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The Darkest Hour ( KGI 1) by Maya Banks

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                 June isn't easy for me, while participating in the blogathon bash , i've put some order in the books i have to read for my challenge- it's a lot more work that it seems- and i've discovered that i still have 3 books military romance the topic of this month. Great ? yes and no because i managed to read only one of those so i will try to add one before July; if i can't you will have those reviews but later.

Anyway today i introduce you to an author Maya Banks that writes in several genres (so you will see more of her here) however to stay in the topic today it's her military romance series called KGI that caught my interest. So without waiting here is the first book  "The Darkest Hour".

Publisher: Berkley sensation
Publication: 2010
Genre: romantic suspense/military romance
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodread :

 The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super elite, top secret, family-run business.

Qualifications: High intelligence, rock hard body, military background

Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the US government can’t…

It’s been one year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly last saw his wife Rachel alive. Overwhelmed by grief and guilt over his failures as a husband, Ethan shuts himself off from everything and everyone.

His brothers have tried to bring Ethan into the KGI fold, tried to break through the barriers he's built around himself, but Ethan refuses to respond… until he receives anonymous information claiming Rachel is alive.

To save her, Ethan will have to dodge bullets, cross a jungle, and risk falling captive to a deadly drug cartel that threatens his own demise. And even if he succeeds, he’ll have to force Rachel to recover memories she can’t and doesn’t want to relive—the minute by minute terror of her darkest hour—for their love, and their lives, may depend on it.

My opinion:

          Maya Banks’ writing style is captivating and the book seems well documented those two advantages make reading a wonderful experience. I was like a part of the team along the characters and I was suffering with them as well as sharing their joy.

The military part is well represented with the advantage but also the consequences it can have on the people and on their family. I loved to see both parts of that because it was really important for the plot and to help us to understand the Kelly. The story becomes immediately more real and we are drawn in it.

This is the first book of the series however Maya takes the time to introduce us to each member of the Kelly’s family, all different but with such a solidarity and loyalty. We can prefer one man or another but all of them are an aspect of the whole. Ethan is devastated and I’m a bit surprised that the army didn’t see it was becoming a bit unstable after Rachel’s miscarriage, yes he resigned from it but he should have gotten some support. I was really feeling sad learning how his life went down without someone trying to help.

Rachel is a strong woman, her life wasn’t easy but she found stability and love with the Kelly. She is thinking about the others before herself and that’s a part of the problem with Ethan at first when each one wants the other to be happy even if it means their own suffering. Now I don’t think a lot of people could survive like she did, even without the drugs that’s already really hard. I appreciated to see that she was still human with her doubts, fears and temptations. The romance slow and tentative was realistic and so well written.

Really a good military romance book, I will read the other books of the series with pleasure.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

Score:  4/5

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  1. Love the idea of the military being incorporated into it. Looks like a great one! The only romance novels I've read are the 50 Shades of Grey series, so I may have to check out this series!
    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction