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One Hell of a Ride ( Incryptid 0.2) by Seanan McGuire

Happy Sunday to all,

         i'm planning on enjoying this day and read a little more, i think i really deserve it after such a busy week ( and with the one coming better to rest a little bit^^) . Lots of contests to enter too^^ as the daily one on Brenda's Blog, today is for aquactic beings and you can win an ebook ( 2 winners) so remember to check it out^^. i must confess i'm still a lot behind in my reading about books with these kinds of creatures, i've read but so few and there are so many more i want to read even if it's far from my favourites species.

However today won't be for that kind of story.....or not directly, like i told you already i've become really addicted to Seanan McGuire series, which includes both aquatics beings even if they are not always cited though in October daye one you have the selkie and the Luidaeg and you learn about other in Midinight blue-light Special second book in her other series Incryptid.....being addicted i couldn't way to read more about her work and thus i jumped on her novellas....

Today  On Hell of a Ride, incryptid series' novella. Happy reading!

Publisher: seanan Mcguire
Publication: 2011
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+
Source: free novella on the author’s website

Short description from goodreads :

 After a rather...eventful...visit to Tempe, Arizona, Jonathan Healy wants nothing more than to return to his home in Buckley Township, Michigan, where at least the threats are generally familiar ones. With the last of the blood mopped up and the locals none the wiser, it seems he's just a train ride away from getting his wish.

Of course, there are a few small complications. Like the lovely and occasionally violent Miss Frances Brown, former star of the Campbell Family Circus, who seems to have become his new traveling companion. And then there's the matter of the train having driven through a dimensional gateway into Hell...

Maybe Jonathan shouldn't be quite so worried about getting back to Michigan. Maybe his time would be better spent in worrying about how to get off the train while he, and Fran, are still among the living.

My opinion:
          It was a good short novella but you shouldn’t think of it as stand alone… now you could read it first but then you will be missing too much to fully enjoy it. If you have read Discount Armageddon, book 1, you are free to read this one…i admit i’m still missing some part because i learned that a prequel to this one exist in an anthology (which i must get now!!)  It’s still understandable even if we don’t know all the background the author gives us enough hints to immerse us in the story and forget about the rest ( even if i did went back to check the genealogy list in book 1)

We get to see another branch of the family and several generations ago but we have the same humour and action level than the actual inCryptid series. We focus here on Jonathan Healy and Fran…is Jonathan is a cryptologist; Fran is completely new to it. In fact if they are together it’s because Jonathan came to take care of  a cryptid in the circus she worked… with the consequences she is left without a job.  However, Fran is far from a naive damsel in distress ^^, she is quite armed with knifes and she can use them.
When she suddenly find herself in a parallel world with the train, with several casualties she asks for answers but don’t hesitate to fight with Jonathan…which must keep his mind on the job not on his cute companion.

It’s really to short but i was really glad to have it to read while waiting for book2 and it made me want to learn more about Jonathan and Frances so i need to get the rest of the novella and perhaps i will learn even more about the universe Seanan McGuire has created.

This is really a must read if you are following the Incryptid series, if you haven’t started it yet i can only recommend you to get this novella but wait before reading it to savour it  at its best. I only regret the mice didn’t appear more.

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just downloaded the story from Seanan's web page.

    1. ^^ we can be glad he put so many for free and in several format^^ i also got teh book with the one about tybalt and i'm planning to read and review it soon

  2. je ne sais plus si j'ai lu celui ci mais j'avais lu toutes les nouvelles qu'elle avait mises sur son site. Contente que ça t'ai quand meme plu.

    1. beaucoup même ^^ maintenant je vais faire de mon mieux pour obtenir l'anthologie avec la partie précédente avant de me jeter sur la suite^^

  3. I still need to read this series but I'll definitely grab this one. Thanks hun! :)