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Storm Force Episode3 by Susannah Sandlin (review and discussion)


 So yesterday was the release of the third episode of  Storm Force by Susannah Sandlin thanks to the publisher who decided to do a weekly release intead of one every two weeks. Since it's becoming even more addictive than it was , i'm really happy about this decision^^

I will try to do share my opinion of it with you each week ,however after thinking about it this post will be scheduled on Wednesday . I think it's better since the release can happen anytime on Tuesday and for those who follow i want to let them have some time to enjoy it before entering a discussion^^. And like last time, even if you are not reading the book as of yet don't hesitate to participate in the discussion with the questions you feel safe to answer and you can also go back to precedent dicussions too

So First i will remind you that the kindle price is only 1,99 dollars at the moment and with that you will get all the episodes already released and the new one as soon as it is without additional cost.  With the newest schedule it means the book will be completed in May but for the print edition, and audo etc you will have to wait until July when it will be released  and at that time the kindle price will also go up so let you be tempted.

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                   Episode3: While Kell is set on obeying orders even f they clash with his moral code, Mori starting to think about give up under the threats.  However Michael is really determined and acts to reduce Mori’s possibilities of action, even if the team knows now that shifters have aligned with the opposite camp, the reasons and their identity is still unknown. Kell only has a few minutes to make his choice.

My opinion:
          I really can’t wait until next instalment, the tension is going up with each release and my dislike of Michael is proportional to my appreciation of Kell and his team.  I guess the only thing that bothered me a little was how far Kell was ready to go to follow orders even more when he was so conflicted about it. It must be so hard for him but Susannah Managed some twist to make it happens differently in a way that had all my preference even if Mori’s feelings of powerlessness were the decisive factor.

 I really appreciated to see how alpha Kell can be when he goes all protective, it’s really cute and not really something I expecting or at least not so strongly he is marking points^^. I do also appreciate to see how his team is reacting as a group I mean they went to save gator and it’s something some wouldn’t thought of it ( when I was reading the part where the danger was, I was so afraid the “ugly” was going to take revenge on poor Gator, really stressed^^;;;)

I enjoy to see the characters starting to act more for themselves than for duty and taking risk for that even if it’s just for a little instant. Now we will have to see how the secrets will mix with that but the suspense and tension is really moving up to several levels higher and I’m becoming more and more immersed in the story so can’t wait for episode 4;even more that episode 3 does have a big cliffhanger ( though keep in mind that it’s a serial, not the book  yet)

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received.All Opinions are my own


1)       How far would you go to follow order? To please your superior? And to save someone?
2)       Should species in danger protected depending on their “cuteness”?  What can be done for the species more “ ugly” or less liked?  ( I mean some spider or snake for example  I wouldn’t want to pet them but I do understand they are useful ( still keep them far away from me!) ^^;;)

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  1. When I was in the Navy following orders is just what you did, no questions asked. In the workforce you did what the boss said. That's what you got paid for after all. In Storm Force Kell is facing a moral dilemma with Mori that will be interesting to follow. Still wondering what Mori is...she has secrets of her own for us to discover.

    1. If we put the Navy part aside, what if your boss order you to do something worth the job or the value are more important ( the army is different so i put the question in the normal world because it happen more often than we know)
      We still have at least 2 more episodes before mori revelation^^ though this time didn't give any "hint" useful

    2. A manager where I worked once did order me to do something illegal, I refused. Didn't help my career much. He questioned the validity of my parents marriage license. LOL.

      One maybe "hint" from Mori, "Mori wished she could tell him it was impossible for them to pass diseases between them, but she couldn't." I'm still thinking shifter, what kind is the question.

    3. see you did draw a line, a limit andi'm quite proud^^

      Shifters aren't the only creature immune to human desease all kind of faeries are and vampires etc so we know she is something paranormal but what is still teh question..; i have my doubt on shifter thought... the scratchs should have disappeared when she changed back for once and second a shifter can recognize others one like Robin did but Mori nevert tjought the eagle to be a shifter so i'm voting for a creature tyhat knows teh existence of shifters but not one

  2. Thanks for the discussion prompt, Miki! I think this is an issue that Kell is struggling with. In the military, it's expected that one follows orders without question, as Roger says. Kell was head of his Ranger unit and he's career military, so he's even more indoctrinated into that mindset, which is necessary for an effective military unit. So he's really making a sacrifice of who and what he's been trained to be when he decides to help Mori.

    Your second question...I hate to see a species declared extinct. I know there's been a big flap in Texas in the last year or so about a certain type of spider that's being endangered by a highway project and part of me thinks "big deal," because I don't like spiders. Yet it's sad to see any species disappear.

    1. My pleasure, i do enjoy these exchanges.
      It's one thing i love with Kell he is doing what he thinks is right even if it's not easy and with his training it must be even harder.

      For the second topic... i feel bad when any species is said to be extinct but i'm also realist it's more easy to get support for a cute baby bear, a cute baby monkey or a colorfull bird than for some other like spiders, i really really don't like them but we are not thinking about the consequences their disappearance because of the highway could to find a way to motivate or gather found for that kind of creatures is really not easy ( but i'm sure Mori would manage^^)

  3. I could not join the military because I could not follow orders that were against my moral beliefs. I respect the men and women who serve. I haven't had a chance to read the latest installment yet.

    1. I don't think i could either..; even just following order without thinking.... i guess i'm a little too rebel for that ^^
      i hope you will be able to read it soon, you won't be disappointed with episode 3 not at all^^

  4. I haven't had a chance to read this book yet-installments? Well maybe I will go read at least one of them

    1. it's a great story you wouldn't be disappointed