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Unwrap Me ( Storm Lords 4) by Nina Croft

Hello to all,

                 this month i want to do better even if i will soon be deep buried in Christmas gifts creation but first i deserve some reading time and i want to share with you the new Nina Croft releasing today and i still love this series a lot as each one can be read as stand alone but in order it's even better....

So today is book 4: Unwrap me and it's set at Christmas time so perfect book for this season.

Happy Reading!
Publisher: Nina Croft
Publication: 2018
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: steamy
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

 Only five days to Christmas.

The Reverend Imogen Lockley’s busiest time of year. She thinks she’s prepared for anything, but nothing can prepare her for Devlin Royce.

A long time ago, Devlin was an angel. Then he broke the laws of Heaven and stole the Elixir of Life to save the woman he loved. Caught, he was torn from her arms and cast into the Abyss. There, he became a Storm Lord, a creature of chaos and destruction.

Two thousand years ago, Imogen drank the Elixir of Life. Since then, her soul has been tied to the earth in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. And throughout each life she is haunted by memories of a love she cannot remember and a betrayal she can’t forgive.

Now, Devlin has been given one chance to get her back. Or lose her forever. And he has five days to do it. Can he somehow make her see beyond the dark being he has become, to the angel she once loved?

My opinion:
          Great paranormal story with a Christmas feeling to it as well. This is the 4th book in the series and it's done so it could be read as standalone but i definitively recommend to read the series in order as it help us to  more of what are in stake beside their love life.

Devlin like his " brothers" lost his wife 2000y ago in atrocious conditions, now he is looking for knowing that if she can't remember their love she will be lost forever....Devlin is protective and used to act first, think after....he never knew what happed in Zaria in her first life since he was thrown in the abyss by Gabriel after having been striped of his wings. By the way Gabriel is still a jerk.....for an archangel is sure isn't very helpful and i wonder if his actions 2000y ago were not led by pure jealousy.....because he sure wasn't forgiving and very judgemental.

Devlin is focused on protection Zaria, even thinking about preventing her to remember but when she suddenly appears remembering it all and being a vicar he isn't sure how to react while his feelings haven't changed at all.

Imogen is terrified of heights and has nightmarre of dying so after reading an ad she decide to try it but not where it was said in the ad because she is a vicar and fear the consequences it could have his people knows she could accept idea of past life. Result: she remember everything...all her precedent lives and of course the first one when she was Zaria a prostitute who fell in love with an angel...and of course its tragic ending for a sin that wasn't hers.
Imogen is furious against Devlin but still in love with him however the betrayal feels too fresh for her to trust him.

She knows he has changed and she wants time to think about it since it's all new and she is busy at Christmas time of the year....;however time is the issue and it take an invasion of demons to make her realize that faith is all what she need.

There is action ( no stopping), romance, some banter and we get to see characters from precedents books as well as insights of what is about to happen so this is really a excellent story read in one sitting that i would recommend with pleasure.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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