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How to Date a Dragon ( Flirting with Fangs trilogy 2) by Ashlyn Chase


              I'm so late posting this week, i'm sorry but i'm starting to get stressed over the idea of not being ready for christmas. I love making handmade gift , really, it's a pleasure to create something with a special person in mind and put all our heart in it but it's something that takes time. Since a lot of those i want to send something are oversea i must be ready early, very early december ....so2week to finish all my ideas....

As you can imagine that affect my reading time... either i  take a break from reading or i read short novella or i read bits from time to time between hiours of crafting.... honestly i'm not sure yet what solution would be the best because i do want to read but i also want top finish what i started!

Lucky you i did manage to read a little so far and i must sayi had the perfect book for the time of the year and lack of reading time so i'm happy to introduce you to "How to Date a Dragon"

happy reading ( and remember you can enter a contest to won handmade jewellery here^^ )
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication: 2013
ISBN:  1402275722
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodreads :

 Let the Sparks Fly

Bliss Russo thought nothing exciting ever happened in her life. Until her building caught on fire, and she had to be carried out of the flames in the arms of a gorgeous fireman. Sure, her apartment is now in shambles, and she'll have to start her huge work project completely from scratch. But at least her love life is finally looking up…if only she can find her red-hot rescuer again.

Dragon shapeshifter Drake Cameron is the last of his clan, and the loneliness is starting to claw at him. He's met only one woman who might be able to stand the shock of his true nature. After all, she barely batted an eyelash when her home burned down. And feeling her curves against him was just as hot as the inferno. Just when he thinks he'll never track her down, she walks into his firehouse—with no idea what she's about to get herself into…

My opinion:
          Book 1 “ Flirting under the new moon” was a pleasant read so when I learned that book 2 will focus on dragon I had to try it. I’m happy I did,  it was not an exceptional book but it was the perfect one at the time.
There are some books I get so immersed in it I can’t stop until I finish reading them to the last page… other I don’t like and thus it takes me forever to finish them because I don’t want to give up but I’m not interested. “ How to Date a Dragon” was quite in between…. It was interesting enough that you want to finish it and you do enjoy reading but the plot and writing did not pull me into the story so that I could not take breaks I needed too…. But the author managed so well that even if you stop for a few hours or several days you can start from where you stopped without feeling like you missed something. It was a little like a tv show you need to wait the next episodes but without cliffhanger, stress etc…

I did enjoy this book more than the first one as well, it was a agreeable easy reads perfect for when you are busy or unwell but still want to change your mind with a good book. I appreciated to see a new god” Vulcain” and to see him interact with the characters for once. Honestly I stuill don’t like Gaia… I don’t know I envision her as maternal, kind and protective not like this vindictive b****( Yes  nature can be hard but deep down it’s fair)…the way she acted with dragons  disappointed me to say the least.
Because yes if you imagined you were going to read about dragon, flying in all their glory^^ forget it

Drake is a character I love, responsible, loyal and honest all while being very alpha and protective. He is also quite adaptable and can keep his calm when needed (useful for a firefighter). I loved how he was thinking of Bliss and trying to make her happy while still respecting her independence.
Bliss… I did not like her so much… she is snarky, intelligent but she can think of herself too much and put other in danger while doing so….for example  her choice did not agree with me ( she forgot her decision would affect Drake as well). She is quite determined though ( a good point)

 The romance is well told and I loved to have some feedback about the character we met in book 1. The rhythm of the book is regular and the plot interesting while still predictable so you don’t get headache but can enjoy the ride at the pace you want.

It’s not my favourite series at all but I would be happy to read book 3 in the future when I need a light read again.

Score:  3/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. I've checked out two novels by Chase, and I just don't get her sense of humour, so I've crossed her off my authors-to-read list. You know what they say, there's a reader for every book, and unfortunately she's just not for me.

    1. i understand perfectly.... i would not buy her next book either but if i find it extra cheap or win it and need a read i can leave for a time it fit ^^
      it's on the occasional list for me never the To read one^^ ( that list is for book i get so immersed in it i don't want to take a break^^)

  2. ça peut etre sympa sans être extraordinaire. Je ne connaissais pas la série mais je tomberais dessus peut etre un jour. On verra.