dimanche 24 juin 2012

Blogathon mini Challenge: photo collage

Coucou, hello,

 I'm starting to be completly out but i wanted to participate in one more mini challenge for the blogathon. Erin from the blog American mon in England explained to us in this post how to make a Photo collage with PicMonkey. She was very precise so if you need tips and all go to see what she wrote.

Now our challenge was to make a Photo collage  to express something, tell a story. I've decided to share with you what help me to keep going when i'm really sick like this month. What gives me hope and love?

Here is the answer: first and foremost my dog and cat who are the best support and healers in the world,who comes to me as soon my blood pressure drops and stay on the bed with me as long as needed.

Also the plushes, even baby plushes my favorite being the WWF's ones so well done, for a just cause and i love them. When i go to see my friend in London i always to go Hamleys it's a paradis for the children and the adults , row and row of beautiful plushes ^^ i always to save to buy myself at least one ( one every 2/3years that's not lot) the turle was a "coup de coeur" but i didn't got it but i was offered the hedgedog ^^ ( thanks again my friend)

And yes, my cat is really supecting the plushes to be important for me and jaleous as always .

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