samedi 28 février 2015

Treasures and Finds+ February Recap

 Hello to all!

          already the last of February... time is really flowing and i did not get to enjoy it a lot since teh flu is really stron,g this year and beating me without problems^^. Fortunately i did manage to read anyway.
March is my birthday month so i do hope i will be able to enjoy it more and i know some friends are planning to make it great for me ( Thanks in advance!!) so for once i do look forwards it even if it's the middle of the Carnaval in my city ( at leats the music keeping em awake should offer me more reading time as well)

Hoewever since we are still in February for a few hours let see how the month went.

First two new to me authors :
then  a series  i'm already fond of:

All thing considered the month was not bad i did not read as much as i hoped but with all i had to face i'm satisfied

goodreads : 8/50
The official 2015 TBR pile Challenge : 5/12
2015 TBR reading Pile Challenge: 7/10
New to you Reading Challenge 2015: 5/6

It's so good i will perhaps move up the level during the year but first i'll try to reach those goals.




From Karina at Nocturnal book Reviews   and the author DB Reynolds( Thank you so, so much!!)
 a series i really wanted to start for a long time so finally i can!!


Thanks Brenda!!! a lovely surprise that i was waiting for so long !! 
( now  i just need to get the rest of the trilogy ^^ because yes that series is already completely released! First step accomplished)

none, i was stuck inside after all.

So on bookish side it has been a good month ( it is as long as i get a book^^) especially since it was title that i have been drooling over for years, and March will be fabulous so let's be happy.

On the crafting side, since i was not at top shape crafting was really low on my list but i did made a scarf and sent it ( now the postal service must deliver it safely and it's another matter)

 I did also receive some staionary as early birthday present ( thanks Roger!!!) and won some more with stickers from Lavender so i plan to send a lot of letter in 2015^^ better be ready ;)

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  1. Happy almost birthday! Boo on having the flu. SO many people I know got hit with it this year :/

    1. i know and it's a long and strong flu but perhaps it means the rest of the year will be free of virus^^


  2. Bleeding Hearts was not my cup of tea. Hope you like your books.

    1. i hope i won't be disappointed since i've been waiting for them for so long^^
      thanks for coming though