vendredi 1 juin 2012

May RAK wrap Up

Hi to all,

Welcome to my Random Act of Kindness wrap-up for the month of May.  I can't tell you how happy i'm this month, i've discovered new very kind bloggers and some that share the same taste than me so even being really sick i'm more than happy.

This month i received:

From Lisa/ Dizneee @Dizneeee's World of Books a fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout like me,you can guess. Thanks you so much i can tell you how happy i'm to have those, thanks you, thanks you!

and also

From Sullivan @ Pearls Cast Before a McPig . I've waited so long for this one, i'm overjoyed to finally have it. Thanks you again  Sullivan.

In May i've sent:

A "skull and snake" handmade bookmark to Mary @Sweeping Me

 A rose handmade bookmark to Lisa alias  Dizneee @Dizneeee's World of Books

As you can see May was a very happy month. Thanks you again to to all participants and to Booksoulmates for this great idea.

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