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The Final Mission by Rachel Lee

Hello to all,

                        This month is the Romantic suspense month for the Challenge Romance and Me  so i'm starting to discover this subgenre (however i will try no to review only that this month).
Today i give you my review on The Final Mission by Rachel Lee.


Editor : Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Publication : 2011
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: mild

Langage: normal
sex: mild
Public: +16
How i got this book: bought

Short description from goodread :

Dom Mason wants his sons to remember their mother as a hero, a loving wife and mother, a nurse and a soldier. He wants to let the past go, let the wounds heal.

For the past two years, NCIS agent Courtney Tyson blamed herself for Mary Mason's death. She's determined to bring the killer to justice. But that means telling Dom the truth about how his wife died.

Neither of them expects--nor wants--the sudden attraction that flares between them, hot and fierce. But when a killer intent on protecting his secrets comes for Courtney, they will discover that it's not the past that matters, but the future...together.

               Courtney, an NCIS agent, thinks that her friend and informant Mary has been murdered and not killed in an ambush by rebels in Iraq two year ago. She has tried to prove it and build a case but her hierarchy doesn’t follow her. In a last attempt she goes to see Mary’s husband hoping she sent him something that could be useful.
There is find a man that seems to have made peace with the past and two young boys very happy to see her and to teach her the life in a ranch.
Dom is surprised when a woman come at night to speak to him about his dead wife even more when she said it was a murder. Angry at first he see that she is at least hurting as much as he was so he decided to help her without knowing that seeing a woman in his home again can wake to man behind the father.

However the danger is still there lingering because someone doesn’t want the truth to be revealed. After some mail resembling more to a threat than anything else, a shot is being heard. What is more important; the case of the family’s security. Courtney is feeling conflicted and just doesn’t want to believe someone knows where she is since she took precautions but stil…

My opinion:

           As my first romantic suspense, i didn’t know what to expect at all. I’m quite happy to have tried this new sub genre in fact. The romance is light,  the psychology of the characters is very well shown. These two are hurting even without knowing and they must learn to rely on each other to learn about themselves. It’s also great to feel the researches that were done on horses it make the story so more believable.

I also learned a bit about NCIS, for me it was a civil agency for the navy (fault to the serie NCIS) so I was surprised to see one member of it to have commando lessons and such. I guess I still have to learn more.
I think it’s also great the way Rachel Lee finish the book without saying the result of the case because the reader can imagine which one he prefer. I would have been very angry if he was declared not guilty and part of me wanted to see him judged but the romance is what is more important so she did great

Score:  4/5


This book enter in the Romance and Me Challenge

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