jeudi 6 mars 2014

Trésors & Trouvailles / Treasures & Finds 1


           I've discovered that it has been terribly long since i did a " mailbox post"... i wanted to make at least one per month because in my case making one per week has no sense ( yes sometimes i envy those who get several new books EACH week *___*, bad me)one per month seems ideal.

                           Je viens juste de réaliser combien j'avais été négligente et depuis quand j'avais oublié de partager avec vous mes aquisitiosn récentes. Mon objectif était d'en faire au moins un message par mois puisque dans mon cas précis un par semaine ne fait aucun sens ( et oui parfois je jalouse un peu ceux et celles qui reçoivent plusieurs livres chaque semaine ^^ je reste humaine après tout ;) ) donc le rythme de 1 par mois semble l'idéal.

However, last year and early this one postal service went against me with lots of disappearances and that simply made me too sad to explain so i skipped the sharing post ( and i got less than 10books for the last what? 3/4months? so not a lot to share anyway) I always try to send a confirmation when i receive a letter or a parcels so if you send something and didn't hear from me... thats means sadly it part of the lost ones ç_ç and i'm sorry ( i do try to make the postal service react).

                 Cependant, la fin de l'année et le début de celle -ci, j'ai eu quelques soucis -c'est un euphemisme- avec la Poste et de nombreux envois ne me sont jamais parvenu... cela m'avait vraiment trop déprimée pour partagé le peu effectivement reçu ( environ 10livres sur quoi? 3/4 mois vraiment pas la peine de citer ça). A noté que j'essaie toujours d'envoyer un petit message lorsque je reçois une lettre ou a colis après tout uin petit merci est le minimum alors si vous avez envoyé quelque chose et que je ne vous ai pas contacté c'est que malheureusement l'envoi fait partie de la longue liste des disparu et croyez moi j'en suis la première désolée ( plainte et enquêtes sont en cours)

Starting now i decided to try to do better and that's also mean finding a good name for this meme... after all all the books i get don't arrive in my mailbox, those i find in small shops, secondhand bookshops , take from the library etc..; so "my mailbox" was too restrictive name for me. Also everything isn't about books either and i wanted to express my feeling better thus the name "Treasures and Finds" Trésors and Trouvailles in french.

 A partir de maintenant je veux m'améliorer et cela inclus de trouver un nom pour cette catégorie de post.. après tout les livres que j'obtiens ne me parviennent pas uniquement par courrier loin de là comme ceux que je trouve dans les magasins de seconde main ou à la bibliothèque aussi le terme " mailbox" ou boite au lettre était trop restrictif à mon goût. je voulais aussi plus de liberté pour inclure ce qui n'étais pas des livres ( mais parfois est en relation avec un) et pour exprimer ce que je ressens...après réflexions " Trésors et Trouvailles" a gagné ( Treasures & Finds" lorsque traduit en anglais.)

What this name? Finds for the books i came accross by pure luck they can be good or not but always a discovery, as those i can finally get my hands on in library ( english books are too rare in hem here) etc those i wasn't expecting in a sense. Treasures... because those i receive or win always have a special place in my heart,i treasure them so they get to keep that name ;) as for my favourite series each new addition is a treasure long awaited ;) thus "Treasures and Finds " title and i will start with February month ( especially the last week since it was when the most arrived)

    Pourquoi ce nom? "Trouvailles" simplement pour refléter les livres et autres que je trouve par hasard, cela peut devenir une bonne trouvaille ou pas mais c'est toujours une découverte comme ceux sur lesquels je tombe à la bibliothèque ( trop peu de livres en anglais dans le rayon) etc soit ceux auxquels je ne m'attendais pas. 
Quant au terme "Trésors" c'est parce que à mes yeux tous les livres ou cadeaux que je reçois ou ceux que je gagne sont réellement précieux avec leur spéciale étagère, ce sont vraiment des trésors. A ceux-ci j'ajoute tous les nouveaux tomes des séries que je compte parmi mes favorites et que j'attends parfois bien trop longtemps avant d'en profiter.
Voilà donc comment est né Trésors & Trouvailles dont le premier numéro va commencer par vous révéler les acquisitions de février ( pratiquement toute arrivées la dernière semaine )

Livres gagnés/ Won

Renegade by JA Souders won thanks to Kelsey on Ketch's Book Nook
Deadshifted Thanks to Katrina from Kindred Dreamheart
Fury of Fire by Coreene Callahan from Brenda at Crazy Four Books
Dirty Magic from Preternatura

Cadeaux/ Gifts

Then i received an early birthday present from the really kind Birgit from The Book Garden, it was quite a surprise when she told me something was coming from amazon germany ( and i love receiving from amazon european shop^^).. she gave me sime hints about what it was but honestly it didn't help at all^^... when i saw the box i was amazed! I never received such a big box before so it was really not what i imagined...add to that the fact it weighted nearly nothing had me completely confused and over curious. Thankfully Birgit was kind to let me know i didn't have to wait the 2 weeks before my birthday to open (and use) the gift so... here what i found:

A really REALLY comfy pillow ( proof after this picture for the 30sec that it took to put the camera away my cat who was lurking behind the box had jumped on it and was already deep asleep)and because i love soft plush and wolves she added it ( it was in an additional envelop in fact but really i don't see why it couldn't be added in the geant box there were a lot of free room^^).

It was a wonderful surprise, well thought and simply fantastic i cherish those and Wolfie is a talented nightmares catcher, the pillow is a sleep instant helper ^^ as soon as i put my head on it nothing exist anymore but i do have to protect it by putting it back in the plastic after each use or the cat would try to steal it from me for good ( so far the plastic doesn't bother him and often i find him deeply asleep and purring on it)

 You did manage to make me feel appreciated and even more, so thank you Birgit, i don't have words to tell you how this gift made me feel.

 I also received ( today but i add it here nevertheless) some zentangles made by Roger for my Birthday and those are as well done as all he is drawing so THANK YOU!

What do you think about the Name? Any pet loving stealing from you too?

until the next Trésors & Trouvailles/  Treasures & Finds for the recap of March which should be bigger since it's my birthday month ( and i do have some of the way if they arrive before next month ;))

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  1. Treasures and Finds, I think that's a great name for your mailbox post. I really enjoyed reading it. You have many wonderful book pals. Again, Happy Birthday.

    1. thanks you and i know and i'm grateful for each one of them^^

  2. Sooo happy that I found the perfect gift for you (and your cat) and that from now on you will have the sweetest and safest dreams! :-)

    1. ^^ really thank you it was a complete and originale surprise, i loved it ( and i'm sure the dog would loves it too but he is more polite and doesn't steal thing ( but if you give something to him never try to take it back^^)

  3. I like the title, and you can always link up on the week you post each month, just credit a link back. A lot of peeps do only monthly posts.