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An unexpected Affair ( Scottish Werebear 1) by Lorelei Moone

Hello to all,

                          This week beeing even more busy than the precedent ones i'm late to post my review but i wasn't forgetting you, just not having enough time behind a computer. Now i will try to rest this sunday to heal the cold ( hoping it's only that) i got and next week be back full of energy

Today i'm sharing with you a new athor and book i came across when it was  offered for free.

Happy reading
Publisher: lorelei Moone
Publication: 2015
ISBN:  B0148T4E9Q
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: none

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: free

Description from goodreads :

 Romance novelist, Clarice Adler, has lost the inspiration to write ever since dumping her cheating boyfriend. How do you dream up a plot of two people falling in love, when you’ve stopped believing in love yourself? But her deadline is looming, and her career hangs in the balance, so she decides to lock herself away on the secluded Scottish Isle of Skye to finish her manuscript. Upon meeting Derek McMillan there, it seems she’s found her new muse and the words start to flow out of her as if by magic. Clarice falls for him, hard, despite knowing nothing about the man, except that he’s unavailable.

Derek McMillan has been managing his farm and renting out a few holiday cottages on his own for years now. He deals with the occasional tourist for some extra money, but mostly keeps to himself. When he first lays eyes on the curvy beauty, Clarice, he immediately regrets accepting her booking. Lightning strikes, and as much as he tries to deny it, his inner bear knows that she’s his mate. But he’s a shifter, and she’s a human, and the two can’t ever mix, can they?

In this steamy paranormal romance novella, follow along as an impossible love blossoms between two people, who couldn’t be more different. One might say fate intended for them to meet, if you believe in that sort of thing, but they’re both set on fighting their attraction with everything they’ve got. They’re going to need another push to admit to themselves as well as each other what’s going on…

My opinion:
          The blurb sounded very interesting and the idea, the plot sure are...unfortunately  for me it wasn’t sounded too quick, too rushed and since the story is short the end comes even more abrutely and it’s a cliffhanger to make things worse.

It’s sad because the idea deserved a longer development..for me how it is the story line isn’t balanced enough with the steamy parts it’s too quick i fell like i was jumping pages or something.

The writing style is good, i would gladly read more. The author regrouped several of her instalments for this series in a bundle, omnibus which will perhaps make it sound like a full novel and it will perhaps be more balanced that way...i do hope so.

The characters are inviting, Derek looks like a very open minded shifter, a good and caring alpha. The fact he loves sweets and cooking made me smile. We get he didn’t have such an easy life and would like to discover more.

Clarice...she is a writer and a romantic. I loved how she jumped to conclusion and how she still manage to get angry with Derek because of her own assumptions that was kind of cute. Now she can feel the link it was still a little strange to see her jump into the wagon , knowing justa little and not panicking even a little.

If you want a quick steamy read, with sweet charaters and if you don’t mind rushed thing and  unfinished feeling, this one is for you , now if you want a steamy read and those characters but not that short you could try the bundle too .

Score:  2,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review



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  1. Ergs on the cliffhanger. Hope you're feeling better, Miki!

    1. not really but i have an appointment with the doctor so hopefully soon^^