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Forgotten Sins (Sin Brothers 1) by Rebecca Zanetti

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                     Really i haven't see the fime flying so this post comes up later than i intented but at least it's up^^. If you know me you are aware of my love for paranormal  romance and urban fantasy that stay true but lately i've been a little more attracted to another of the genre i love  the romantic suspense.... i love the investigation, the suspense and the HEA. it's not a new taste more one that i come to enjoy regulary by episode if you see what i mean. Anyway perhaps it'qs the summer time or simply what i needed but romantic suspense titles called to me from the TBR pile and thus i gave them priority.

 Today i'm starting with one that makes the transition wonderfully since it include some supernatural element in addition the well done romance suspense. Here comes my opinion on "Forgotten Sins" by Rebecca Zanetti

Happy Reading!
Publisher: Forever
Publication: 2014
ISBN:  1455574449
Genre: romantic suspense, paranormal
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 His Secrets Can Destroy Her

From the moment Josie laid eyes on sexy, mysterious Shane Dean, she was in love. Their desire ignited a passionate affair, and within weeks, Shane had slipped a ring on her finger. It seemed her every fantasy was coming true . . . until her new husband disappeared without a trace. Now, two years and one broken heart later, Josie is shocked by the hospital calls: Shane has been found . . . at a crime scene with no memory of how he got there.

Her Love Can Save Him

Shane can't remember the blue-eyed angel at his bedside—or who he even is—but he knows something isn't right. His hearing is razor sharp, his physical strength incredible, and the urge to protect Josie overwhelming. For powerful enemies are hunting him, and Josie is the key to discovering why. As Shane struggles to unravel his past, dangerous new truths come to light. Can he protect the only woman he's ever loved? And can Josie trust a man she thought she knew—one who carries such a deadly secret?

My opinion:
          The author wrote a suspense romance with supernatural elements and the final result is really captivating. Shane is mysterious, even for him since he has amnesia, but loyal and so protective… with the glimpses the author gives us of his childhood he becomes irresistible: A teddy bear heart in a deadly body.

Oh he can also be authoritative and commanding but his past explains it so we can’t stay angry with him. I must say that I was touched by his view on women…. I don’t exactly agree on it but I found it moving . how the  TV show he saw built his want and hope… the child part in the military man  made me want to hug him.

Josie is interesting too… I can’t say I related well to her at the beginning though. I did appreciated that she was loyal in her own way but the way she tried to protect herself, not trusting her instinct irritate me. Shane saves her and how she repays him? By going to Tom…. I really disliked him from the start, too insisting, the way he is always in the vicinity with a smile and condescending. I really not see how he can make her feel safe.
Her past was traumatic for sure and she survived it, like Shane in fact, she has a idea of what a family is quite idealized and she wants that. Her marriage to Shane was short , 2months, and quick since she knew him only for 3 weeks . However no matter how short it was and how little she knew him it made a huge impact on her.  Yes she wanted divorce but it was more an attempt to catch his attention that something else ( I think)
I did start to appreciate her more when she revealed more of herself and started to stand for what she believes in.

Aside the characters, the story in itself had me hooked. The investigations about who tried to kill Josie and/ or Shane as well as his research of his past with only his love and protective instinct awakened at first. The super soldiers trained from birth some with special talents was a really interesting elements that made Shane, and later his brothers, more attaching. We want to learn more and it’s hard not to hate those who made children suffer like that, ( on that side I do wonder where went the “ disappearing” children…afterall there were quite a investment). The commander and doctor Madison makes great villain we want to see punished badly ( I don’t think the Audrey case is what it looks like…; the commander is really too devious for that) The rhythm and the twists makes this book one you need to read without break because putting it down is near to impossible.

Really I want more of this series, to learn about Shane’s Brother, to see them saved and the villains punished. This book doesn’t end on a cliffhanger but it left me wanting for more;  it was a perfectly balance between suspense and romance the paranormal/ supernatural element adding  a delicious savour .

 If you want a good suspense romance with special element and military to it try this one you will be more than pleased.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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  1. Now I have to go find my copy of this and read it! ;) I still have to read those Dee Davis' ones too! LOL

    1. if you have this one yes you should read it without a doubt, i can't wait to get my hand on a copy of book 2. but i'm also partial to teh dee davis oen as i really want to know if teh first book is as good as the fourth^^

  2. GAH. I have BOTH books 2 and 3 in this series, and I desperately want to read it, but this book, the FIRST book (dang it) refuses to go on sale, LOL. But you better believe that when it does, I am all over it! Great review, glad you loved it!

    1. book3 isn't in print yet so i have to be patient but i want book 2 so much!!! really yes when you can afford it don't hesitate it was fantastic and yes it needs to be read in order

  3. This was my first romantic suspense listen, but after meeting the SINS BROTHERS, it most certainly will not be my last. I absolutely loved Josie & Dean. Fab review, Miki!

    1. still no listen for me, i need to be more confident in my skills before i dare it but this series won't stop for me here either^^ it's addictive

  4. Ah ce n'est pas trop mon genre de livres. Je les aime bien mais ce n'est pas le type que j'achet, plus qu'on m'envoie. Donc peut etre que ça tombera dessus un jour. En tout cas contente que tu ais passé un super moment.

    1. peut-être oui et bien je te souhaite de le recevoir dans ce cas^^

  5. Oooo. This does sound good. It's a new one to me, but I like the sound of the blend here. :) Thank you!

    1. it's even better than it sounds^^ i hope you get to discover it and when you do that you will enjoy it as much as i did

  6. Oh yes. I loved book 2 and 3 of this series. I had a bit of a hard time with this one but still enjoyed it. And goodness. That cover! Glad to see you enjoyed it Miki!

    1. ^^ oh now i want the next book even faster^^
      thanks for coming to see us