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Nowhere to Run by Jeanne Bannon

Hello to all,

                        I'm in the middle of administrative stuff but i had to share with you my opinion on my latest read so i'm taking a break to post this...i won't be long because i don't want to reveal too much of the intrigue though.

Happy Reading
Publisher: Blueberry Hill Press
Publication: 2017
ASIN:  B0764J8YP5
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Description from goodreads :

 What's a girl to do when she falls in love with the man whose mission it is to bring her down?

With the murder of her only sister, Sara, just a few months past, Lily Valier—a woman of beauty and substance—tops the sheriff's list of suspects in small town Maine, and for a very good reason. Dear old Dad had willed his fortune to Sara and only Sara, leaving Lily to fend for herself. However, with no murder weapon or witnesses, the evidence against Lily is only circumstantial.

Enter P.I. Aiden O'Rourke, black-haired and blue-eyed, charged with gaining Lily's trust and learning her secrets, all to finally get the goods on her. Things move fast and feelings run deep, yet when Lily discovers the truth about Aiden, everything begins to come apart.

Aiden's torn. Despite his feelings for her, Lily is the most logical suspect, with a great big fat motive. Except something's not quite right. Aiden trusts his instincts and they're screaming at him to have a look at a former suspect with far more to hide than first appeared. With little left to lose, Lily decides to stand her ground, and staying put has its consequences when the murder weapon finally turns up—and it’s Lily's gun.

What happens to love, when trust is betrayed?

My opinion:
          Easily read, this book was quite pleasing... i loved the idea of the plot ( sister suspected of a murder) and the investigation is quite well fact the only thing that bothered me was how fast the heroine falls for the hero Aiden.  Lily is courageous, she is loyal and stronger than she looks both mentally and physically more importantly she has a big heart as we can see in how she care for older peoples....however she is also a bit secret after have been hurt she is reserved even more after the sheriff i can understand how she would fall for Aiden ( especially after the heroic rescue) BUT... in my opinion she goes to his bed too fast ..she doesn't fully trust him and yet she sleeps with him...somehow that fell too wrong

However, when you go past that point the author does use some elements to make the characters speak to each others and in the process learning to really discover the other one and  build trust...

What really moved me was the ending... really this couldn't have been a more perfect one for this story  and i couldn't resist shedding tears as it was quite moving really so i would be very happy to read more story from this author if only for that part .

If you want a good romance suspense with some mystical element and moving ending.. this is a book not to miss.

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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