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Angels’ Dance ( Guild Hunter 0.4) by Nalini Singh

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                      We really need to know what we what because before it was too hot  and now we are under the norm for the season ^^. No need to complain but it has come effect that the more fragile constitution tends to catch virus or at least strong cold with the yoyo ( one day 25°C the next 15 and rain all day^^ hard to know what clothes to pick^^)

Back to the reading part of my schedule, like i told you i'm a little more romantic suspense lately but i can't resist paranormal and urban fantasy; so instead of giving you all the same genre in a row i decided to tend you with the guild hunter novellas between each book ^^ What can i say ? Nalini Singh stories are really addictive^^

So today we do back to another novella , part of the prequel but that can be read later in the series as well...and remember you can get all these novellas in print in the omnibus "Angel's Flight" it's quite the must have for the fan of this series. If you prefer digital, Angels' Dance is available individually as well

Happy Reading!
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  1101606517
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodreads :

 The gentle teacher of angelic young, and the keeper of her people's histories, Jessamy is respected and admired by everyone who knows her. Yet, born unable to soar into flight, she has spent thousands of years trapped in the mountain stronghold of the Refuge, her heart encased in painful loneliness...until the arrival of Galen, warrior angel from a martial court.

Rough-edged and blunt, Galen is a weapons-master at home with violence, a stranger to the sweet words it takes to woo a woman--but he is also a man determined to claim Jessamy for his own, to dance with her through the skies denied her for so very long...even if their exhilarating passion proves as dangerous as the landscape of war and unrest that lies before them.

My opinion:
          Fabulous, moving and funny! This is the perfect prequel for a series as the story feels complete, gives us a insight of a new universe and just makes us want more!

I started with the main series so in book 2 we meet Jessamy and see more of Galen… with the few moments where Jessamy appears I loved her and I wanted to learn more about her. Galen, he is still quite a egnima but at least we knows he has a big heart. I didn’t know at first that Angels’ Dance  would focus on these two but what a great surprise.

This story takes place long before the event in the series so we see a young Galen petitioning to join the Archangel Raphael’s army … we see his reason and how Raphael gained his trust.  I did enjoy to see Raphael young and not as affected as he will be but what pleased me even more was to discover how the Seven, his loyal guards, met each others and created  friendship links. We see that it’s Galen who gave Illium his surname and both are quite funny together.
 Galen is so blunt that he hurts, shocks but it’s not done with malice at all… as a warrior, educated by warriors he simply wants to be direct. He doesn’t see the reason for being subtle as of yet … that in life, in his relation with his subordinate and superiors but also with his romantic interest.

Jessamy has lived a secluded life in a sense, because she can’t fly she didn’t feel confident enough around the other angels and preferred to be alone… not that it was a really her wish but it’s what she thought she deserved.  Still she managed to be respected and really useful by teaching the youngs and keeping the Angels’ history. Alone for more than 2000 years she is surprised when a gorgeous, nearly naked male approach her. His words spoken without any politics destabilise her but despite all her attempt to ignore it she is well attracted to this barbarian more intelligent than he let it on.

When someone tries to kill her, it’s Galen who interferes and as a warrior used to get what he wants he is determined to get Jessamy for him and to protect her even if she doesn’t accept…Learning to know each other and to trust each other while keeping her safe, each of them discover that the other is more that he/she looks and secrets are revealed as the trust grows.

 This is a wonderful romance about acceptance and I was moved by Jessamy suffering and Galen‘s attempts to open her eyes. The characters shows new side of them as the story progress and the heat level goes up steadily. Written by a expert this story is definitively a must read for lovers of paranormal romance.
 Can be read as first introduction to the Guild Hunter series or later, this is simply a fabulous romance not to be missed

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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  1. I read book 1 and then nothing more :/ But I want to

    1. you can have some free short story by suscribing to her news letter and also on her blog ^^ it can great while waiting to get your hands on the print books^^

  2. I'm ashamed to admit that I have yet to read a single Nalini Singh title. Lots of my blogger peeps are obsessed with this series, so I really should get on that already. Maybe I'll start with this novella to see how I like this author's writing style. Great review!

    1. don't worry you have read a lot more of authors than me so if for one i have read one you haven't it's really not big deal^^
      though yes i can only recommend you to try this author and this novella would be a good start