lundi 17 mars 2014

Storm Warrior (Grim 1) by Dani Harper

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all!!

I don't know if you celebrate it or simply enjoy it but in my case i love this event. It's not a big celebration in my country ( though there are some event) so i only wear something green and try to read book related to Irish or Faes however this time i've started reading about celtic more than a week before..still i wanted to review one that fitted the event today.

I choose "Storm Warrior" by Dani Harper because 1° it's about Celtic warrior and fae, 2° it was in my TBR for way too long and....3° book 2 release tomorrow  and i want it now.

In fact i first won the audiobook of Storm Warrior and honestly i haven't tried it yet.... i'm afraid my listening comprehension isn't good enough and the Irish words make sme even more afarid so i wanted the print book aside so i could check, compare etc^^ at the end i've read the book first but it just made me more curious about the audiobook ( and thus motivate me even more)

If you want to read a book specially for today, this oen is an excellent choice but let me explain why in my review.

Happy Reading

Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication: 2013
ISBN:  147780594X
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: strong
Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 Enslaved for millennia by the masters of the Welsh faery realm, the fierce Celtic warrior Rhys is doomed to wander the earth forever. But when a brave beauty unwittingly breaks the enchantment, he is drawn into a strange new world…and an all-consuming desire.

Sensible Morgan doesn’t believe in magic—until a mysterious being saves her from a fate worse than death, and life as she knows it changes forever. Now the man of her dreams has become flesh and blood, igniting a spark in Morgan’s soul which science cannot explain. But even a love that transcends time may not be strong enough to withstand the power of an ancient curse.

My opinion:
          Love it!! I has all I adore Celtic legends, super sexy AND deeply loyal  warrior, sweet ( and steamy) romance, dogs and horses,  faes both the bad side and the good ones….reading it for my birthday was a gift in itself. I was delighted

Now it’s true that while I enjoyed it fully, was swept by the action in this page turner book I also got frustrated more than once by Morgan…she was so king but close minded… I wanted to slap her to make her listen to herself. Little she listened and believed in her grandmother then it faded but how can she says she believes , trust her grandmother and at the same time not believe even for one second in faeries… it’s so contradictory. She has magic right under her eyes but she is afraid to believe I don’t know if it made me angrier or sadder… but I wanted her to open her yes.

Rhys suffered so much, it was really interesting to see his past, even shortly, then to see him in modern time because it helped me to see deeper in his personalities…and how apt and tender he is with animal had me won over completely. I would have loved to have him as a companion. Morgan frustrated me yes but deep inside I envied her too… how a good vet she is strong and determined to fight for the life in her hands… I don’t have that strength …she is also really kind (though obtuse at time^^). She is perfect for Rhys as she showed him indirectly that life wasn’t only battle… I loved to see him tend the farm…it was normal their romance would be slow built because he is respectful but the dreams did start being steamy right at the beginning ^^;; not a spark between them, an inferno

I also loved the secondary characters, Jay and his wife are so cute and special, Leo so kind and funny and Ranyon who is one of the good fae with his charm for anything^^. Gwen was also funny but i guessed her identity a little too easily though It didn’t impede my pleasure reading

If you want some story mixing paranormal romance, Celtic legends, with lovely and funny animals ( yes even spike^^), fae and gorgeous warrior… Try this one you will feel at paradise.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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Tempted? Any Suggestion about books with celtic warriors, or celtic legends?

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  1. This sounds wonderful from the Celtic lore to the characters. I could spend some time with the warrior! I love that the secondary characters were strong and interesting too. Great review!

  2. I will move it up on my reading pile then. :) I'm glad you liked it.

    1. really worth reading yes^^ you will enjoy it for sure

  3. Thank you for taking the time to review my story! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it. I agree that Morgan really had a hard time accepting the truth, but you might be pleased to know that she returns in Books 2 and 3, and she's learned a lot!

    1. She is a recurring character? I LOVE it, thank you so much for telling me now i'm even more impatient to discover book2