même histoire que la première version mais en plus nous obtenons à la fin 3 chapitres écrits du point de vue de Daemon. Afin de ne pas trop me répéter j’ai donc choisi de vous présenter cette édition en français et qui sait peut-être de vous faire découvrir votre prochain coup de cœur.

Here is my review of the second edition of Obsidian (Lux 1) by Jennifer L Armentrout. Mostly my thoughts are still the same that what I wrote for the first edition, you can see my review here, the only difference is a change of the score due to the bonus included in the 2nd edition. We get 3 chapters, after the main story, written in the point of view of Daemon and I really enjoyed those because it give us a new regard on the events and a better understanding of Daemon personality and the story so it deserved the new 5/5

Editeur VO: Entangled Publishing (2012)
Genre: YA, paranormal, romance
Isbn : 1620610078
Violence: strong

Langage: moyen
sexe: moyen
Public: 18ans
Obtenu grâce à un RAK de Dizneeee ( Thank you so so much)

Traduction personnelle de la quatrième de couverture

Tout recommencer craint.

Lorsque nous avons déménager en Virginie de l’Ouest juste avant ma dernière année,je m’étais résignée aux accents marqués, à l’accès à internet non fiable et à un immense ennui…jusqu’à ce que j’aperçoive mon sexy voisin, grand avec des magnifiques yeux verts. Les choses semblaient soudain se présenter sous un meilleur jour.

Et à ce moment là il s’est mis à parler.

Daemon est horripilant. Arrogant. On ne s’entend pas. Absolument pas. Cependant lorsqu’un étranger m’attaque et que Daemon gèle littéralement le temps d’un geste de la main, et bien, quelque chose …d’inattendu se produit.

Le sexy alien d’à côté m’a marquée.

Vous m’avez bien entendue. Alien. Il s’avère que Daemon et sa sœur ont une galaxie d’ennemis souhaitant voler leurs capacités, et Daemon en me touchant m’a rendue lumineuse comme le Strip de Las Vegas. La seule façon que j’ai de m’en sortir vivante est de rester aux côtés de Daemon jusqu’à ce que mon effet alien disparaisse.

Si je ne le tue pas avant, bien entendu.

          Une merveille. J’avais déjà lu la première édition mais je ne m’en lasse pas du tout. C’est vraiment une fantastique histoire pleine d’action et de romance avec des personnages attachants  et le style d’écriture de l’auteur est vraiment excellent et nous emporte dans un univers réaliste et en même temps extraordinaire.

Les personnages semblent être réels et on peut si facilement s’identifier à eux qu’on vit littéralement l’histoire à leur côté. J’apprécie tout particulièrement Katy parce que c’est à la base une gentille fille qui se consacre à ses études, ne boit pas, ne fume pas, ne sort pas et à qui sa mère peut faire toute confiance. Katy vit a fond sa passion pour les livres et adore le jardinage. Psychologiquement, elle est assez forte pour accepter d’être différente, de ne pas vraiment être intégrée avec ceux de son âge et  elle essaie de soutenir sa mère après le décès de son père  en gardant pour elle sa souffrance. Elle se fait passer au second plan.
Je peux facilement m’identifier à elle, sauf que j’ai plus souffert de préférer un bon livre à une soirée, et je pense que cela peut faire du bien d’avoir aussi des héroïnes de ce genre pour permettre à certains lecteurs de trouver du réconfort.

Daemon est une toute autre histoire, arrogant parfois blessant avec ses sarcasmes il est en même temps très responsable et protecteur. Blessé, il a perdu confiance  car pour lui faire confiance à un humain c’est un risque mortel et pas uniquement pour lui. Il est complexe et déstabilisé par ses sentiments, piégés par ses obligations son instinct est en guerre avec sa raison et le fait que Katy lui résiste, ne batte pas en retraite ne fait que souffler sur les braises.

L’histoire est bien développée et on découvre avec plaisir l’existence des Luxen et on frissonne lorsque l’on apprend leur histoire et leur guerre avec les Arum mais surtout on ressent de la compassion lorsque Dee doit renoncer à ses rêves, que daemon révèle qu’il n’a même pas pu faire ses adieux à son frère et que leur vie est tellement contrôlée. On en apprend un peu sur les personnages secondaire comme les Thompson mais Jennifer Armentrout parvient à faire durer le suspense sans un cliffhanger ni un sentiments de manque. Elle en révèle juste assez pour nous donner envie d’en avoir plus.

Maintenant si vous avez lu ma review- en anglais- de la première édition vous pouvez voir une différence dans le score la raison est simple : les bonus^^. Dans cette édition, après l’histoire nous découvrons des chapitres bonus il s’agit en fait de certains des chapitres mais vu selon le point de vue de Daemon et  c’est une extraordinaire addition, cela nous offre un autre regard sur les choses et une compréhension plus profonde de Daemon, j’ai vraiment apprécié et cela méritait bien une augmentation.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

JLA Readathon Wrap-up

Hello to all,

                     This weekend i was participating in two read-a-thon, one being centered on any book written by Jennifer L. Armentrout and hosted by Valerie from Stuck in Books.

Now it's time for a wrap-up post and i can say i'm really happy about what i managed to do.

My goals were to read Obsidian and Onyx, participate in the Chat with Jennifer and try to do the challenges ( at least 1).

  • Books i didn't have as much time to read as i hoped but i did read more than my goals.
Finished: Obsidian, Onyx, Daimon
Started: half-blood
Total pages: 1015
  • Chat: i did participate in the Chat, my first experience so i was a bit overwhelmed and shy but i was there
  • Challenges: now that's a bit more complicated . I'm working hard on challenge 2 and 3 but i did the all 3 in the end, the plylist challenge was hard because i wasn't sure if i had to put song with lyrics or only music so i did put lyrics ( english, french and japaneese^^;; interesting mix)Unscramble was done and the quotes too ( thanks again for the hints^^)


samedi 18 août 2012

The Starter Marriage by Kate Harrison

Hello to all,

                    doing a small break in the read-a-thons i've entered i decided to give you today my opinion on another chick lit book , one that really moved me, the first one so far, "The Starter Marriage". Now i know that yes there are chick lit books that can interest me.

Happy reading

Publisher: Orion
Publication: 2005
ISBN:  0752868810
Genre: Chick lit
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: received from Birgit (The Book Garden)

Short description from goodread :

 Tess Leonard thought matrimony was for life, but her husband has decided that their marriage is the equivalent of a starter home: cramped, claustrophobic and something he's definitely outgrown. Known as 'Tip Top Tess' because of her dogged pursuit of the perfect home, marriage and career, she's now in the biggest mess of her life. And it's all because Barney has walked out. But there's a life raft on the horizon: The Divorce Survival Class. It may be uncomfortable and nearly sinking under the weight of excess baggage, but it's a boot camp for the broken-hearted. Over eight weeks, Tess and classmates will lay bare the darkest secrets of their failed marriages. And course-leader William will turn their lives around in a truly spectacular style...

My opinion:

          Kate Harrison seems the best author of chick lit for me so far.  I love her writing style so fresh and moving with some funny moments and characters so interesting.
It’s, by far, my favourite chick lit book at the moment ; though I concede that after only 3 I still don’t have a lot of experience but at least this time I was completely in it and I wanted to finish the book

Tess in a wonderful character: teacher in her mid thirties, she is in her opinion living the perfect marriage with the perfect husband/best friend. Together they have nearly a perfect relationship: liking the same things, same passion etc. But scratch this surface a bit and we discover a woman that forgot herself while trying to keep the pretences that everything is perfect, for who the appearances were more important. A bit maniac, in a way, wanting everything to be just like she wants them in her logical mind.  Tess doesn’t have conscience of those facts until she is confronted to her divorce, suddenly her perfect husband is leaving her without much of a notice and then to add salt on the injury his girlfriend is pregnant, proof that he didn’t wait their separation to go to another.
For Tess all her life and dreams are shattering. After becoming quite depressive, and isolated herself, she is put in front of the facts by her friend Mel and asks her to go to search help in a support group.

The step to ask for help is harder for her than her friends could have though but she manages it and enters the group for 8weeks. A group to learn to accept the reality, to grieve the shattered dreams without too much anger or guilt and to discover what she really wants. It a slow process but I really enjoyed to see her evolve progressively with her ups and down.

The characters, members of the group, all have a different background and aspiration and while the main story is centred on Tess we also discover the others with their life and aspirations. Kate  Karrison doesn’t forget them or has put less quality in their story far from it. All of them are really well constructed and introduced to the readers so that we can enjoy them as much as Tess. The group is transforming its member by their shared experience. Friendships are forming and sometimes more.

William who directs the group is a good mediator but I enjoyed getting his impression on the members however I even enjoyed more to see his own struggle to accept past and future and how he had a crush without acting on it. The author really made us see those hesitations, regret and moment when the illumination appears and the characters see the reality, clear for once, for the first time.

The ending is really perfect, I loved to see the evolution between Tess and Barney, and have all the stories coming to a new start giving us hope.

Really a wonderful book, more than easy to read, captivating for readers even new to chick lit. To recommend.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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Book read for the 2012 TBR reading

lundi 13 août 2012

Deacon Leeds and the Pyramid of Symbols par Grant Morris [avis en Français]

Bonjour à tous,

Dernièrement nous avons tous pu lire de nombreux articles sur le comportements incorrects de certains auteurs mais je pense qu'il faut également mettre en lumière ceux qui sont attentifs et à l'écoute des Bloggers. Après tout pourquoi toujours se concentrer sur le mauvais?

Un bon exemple est l'auteur Grant Morris, qui a gentiment reagit à un message que j'avais écrit à la suite d'une review & giveaway sur un autre blog. Il a pris note du fait que j'étais interessée par le livre en question et m'a de suite envoyé un mail pour me proposer une copie pour review. J'ai été ravie qu'il prenne en compte mon commentaire et nous rapelle si besoin est que pour la grande majorite, les auteurs sont formidables.

C'est dès lors un réel plaisir que de partager avec vous mon avis sur Deacon Leeds et la Pyramide des Symboles.

Bonne Lecture!

Publisher: CreateSpace
Site author: Grant Morris Website
Publication: 2012
ISBN: 1470156067
Genre: YA, fantasy
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 14+
Source: received from author in exchange for an honest review

Traduction personnelle de la quartième couverture :

Deacon Leeds passé ses vacances d’été dans une expédition scientifique en Antarctique. Malheureusement, le seul autre adolescent séjournant à la station Terra Nova est une brute dénommée Broderick Norsworthy. Mais lorsque une pyramide en or de la taille d’un ballon de football- couverte d’étrange symboles- est découverte enfouie sous la glace, Deacon apprends rapidement que Broderick est plus qu’une simple nuisance : il est un voleur en mission.

Maintenant c’est à Deacon et Fritz qu’il revient de poursuivre Broderick et de lui reprendre l’ancien artéfact.  Les compagnons inattendus sont lancés dans une aventure passionnante à travers le plateau polaire où ils doivent survivre au climat brutal ainsi qu’aux assauts d’une entité mystérieuse qui ne renoncera a rien pour les empêcher d’obtenir la pyramide des symboles faite d’or.

En chemin, Deacon déchiffre les symboles magiques de la pyramide et découvre un secret qui va le mener à un mystère encore plus grand prenant place sous al glace. C’est là que Deacon apprends ce qui est réellement en jeu….

Mon Avis:

Excellent! Lorsque j’ai entamé ce livre je n’étais pas certaine de savoir à quoi m’attendre, en effet il peut arriver qu’une intrigue paraisse intéressante et un résumé captivant mais qu’au final le livre en lui-même ne tienne pas ses promesses. Maintenant, avec ce livre c’est exactement le contraire. Le résumé m’avait paru intriguant et me tentait mais le livre est encore meilleur. Une fois commencé je ne pouvais plus le refermer.

J’ai été immédiatement immergée dans le récit et Deacon m’a plut tout du long. C’est un jeune garçon perdu en Antarctique au milieu d’adultes avec  pour unique compagnon de son âge un garçon qu’il n’apprécie pas du tout. En parallèle, nous découvrons ce qui se passe dans un royaume 70000 ans plus tôt et rencontrons Kyra une jeune apprentie prêtresse dans un mode où des symboles ont un pouvoir. Ils ne pourraient paraître plus différents l’un de l’autre mais lorsqu’on creuse un peu bien des similitudes apparaissent.

L’histoire est rapide mais sans l’être trop et tellement bien écrite. J’ai vraiment apprécié l’alternance entre les chapitres consacré à Deacon et au présent et ceux centrés sur Kyra et les événements du passé. D’autre part, les titres des divers chapitres nous replacent bien dans l’histoire en nous précisant à quelle époque nous sommes au cas où le lecteur en aurait besoin. L’intrigue quant à elle est parfaitement équilibrée et bien pensée et parvient à surprendre à plusieurs reprises sans nous déstabiliser pour autant.

Les personnages sont attachants et ont une certaine profondeur. J’ai apprécié de les voir avec leurs doutes et leurs défauts mais qui essaient de les surmonter envers et contre tout. Broderick a capté mon intérêt de part son attitude, il semblait souhaiter une amitié avec Deacon qu’il envie mais il ne parvient pas à s’exprimer de manière adéquate ce qui aboutit à l’effet opposé. En soit cette «  relation » entre eux est aussi intéressant car pour Deacon souhaite apprendre comment les gens communiquent et pourtant il n’essaie même pas avec Broderick. Le personnage le plus antipathique est pour moi la mère du héros, un vrai bloc de glace certes elle s’humanise un peu vers la fin mais malgré tout je ne la supporte pas. Fitz est complexe à sa façon et avant d’apprendre son passe on en peut pas vraiment le cerner dans son ensemble et le comprendre. Enfin n’oublions pas Kyra si douce et maligne qui aime tant les livres et l’histoire.

La fin est surprenant et bien que ce ne soit pas un cliffhanger  cela reste une fin très ouverte. A ce propos j‘ai une excellente nouvelle, il y aura bien une suite. Croyez moi j’en suis très heureuse car une fois le livre refermé j’en voulais plus. Bon il faudra patienter un peu pour avoir le second volume mais si la qualité reste la même que pour le premier ça en vaudra vraiment la peine.

Ce livre aurait aisément pu être un 5/5 si ce n’était un petit détail (oui je sais je suis parfois très pointilleuse) J’étais parfaitement dans le récit jusqu’à ce petit moment qui m’a perturbée mais que je suis sure beaucoup ne vont pas remarquer ou à peine. Kyra emploie deux fois un certain symbole or lors de la première fois les effets mais aussi les risques et les conséquences de ce pouvoir sont bien détaillés de façon très compréhensible et logique. Cependant lorsqu’elle l’utilise pour la seconde fois tout cela semble avoir disparu et cela n’a de sens ce qui m’ennuie un peu après tout si à un niveau quelque chose est fatiguant, à un niveau supérieur c’est au minimum épuisant du moins c’est ce qui me paraît logique. Bon c’est effectivement un détail  sans vraiment de conséquences sur le récit en lui-même mais cela fait que le livre n’est pas parfait c’est donc un 4,5 vraiment mérité.

A recommander sans hésitation.

Score:  4,5/5

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