vendredi 22 juin 2012

Blogathon Bash start participation, goals and mini challenge to achieve

Hello to all,

                        Being new blogger or already and experimented one, there is always room to improve and because you aren't alone in this aventure there blog hop and event to help you discover news things and give you tips: The  biannual Blogathon bash is one of those event.

My health isn't great ( or not good at all would be more honest ) since end of May and the result is that my blog was as down as me lately, this is the reason i've decided to participate in this blogathon -like i told you 2days ago here- as well as the fact that i'm really bad in informatic so any help is good^^.  Now what i plan to achieve, which are my goals; here is a small list, there are things that need to be done on the computer and a few that don't need it  but are still part of the work for the blog, since the weather is really stormy and that the power went already down a few time , i prefer to plan both kind of goals so i don't start worrying i can't do anything.  I don't think i will manage everything since i'm still unwell but i will do my best.

  • Do the reviews of the book i've read already ( 1-2-3)
  • Read and Review one book by reena Jacobs
  • Create a page with a list of the reviews done by authors
  • Create a google Calendar ( mini challenge) done
  • Post the link to my reviews in the challenge linky
  • Put some order on the giveaways page ( clean it)
  • Enter the contest i can in the mid summer eve giveaway blog hop
  • Enter the contest i can in the favourite book giveaway hop
  • Write a review policy.
  • Fill a complain to the post ( for the stolen books and the taxs undues)
  • Select the books i will need to the challenge i've entered and organise them.
  • Create  a blogging notebook ( mini challenge) like this-see picture- model by Clarinda done

Perhaps i will change or and some goals, there are also some mini challenge i've asked some info for so it's a list of what i hope to do but life being what it is i will see the result at the end of this great event.

The blogathon bash is officially starting now to the 25 june at 8am EST ( europe 14h) and it's still possible to enter so if you have some time ( no need to try to saty up all the time, you choose when and how long you spent in it) give it a try there is nothing to loose and events some prizes to win! You can also follow the event to see the tips without entering the event

Good luck to all participants and happy reading to the others!!

3 commentaires:

  1. I should make a list of my finished reviews.

  2. i found it could be useful but that takes more time that i thought^^

  3. I definitely think you should work on that review policy. I recommend anyone doing reviews have one. Take a look at some other bloggers ones for inspiration. In your case I'd suggest publishing it in both languages and maybe have a friend make sure the English version is correct.

    That's too bad that the weather's been yucky, good thinking preparing for whatever might come.