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Shapeshifted ( Edie Spence 3) by Cassie Alexander


           Slowly things are getting back to normal but the last weeks put my body under heavy pressure and now i must face the consequences still i wouldn't change it since my dog keeps improving.

Today i wanted to share with you my opinion on the 3rd book in the Edie Spence series because Cassie Alexander does write and release books quite rapidly so i'm way, way behind already^^; ( at least we don't have to wait 1 year between each book^^)

Happy Reading
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Publication: 2013
ISBN:  0312553412
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: mild

Language: mild
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

Nurse Edie Spence is once again called upon to save a life…and this time, it’s personal. Can her new community of zombies, vampires, and shapeshifters come to her rescue when she needs them most?

When Edie was fired from her paranormal nursing job at County Hospital, her whole world came crashing down. Now she’s is once again shaken to her core. Her mother is deathly ill and there’s only one thing that will save her: vampire blood. But with the paranormal community shunning Edie, where can she obtain it…without losing her own life in the process?


Edie hopes to procure it at her new job at the clinic across town, where the forces of evil loom large. Vampire gang wars are rampant. Old underground enemies are rising to the surface. And Edie’s zombie ex-boyfriend has arrived at the scene—but is he the same man he used to be? And what should she make of the enigmatic doctor with whom she shares an unexpected connection? She’ll have to figure it out soon, because all hell is about to break loose—literally—and time is running out…

My opinion:
          I’m definitively warming at this series,  it’s even better than that I Loved this book!. Edie is maturing, she is starting to see what is the most important without loosing herself..i could only appreciate her this time. She is suffering from her shunning and then worse she learn her mother is dying from cancer….i know first hand how for a child to learn one parent is dying is something terrifying…we don’t know how to imagine ourselves without our parents, we rely on them even if only emotionally and then we learn it won’t last….we are never prepared for that and I guess it’s harder for Edie because as a nurse she knows how it will happen…. It’s even clearer for her... thus the feeling of unfairness, the want to do something to help even if she can’t.

To be honest I loved the fact she could think more about it at first she doesn’t doubt her decision, vampires blood can cure her so she need it.. but after a moment she also see the consequences….and understand how selfish it can be….. forcing her mother into servitude isn’t a life… she would breathe but in which condition? Which state? I must say I was glad Dren kept his promise even if he made him sound as a jerk because really he was acting to keep his promise not to hurt. Edie needed to be told the truth even if it something she didn’t want to hear.

 Also Edie is more stable…she isn’t sleeping around she can have lovers yes but she think about it now and I prefer responsible heroine.I thought that working in that hospital/ clinic was really a good thing for her, it has the stress from the job but in a positive way…. No contract on her head like before, in a way her soul is free. For the first time she think about her and it’s not easy so it’s a good thing in her case. Oki I was a little surprised she couldn’t believe in Olympio’s don at first, I mean after everything she had see she should be more open minded but I was funny and I loved the little phrases in Spanish…. I’m learning it so it was an interesting exercise. … I could imagine her opening a special clinic , even for supernatural, too without including shadows for example because after all…they do come to ask her help.

The plot was really well done and Cassie kept us on our toes, we could guess parts yes, predict some but at the end we were still surprised at how she created things. I definitively wants more and I do hope Edie won’t go back to her bad attitude, enter in the shadows powers or something like that. I loved to see more of Ti, Asher and yes even Jorgen….. I must say I’m really curious about what Anna will do after all she was shunned when Jorgen , at Dren’s order, came to her.. will that means Dren will have to pay?  I do hope he will be the one punished because Jorgen acted bad but he is paying a high price for his stupidity already.

It’s really becoming a series I enjoy more and more so I can only hope it will continue to be that way. If you love urban fantasy mixed with medical…..this is a series for you. (I do wonder if nurses, all, steal as much as edie^^;;)

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. Wow, sounds really fascinating, I haven't read many books on shifters before so this is a bit different for me. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, I haven't heard of it before and a UF mixed with medical sounds really interesting! Lovely review!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    1. this book has shifters yes but it's not the main focus ( in this tome) it's an interesting series and there are a few more boosk available however it seems like the publisher doesn't want to continue it ( perhaps he will change its mind if we complain a lot)

  2. J'ai vraiment passer un bon moment avec tous les livres mais j'ai été surprise de voir qu'ils arretent de publier les romans. Oui je ne suis pas contente de tout parce que pour le coup la fin ne me va pas. C'est une bonne fin de tome mais pas de série.

    1. Ils arrêtent? Comment ça ils arrêtent? Franchement ils pourraient espacer les sorties ou quelque chose mais pas arrêter la série en plain milieu
      Arf vraiment ça me dégoute de commencer des séries avant qu'elles soient terminées..... on n'est plus jamais sur d'avoir la conclusion

    2. oh j'y pense c'est aussi publié en france non? tu crois que cet éditeur là publiera que ce qui est sorti au USA ou on a un espoir pour une véritable fin?

  3. I just recently finished the first book of this series and while it is a good book and I did enjoy it that's not quite enough to make me want to continue with the rest of it (for now). First I need to diminish my TBR piles some more and then I'll decide which series I've started in the past year I really want to continue. That being said, it's amazing how fast some authors churn out books, then again, like you said, it's better this way than having to wait another year.

    1. the first book didn't make it on my favourite shelves eitherts but the story improves gradually but now that i learned that the series is put on a hold by teh publishers my interest went down

  4. I love series where I can SEE the characters changing and growing from book to book. Even if that means there's a period where I'm not a big fan of the character, if I can see growth, I can forgive it. I may have to look into this series - great review :)

  5. I haven't heard of this series but it seems like a really interesting one. I love it when the main character is maturing in the series and somehow it's always nice to see them grow. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one and I really hope that you'll enjoy the next one even more. Great review :)