dimanche 24 juin 2012

Biannual Blogathon Bash Wrap Up post


        The blogathon is finished for me after accumulating 34hours and 19min of working , crazy? oh yes and if i was better there are several things that would have taken less time but, being in the state i'm, i had to start again several times ( but i'm persistent and didn't want to give up). And i was a bit helped by the football fans that kept me from resting with all the noise they are making for nothing -_- ; ( seriously some still have  exams , some are unwell and need resting 5h-in the middle of the night- of illegal celebration that's too much>_<)
So before i go back resting like i well deserved it's time for a small wrap-up.

First of all thanks to all the host of mini challenge for the very informative posts and the help i really needed ( i must have seemed stupid and desesperate more than once^^;;).  Not everything was useful for me but i've learned a lot from you. Thank you Kathleen/Callista for this organisation and your time.

Now what were my goals: you can see them here.
What did i manage to do?
  • Write the reviews i was late ( 3 of them)- check
  • Create a Review Policy ( thank you again Stella for the help)
  • Create a better design ( mini challenge) - see the images in the sidebar have been resized to fit *_*, an About page, improvement on contact page and some other changes that you don't see yet perhaps
  • Create a google calendar- mini challenge- ( you don't see it but it will help the blog)
  • Create a blog notebook - mini challenge- i'm really a paper girls so having everything in one files instead of several pages everywhere will help me to stay organised.
  • Create a listing of the reviews done
  • I've put some order in my books stack for the challenge - could still be improved but it's better
  • Clean and complete the giveaway pages, challenges page
  • I'm on Picket fence - you can click on the button in the left side bar ( under the challenges i'm participating)
  •  how to create a photo collage- mini challenge
  • I've learned about the no-follow links and how to do them - a big thank you Leila
  • I've learned how to improve my writing and learned sme tips how to write a better book review ( 2mini challenge)
  • I've learned some Html and used it to improve the blog( mini challenge) thanks for all your Help Aeryn Lynn, i know i wasn't a easy student and you really were kind and great
  • Ok i've completed some other mini challenges like how to find help, learned what was SEO and how to apply it , etc but i'm really to tired to go on ^^;; sorry

Conclusion: It was really great but  i shouldn't do this kind of event when i'm so sick, yes there wasn't a minimum hours to attend but i don't like to give up. That's my nature and thus i'm worse than when i started. ( oki working when there was a lot of noises also helped to keep me calm but still).
There is a lot i didn't know and so much i still need to learn but i met wonderful people and that's the most important. Thank you for this wonderful experience

Good night ( for me it's 3am) and See you later !

3 commentaires:

  1. Wow you did awesome! Your sidebars do look a lot better, I can tell. I'll give you a vote on picket fence!

    So nice to have you join us and I hope you join us again next time!

  2. Great job and I can see that you were able to do a lot of things. I am now following you on GFC. :)

    1. thank you for following me

      yes i did more than i expected but i've discovered that i still have a ton to do ^^