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In Ride Trouble( Black Knights Inc. 2) by Julie Ann Walker

Hello to all,

 Summer hits us ell today and for a few days it will be hot and sunny ( before storms again of course) , the sun really help to make people happy and the fact that yesterday check up for my dog was promising i'm really relieved and i can start to smile again. Oh he got a new round of medecine but next check up in his 3 months because his mouth is finally nearly healed so i have reason to be happy (' aside book^^)

Now on book side, i think i will go back to read some that tempts me greatly to get some motivation because free time is nearly non existent so reading time is few right now .  I need something, some "sure love" after the disappointment  i felt. I was really interested in the Black Knights INC series and book 1 was good not a favourite but a promising debut and i hoped the rest would improve until becoming a favourite... i got the second book syndrome.

 Let see more about it! Happy reading
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  1402267169
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

Rebel with a Cause

Becky "Rebel" Reichert never actually goes looking for trouble. It just has a tendency to find her. Like the day Frank Knight showed up at her door, wanting to use her motorcycle shop as a cover for his elite special ops team. But Becky prides herself on being able to hang with the big boys-she can weld, drive, and shoot just as well as any of them.

Man with a Mission

Munitions, missiles, and mayhem are Frank's way of life. The last thing the ex-SEAL wants is for one brash blonde to come within fifty feet of anything that goes boom. Yet it's just his rotten luck when she ends up in a hostage situation at sea. Come hell or high water, he will get her back-whether she says she needs him or not

My opinion:
          A complete change…I can’t explain better this book is totally different from the first one.  I enjoyed the first story from the Black Knights Inc series and I was impatient to  follow up but my love has been greatly tampered with by this one.. It’s not that “ In Ride Trouble” is badly written not at all but I wasn’t what I’ve come to expect and I was greatly disappointed.

“Hell on Wheels”, book 1, was an excellent suspense romance. The plot was built to keep us on edge, the romance was slow and linked to the investigation. The action was intense but the humour was also present just at the right doses.  Until the last page, I was surprised and I couldn’t stop turning the pages even if I couldn’t qualified it as a favourite read.

Since it’s a series I hope for the same minus the fact it would be another member of the Black Knights team…but this one is a complete turn over. Yes Frank and Becky knows each other ( it was the same in book 1 the main character weren’t complete strangers even if they didn’t work together like these ones) but  I don’t know some chemistry was missing….their relationship was better in book 1 in my opinion. However what disappointment me even more was the lack of suspense…this time the bigger part is the romance…Yes Becky is taken as hostage but that happen right at the beginning and she is saved nearly immediately…there isn’t any investigation about the culprit or the reason no it’s more a hit and reaction story. The bad guy kidnap, the good ones save, the bad threaten, the good punish….if you see what I mean…there isn’t any real question. Oh the villain has connection and it could become important, perhaps, but in this book the importance isn’t on that at all. We also learn that another villains is against the black Knights but it’s left to ponder later….

Also we hear about Nate ( Aka Ghost) but we don’t see him, same for the rest of the team like Ozzie we hear about where he is and what he is doing but that’s all. We focus only on Frank, Bill and the new one Angel. I don’t know but that chemistry was missing  for me, after having seen more of them interacting together and all…this time it was limit.. I don’t know boring.

I’m not saying I don’t want to give the author another chance because hey, book 1 was one of my favourite, but I can’t really recommend this one…or I would tell you to read this one first  to go from the lesser to the best and read book 1 in second. Objectively, some events in book 1 have an impact in this one since it takes place 3months after so reading them in order is recommended. However the consequences here aren’t showing yet really and the author do made a recapitulation sufficient enough so you wouldn’t feel lost if you start with book 2 . So you only have to see what you are really looking for if it’s a really good romantic suspense better past this one ( or start with it) because Wheels on Heels is more what you are looking for. If you simply want a contemporary romance with some action and a touch of military then book 2 could satisfy you

Score:  2,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. I only read contemporary romance when it sounds too good to resist, or is by an author I know. I get bored too easily when it takes place in the here and now. I want magic and supernatural stuff.

    Yes, I'm spoiled ;-)

    1. i'm also quite difficult when it comes to contemporary i need more suspense or military with it because simple contemporary romance i really can't in most case ( i did enjoy a lot some sport romance thought)

      i think you would love more the next one i review then since it has supernatural element ^^

  2. Hmm, sounds interesting, but I can totally understand what you mean. Great review!

  3. I love the covers on this series but the style wasn't for me. They were okay reads but not favorites so I stopped after book 3. Sorry to see it didn't work better for ya!