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Demon Hunting in the Deep South (Demon Hunting 2) by Lexi George

Hello to all!

           New month, so full of promises.... i'm not really fond of Fall or i wasn't until i discovered it means paranormal reads and contest in the blogosphere ^^ it really makes up for the rain and the cold . However this time it's starting great, cold yes but some good days to ( 20°c) and sun! yes we got sunny days so i'm smiling, i'm happy -a lot thanks to Felicia who didn't hesitate to send me a box of books overseas THANK YOU!- and i want to read.

I do hope October will be less busy than september for me but on that side it's not as promising as the weather but i won't give up my reading time and i will put more time in my creative activity too to make up for when i couldn't.

Now back to the reading part, since it's october i will indulge and read mostly what i want since paranormal is my favourite genre. For the monthly paranormal topic: Ghost, i will see if i do read some books that include one ( already started one)but i won't put that as a priority since it worked against my motivation for the dragon, this time will be pleasure reads not must read. I still should read for the sport challenge to and i will if i feel like it if i don't it will just be posponed to next month^^.

 I started my month with a series i discovered a few months ago the Demon hunting one by Lexi George, the first book made me laugh  and i loved it so much that  i did everything to get all the rest already published so i could  read them when i want....that was the plan at least but i managed to forget the existence of a novella that i had more than a lot difficulty to get ( thanks Brenda for saving me!) i read book 2 without reading first the story 1.5 and that was quite a mistake. i will read it now but i can't recommend you enough in this case to read it before book 2... more explanations in my actual review

 Happy reading and Happy October^^

Publisher: Kensington
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0758263112
Genre: paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: mild
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: won

description from goodreads :

 The warrior and the wallflower . . .

Shy, self-conscious Evie Douglass tries to stay under the radar, especially when her nemesis Meredith Peterson, aka The Death Starr, is anywhere around. Meredith and her bitch posse of skinny girlfriends have tormented Evie since the seventh grade, calling her names like The Whale and Thunder Thighs.

Evie tries to stay invisible, but that’s not an easy thing for a plus-sized gal to do in a small town like Hannah, Alabama. She finds it doubly hard to avoid Meredith’s wrath once she takes a job at the lumber mill. You see, Meredith’s husband is Evie’s new boss. Translation: more torture time for The Death Starr.
Evie thinks things couldn’t get much worse until the morning she finds Meredith’s bloody body sprawled across her desk. Typical Meredith, she gets herself dead mere days after a very public scene in which Meredith accuses Evie of having an affair with her husband. Worse, the murder weapon is found in Evie’s car.

Suddenly, Evie is the Number One suspect in a sensational murder case. But she’s got bigger problems. Hannah is infested with demons—soul sucking, body snatching creatures of evil—and, for some reason, they want Evie. The only thing standing between Evie and death or possible possession is a hunky blond demon slayer named Ansgar.

Ansgar is a Dalvahni warrior, a supernaturally gorgeous race whose sole purpose is to hunt down and capture rogue demons.

Evie could almost swear that Ansgar is interested in more than demons. He seems interested in her. Ridiculous, of course, because he’s sex on two legs and she’s…

Well, she’s Whaley Douglass.

To add to Evie’s troubles, Meredith doesn’t even have the decency to stay dead. She shows back up as a ghost and she’s more of a beyotch than ever. Meredith has deathnesia—she can’t remember who killed her—leaving Evie to solve the mystery herself, or go to jail for a murder she didn’t commit.

My opinion:
          This book was more than good and it would have gotten probably an higher score if I had read the novella that comes just before this one…yes Lexi George did write a novella but she put some allusions to it in this book and thus if you haven’t read it you have questions, and some details are annoying because you see you are missing something… I like novellas in a universe I love but I prefer when they are not a necessarily read, when if you don’t know they exist you don’t feel like you are missing something reading the main books, when they just bonus in a sense…. And this is not the case here.

Now like I said this book was good really and it made me laugh, just I couldn’t dive completely dive into it… You find the same elements that made book one a fabulous read: action, romance, sexy possessive warrior, women who know, humor and funny animals you can only want more of.  From book 1 we see Dooley, unfortunately not as much as I would have loved, fluffy is cited but we don’t see the fairy cat…no this time we get a demon possessed Chihuahua named Frodo, really I don’t want to meet him, which by the way is attracted by the mayor’s opossum….strange combination but love knows no boundaries I guess^^;;

I was really happy to see Evie, or Evangeline to sexy Viking looking warrior, this book take place months after “ Demon hunting in Dixie, and we can observe the result of the events that happened then… thankfully  her best friend Addy and her own Dalvahni kept looking over her because she really needed it. Evie is a gentle soul, too gentle in fact and also quite naïve… persecuted for her physical differences, she is not a skeleton, she has curves since little she believe to be fat and horrible… for her no man can be attracted to her….even if Trey the richer man of the city, after his father, and her boss keep making advances on her.
She is feeling something is missing in her life and something more than the fact she can’t see fairies anymore, though they still make her understand they are there.
I can understand Evie really well, when you hear something all your life it’s hard to think differently and I admire the fact she managed to stay so kind despite all her suffering…. She is a character I would like to have as a friend.

Ansgar left but he returned… staying invisible and trying to make sure Evie was okay without some else noticing his behaviour… he is quite lost and what is happening to him. For millennia he was a warrior with a simple life: hunt and kill..; nothing else but coming to Hannah he met Evie and his life changed drastically.. he can’t think of someone else, he want to touch her, to hear her and at the same time he is feeling so guilty about what happened that he think he doesn’t deserve her….he was so arrogant when that happened to Brand that it’s really funny to see things inversed, brand staying way too kind and polite with his” brother”.
However when she is danger Ansgar act without thinking and come back in her life determined to protect her and perhaps have a new relation with her despite the loss of her memories and for that he treads carefully.

 The investigation is interesting and the culprit is well thought…I loved to see the new sheriff… a kind of shifter, and Meredith is really an annoying ghost… I pity those who can see her… but it was also humorous to see some of her reactions.

 Now what was really interesting in this book was that we learn more about the demonoïd, the children of djerali, .. so far we knew djerali or the demons Dalvahni are fighting and we learned in book 1 that some of them  managed to have children while possessing humans, Hannah being the place were  a huge number of them  regroup. But since it’s the first time it’s heard of, Dalvahni don’t know what to make of them classifying them as “evil” simply because of their ancestor….  We also discover Connall chief of the Dalvahni In this book, Lexi George shows us a more complex situation, with secret revealed, new enemies but also some new allies… and a new range of possibilities and danger to come.. so it promising for the rest of the series even if it also means that the end was an open one, not a cliffhanger.

 So I would recommend this book if you love paranormal romance with a lot of humour in it but if you want to enjoy it to the fullest you should read the series in order and that include the novella ( in so I married a demon slayer) before starting on this one.

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. I've been interested in this series but haven't read it yet. Your review makes me want to read it!

    1. you wouldn't regret it believe me but like i said read it in order and that include the novella .

      i will try to read and review book 3 soon because i love it ^^ Lexi George has a lot of humour and she is a really accessible author

  2. Ok I will get them now! LOL As I told you before I have seriously been looking at them for awhile now so I'll grab the first. :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed Lexi's books, Miki--she's a terrific person as well as author!

  4. ah il faut vraiment que je m'achete le premier pour tenter, j'en ai entendu beaucoup de bien.

    1. c'est vraiment amusant et puis les règles de savoir vivre du Sud sont hilarants^^

  5. Oh I have these! They really do sound like fun. I always feel a bit perturbed with myself when I accidentally miss a book. Will make sure I grab up the novella before diving into these. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. My pleasure, now you could understand the book without the novella but it's better if you get the anthology with the novella because some characther will appear there ( i hate too when suddenly someone is there and you don't know who he is)some novella can be missed ( fortunately because a lot are only in digital and not accessible to international) but this one is really part of the series

  6. Interesting -- glad you enjoyed it. I don't like when it's necessary to read a novella in order to understand a book - I think a book should make sense on its own - but this sounds pretty fun!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. thank you for commenting, yes i prefer when novellas are bonus too now you could understand the book without but not to his fullest , the book are really part of the series not an compilation of stand alone

  7. They sound like they would be great for fall. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Great for any season ^^ but a flying cat and speaking dog have a little lore savaor this month^^ definitively
      thanks you for coming