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Redemption ( The Penton Legacy 1) by Susannah Sandlin - english version

Hello to all,

                   It's with a great pleasure that i introduce you today to Redemption, first book of the series Penton Legacy by Susannah Sandlin. This very friendly author accepted to send me a copy so i could review this and i can't tell you how happy i'm. I absolutely adored it and i'm so happy to share it with you.

I wanted at first to do a review in French and English but i loved this book so much that i wrote a long post already without the second langague so in the end you get it but in two post instead of one so if you wish to check the french version of this review Click Here.

Now, if you loves this review go to check the author's website, there is a blog tour going on and you could win a copy as well as learning a lot about the series.

Now without waiting here come Redemption by Susannah Sandlin.

Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication: 2012
ISBN: 1612183549
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: strong

Langage: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: book received in exchange for an honest review

Short description from goodread :

 For vampire Aidan Murphy, life has never been so desperate. The vaccine used to treat a global pandemic has rendered human blood deadly to his kind, leaving them on the brink of starvation and civil war. In tiny Penton, Alabama, Aidan establishes a peaceful community of vampires and unvaccinated human donors. He dares to hope they can survive ? until his estranged brother descends upon Penton and begins killing the humans. Determined to save his town, Aidan kidnaps an unsuspecting human doctor?and finds himself falling in love for the first time in nearly four centuries.

Dr. Krystal Harris thought she was coming to Penton for a job interview, but Aidan Murphy has other plans. Infuriated by his high-handed scheme to imprison her in the small town, Krys can?t ignore the attraction between them. But is it love? Or does her dangerous, charismatic captor want only to bend her to his will?

My opinion:

          After reading some excerpts since I follow the author, I had to read this book and I’m not disappointed at all. Susannah Sandlin exceeded my expectations I mean apart from the story the book in itself  is a real treasure, paper of high quality and all a real splendour that will be cherished. For the books’ Lovers, that’s something that deserves recognition.

Now about the story, I really enjoyed the originality of the concept. In the paranormal romance genre actually there  some similar big lines that a lot of authors follow and it’s not bad at all but the originality of one or another are a great bonus. Susannah Sandlin do gave us a new universe, in this one human beings are not rare and vampires are quite normal  yes they are stronger than us, heal faster, have mental abilities but  no special powers from being vampires. The ones who have some magical, mystical powers had them as human as well like with the “young” Hannah.  If you were a normal, common human you will be a common vampire as well.
These vampires are in fact an endangered species and I found that idea really interesting to start with.  Like often they have to keep their existence a secret, it hasn’t been a difficulty for them until now because of a  big pandemic  a lot of humans died and to survived they created a vaccine that unknown to them is deadly to vampires and make their blood poisonous. A great protection against vampires? Yes, but also a higher risk for the few who aren’t vaccinated , the starving vampires are more dangerous than never and a black market at all start to appears when they are fighting over a small quantity of people.

For me, it was really important since that explains better the personality and actions of the characters. Aidan was a farmer and in a way still is. He knows he has to take care of the humans because he needs them to survive and a human needs to be respected  not  breed like animals thus he creates a sort of family where everyone need the others. The humans need the protection and help, the vampires their blood and for some their presence. All are linked together. Aidan is really protective and also strict, he checks each person, vampire or human, who wishes to join the community and he does it himself.  Kidnapping Krys is something that goes against what he believes and in the same time it’s the only way to protect the group; for Aidan that’s really difficult but he is ready to face her wrath, to loose his reputation if that’s’ helps the majority. Disturbing? Sure, but how often are we confronted to such a choice and it’s not easy, at least he wants to do right.

For Krystal , her kidnapping is in fact quite positive.  For a long time, she is fleeing the memory of her father who abused her and wants her back. She has fought for her life and her dream of becoming doctor and in the same time she never took the time to heal herself. She has panic attack, nightmares and her abduction helps her to put things in perspective and to discover what she really wishes to be and to have. I loved how she could be practical when she give Aidan advices and still be so vulnerable.

The romance is moving, the way they both have to accept the past and closes those relationships that forbid them to advance and how they are learning about themselves in the eyes of their soulmates, so romantic.  I would just have loved if she didn’t had to make the choice or at least not so soon.

The intrigue is well constructed too, we are learning that the tribunal isn’t as neutral as it says and Aidan’s idea is making a lot of envious. He wanted to be independent before but now he really now he must be very careful when choosing who can be trusted. His brother was just a pawn and the threat is bigger that they expected.

The others characters are fascinating too, Hannah, the child vampire with magical powers, I felt sad for Lucy and her choices and I absolutely loved Mirren.  He is an old vampire and before his life in Penton he was the executioner for the Tribunal. However, he isn’t a killing machine without mind, and he started to be hurt but the kills he had to make when he wasn’t sure he could trust the tribunal. He even preferred to die than to be their tool. We don’t learn yet what made him doubt the tribunal but we know that’s when he wanted to die that he met Aidan. He is one of his trusted lieutenants but he doesn’t want to be more. He is strong and very intelligent but really afraid of the responsibilities. I’m really happy that the second book will be about him.

Really, it’s a great book and even if I wasn’t well I couldn’t put it down. I would recommend it to the lover of paranormal romance and to those who like to see our dear vampires struggle with their humanity^^
The second book Absolution should be out in October 2012 and I can’t wait for it!

If you want this book you can buy it on  amazon or on  Bookdepository

You can find more informations on the series and Susannah on her Blog

Source: a copy in exchange for a honest review, no other compensation was received.

Score:  5/5


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  1. AH, Lucy and her choices. Second time today someone mentioned Lucy. I kind of liked her! When we finished Redemption, Lucy was locked in an underground room, maybe we will see her again!
    Absolution, book two, is Mirren's story! Enjoyed your review, Thanks, Roger

    1. First thank you for reading and commenting on my review ^^.
      i hope we will see more of her but it's won't be easy for her with what happened and she cannot be part of the community anymore either so her future is quite dark at the moment ^^.