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Fabulous giveaway extended: enter the GGMMMU ( INT)

hello to all,

            Halloween is behind us but i have a fabulous news, because of low entries ( meaning you have more chance to win) Brenda from Crazy four Books is extending her Halloween event. You can now enter until the 10 November for the main one ( so you can find the answer to the questions;))

If you love paranormal romance and urban fantasy reads this even if for you! You can win print books, ebooks, swag and even some paypal credit.
The main giveaway has some international prizes ( yes even print books) and some restricted to Us only but fear not as much as possible Brenda is doing her giveaways open to all.

So please enter the event and spread the word about it, you won't regret it.

 for the main event of the  the Ghoulishly Good Monster Mash Mix Up or GGMMMU
you can enter for it Here:  main prize: a book of choice as long as it's paranormal or urban fantasy ( thus include one of the monster from teh event;) ) and under the established limit of price. You can also win print book like Shift happens by JC Mckenzie or the Necromancer betrayal by mimi Sebastian. All those are open to international ( YES!!)
US participants can also win Print copy of Shadows by Paula Westin or by Kelly Oram
Other prizes can be added before the giveaway close.

But it's not all.. while the main giveaways can make you salvate there are several smaller ones each focusing on one kind of monsters.. those are really interesting as well ( and.. INT) depending on teh day the prize differ but once again there are prints book, ebooks , swag and even paypal credit. Until the 3rd november  a new one will be posted each day so Hurry and may you be lucky

here is the non exhaustive list of the giveaways so you can pick the monster you are teh most interesting in ( but  i would recommend you to enter all those interesting you^^) 

Day 1 is dedicated to the beings with special abilities ( not witch,wizard  but "unclassified") -hey it starts well as the hunter in the Guild hunter series from Nalini Singh are entering this category ^^;; ( i will try to post a review for each monsters too^^)-

Back to the giveaway; today prize are ebooks: Dark Nebula from  WJ May or Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram . Open internationally you can ente rhere before the 26 October

Day 2Werewolves with the sponsoring of the author Kim Grosso!

The prize for this werewolves day giveaway is a ebook ( under 2,99) of your choice as long as it's a "wolf" story or an ebook of " Tristan's lyceum Wolves" by Kim Grosso, or an audiobook of Logan's acadian wolves by Kim Grosso or a Dimitri coffe mug... that means 4 winners in total and yes it's open to international so don't hesitate to enter Here before the 7november. Good Luck

Day 3: Djinns, Gargoyles and Dragons

3 differents creatures sharing today events, strange not so much in my opinion as i read a book where the 3 were included very recently^^;; so i can really see them having kind of friends meeting

For the lucky winner of day 3 prize: The choice of a ebook or print copy of Burn Baby Burn by Shannon Donnelly. Open to International!. Enter Here

Day 4: Vampires
Vampires day Prize is a gothic necklace offered by the author Elle Rossi. You can enter until the 3rd November and yes it's open to international. To participate enter Here

Day 5: Magic Users ( Witch, shamans, druids etc)
Win a ebook ( under 3dollars) of your choice. 2 winners, Int Open until: 5nov     enter Here

Day 6:  Shifters
 Interested by a 5dollars gift card from amazon?  Enter today giveaway at  Brenda's blog " Crazy Four Books" before the 10th november   Here  , it's open to international
Prize sponsorised by J C Mckenzie who has also a interview  there for you to enjoy, go have a look.

Day 7: Elementals
Today you get the opportunity to enter 2 different giveaways ( aside from the main one) you can enter to win  " Liquid Lies" ebook from Hanna Martine Here before the 4th november

AND for Time travelers lovers you can win a ebook of  Enemy of mine from author Red L Jameson, it's international and you can enter until the 4th november. Don't hesitate the entries are low so hurry and participate Here

Day 8 Gods, goddesses and such

If you love mythology or any origin this is teh perfect day to visit Brenda's blog and see the suggested titles hindu, Norse, Irish/celtic, egyptian etc there is a little for everyone in the paranormal stories featuring Gods, goddesses and similars

And since Brenda and the authors are generous you have two prizes for today!
You can win either a copy of Prophecy by Julie Ann Lindsey or Enemy of Mine by Red L Jameson ( yes second opportunity to do so^^). International you can enter before 5 th november here

Day 9 Of Air and Sea

I did not think the event could get even better but it is!!! You love Mermaid? Sirens are tempting you or perhaps you prefer harpy? If your wish is a creature/ monster from the air or the sea today is one not to be missed on Brenda.

Aside from fabulous interviews ( really funny one) you have the opportunity to grab one of the several prizes available : for fan of JC McKenzie you can win a print copy  ( i WANT!!) but also a digital one from " The Shucker's Booktique" if you prefer alien you can win Cato in digital book from Celeste Prater ( steamy reads but so good written ( see my review of book 1 )
You don't have to hesitate enter Here before 6th november, international entries accepted

Day 10 Ghosts,Ghouls, golems, Zombies and necromancers

Today is special because you have two prize to get but it will require some imagination on your part for the firstone.
Chrissy Peebles, advocat of the zombies in this event, is offering you the opportunity to win 10dollars paypal  to win you have to finish the big fight scene she started in her interview. To see the rules and participate enter here ( the sooner the better^^)

Jessica Aspen has taken the side of the ghosts and she is offering an ecopy of  "Ghosts of Christmas", you can enter until the 7th November! you only have to comment and enter here

Day 11 Witches and an empath

Today you can win the full set ( in ecopies) of the Beloved Vampire series from Mary Moriarty. You can enter Here until the 8th November. International ( and for our US friends, you can also grab a copy ( print?) in the main giveaway )

Day 12: Angels & Demons

If you love angels stories  or prefers demons ones,  today is your day in the GGMMMU event.

If you enter today's giveaway you can win a ecopy of Ascension by AS Fenichel ( INT)  or some swag from Angelique Armae if you live in the USA or Canada.
You can enter Here until the 10th November

Day 13 Day of the Deads and All Souls day

For today celebration you can win a ecopy of Dream weaver by Su Williams from the same author you can also win ecopy of Rock star and one of Breaking Normal. In the pot you can also find a ecopy of Keeper's Curse by Diana Harrison for oen lucky winner. To be one of the 4 winners of this giveaway you can enter Here before the 10th november. INT

Day 14 : Trolls, gnomes, dwarves, elves and goblins and fairies

Faeries are not forgotten no matter which form they takes so in their honor today you can win a gift card of 5dollars on amazon or a faeries book of teh same or lesser value. You have until 11th November to enter Here

As you can see the smaller giveaways are supposed, for somes,  to close before the main one so hurry (because if not a lot of entry they could be cancelled so let help to make one of us very happy)
Take also a few minutes to thanks the authors for their generosity and participation

Enter as many as you can and may be fate be in your favor ^^

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about Crazy four Books' giveaway extension, the fact that entries are low, AND that they are open internationally. I participated in so many Halloween blog hops, that I missed some of the event specific contests.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.

    1. a pleasure ^^ it would be too sad to see them cancelled because of low entries when we know how much efforts it required

      this year i was not well so i nearly participated only in this one and perhaps a second one and in this one so many prizes are terribly tempting^^

      good luck!