dimanche 20 octobre 2013

October Events.... paranormal and FUN look at those contests and giveaways!

Hello to all,

 Sunday... a relaxing day? Normally yes this time not so much but i did find some time for Fun activities too.... i told you that one thing that made me love october was all the event in the blogosphere surrounding my favourite genre paranormal and urban fantasy.... this month you have tons of events, contests and giveaways to partake in if you so wish it and i decided to share with you some i consider the best.

Today i'm starting with 2 of them,  one month long and one starting now until the big day "31"

First one i absolutely love to do is hosted by my dear friend Brenda.  The Goulishly Good Monster Mash Mix Up from 19-31 october: something new each day! ( i will update this post so come back tocheck if you want)

The past year she did a challenge but concentrated on shifters and or vampires....this year the level of fun greatly augmented since all supernaturals creatures can be a topic ^^ we already had aliens and werewolfes, the next days willl be a surprise because to help a little each day has a specific topic.

Believe me it does help because the kid of game are quite different: unscramble, question/answer, mix and match, several choice answers....and we will see what else because like i said it's only starting so you can join us! You will spend some time on this one but is so worth it...; with  a big prize at the end of course but this time also some smaller prizes along the way

Even better she took the time to share some books on the topic each day and to try to see if there are some free ones available too... that's take time so be kind and come have a look and enter. One additional bonus: Brenda is really attentive to her international followers so you won't feel excluded thus  don't hesitate to join the FUN! you can see the first post here  ; day 2 ( win a werewolf ebook! several winners)

Day 3: Vampires  Win vampires Diaries ( 4books) US/ CAn or 1 book< 10 dollars (int)
Day4: Elfs, goblins,gnomes, gargoyles : Win abook ( or gift card)
Day5: Special abilities : win a gift card
Day 6: Gods, Goddesses: win a book from the list
Day 7: devils, angels : win a amazon gift card or an ebook
Day 8: wizards, Warlocks and magical beings : win a book or ebook
Day 9: Aquatic beings : win an ebook
Day10: Zombies, Ghosts and reapers : win a gift card or an ebook
Day 11 Part 1: Fairies : win a gift card or an ebook
Day 11 Part 2: Witch : win a gift card or an ebook
Day 12 Dragons: win "How to date a Dragon or an ebook of the Dragonfury series
Day 13 Shifters ( no werewolves): Win a preorder of Avenger's heat or another ebook


Then one lasting all month so you still can enter for the monthly one, it's a team work:  CandaceAli, Maja and Heidi joined their force to host the " Something Wicked Returns" blog hop. One month full of reviews, contest and giveaways ( some shorter than others)! One bemol though a lot of those giveaway are not international so be careful and check before entering.

you can see the program here and each week you have a recap of what happened and where^^ So check all 4 hosts as not to miss anything

And there are more! so Have fun and don't let Fall and the rain dampen your mood! Happy Reading!

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