mercredi 15 juin 2016

Ties that Bind (The Spire Chronicles 2 ) by Ashley Meira

Hello to all,

            I do hope you have a better weather than me because here it's storms after storms and not short and small ones either. Thankfully we didn't had any damage  so far but i'm sure hoping for dry weather ( not to warm but dry) for a few days at less.
The advantage of the rain is that it offers me a little more time to read so i did and happily since  i was lucky with what i picked so far.

Today i'm going back to my decision to alternate new series (or new author) with sequel and since the last book was the first in a series, today i'm giving you my opinion on a sequel and in a series i was introduced to very recently  The Spire Chronicles. If you remember i loved book 1 depites some element bothering me and thus i wantedto check book 2 which i don't regret at all as  it's really show improvment in the writing which was already good.

I won't make you wait any longer so Happy reading!!

Publisher: Ashley Meira
Publication: 2016
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: very strong

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: ecopy in exchange for an honest review

Description from goodreads :

 Hunter of all things evil and paranormal, snarky witch Morgan Maxwell knows she needs to get herself back into shape before she continues the hunt for the demon-worshipping vampire that tried to kill her, her friends, and the rest of the world.

Until she receives a summons from her estranged father to help solve the gruesome murders of werewolves and shifters that live in his city's forest.

The last thing Morgan wants to do is see the man who threw her aside when she was a child, but even she can’t let bitterness and resentment keep her from helping put a stop to the murder and mutilation of innocents.

But solving the murders will be the least of her worries. Alex – a man Morgan finds herself getting terrifyingly close to – has a personal stake in this case, one that Morgan fears will tear them apart for good.

Ties That Bind is the second book of The Spire Chronicles urban fantasy series, and is 72,000 words of fast paced action!

Readers who enjoyed The Dresden Files, The Kate Daniels series or just like reading action packed stories about tough, snarky heroines with magic powers will likely enjoy this series.

My opinion:
          I really loved this one as we can see how the writing which was already good improved from book 1 with a deepening of the characters. Morgan finally won me over, she isn't really mature yet, she does have childish antics but she can pull it together when it really matters. She doesn't jump to conclusion too easily either which can't be say from Alex....from having read book 1 we do understand where he comes from and it helps understand his reaction to Morgan's father but he was a little to intrusive to my taste and too single minded.
...loyalty is great, blindness isn't . That being said, you could probably miss book 1 and still enjoy this story a lot as the author managed to remind us the most pertaining info from the first instalment so if it was the big part of sex that prevented you to start this series, give it a try by starting by book 2 it would be good as that part was tamed down.

The red line from the story is there but we focus on several murders, some elements were predictable for me but it didn't make me enjoy this less. i particularly loved to discover more supernatural creature this time ( June sound really funny but i won't tell you what she is^^). We do get that investigation solved as well so it's no cliffhanger story ( a big plus).

The violence is important as we get description of gruesome murders but it's a big element for the story and really well written so put in the flow with the action, suspense and light touch of romance it blends wonderfully

i 'm delighted with this one and i can't wait to see how the story will progress.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. Hi Miki, I have "Hunter, Hunted", and "King's Gambit". Guess I better go order "Ties That Bind".Thanks for your review.

    1. since you have book 3 then yes definitively as i don't think it could be read out of order ( starting by book 2 eventually but missing it no) ^^