mercredi 29 février 2012

Challenges Wrap up


                 i thought i was time to do a small wrap up for the challenge i've entered so here it is.

For the 2012 TBR reading pile Challenge: i've read 16books so i move up my goal to level 2: a Friendly Hug (11 to 20 books) and if things go well i will perhaps move up again but one step at the time.

2012 Vampire reading Challenge from Tales from the Crypt: I was hoping to reach level 1 ( 1-5books) and i'm already starting level 3 with 11 books read

2012 Paranormal romance reading challenge from Tales from the Crypt: i've reached my goal of 1-5books for Level 1. I'm not sure if i will move up because of the exceptions, if it paranormal romance but with vampires it doesn't count so i will have to see if i still have some books for this challenge before taking any decision.

Romance and Me Reading Challenge Hosted by Stella from Ex-Libris: For the subgenre paranormal romance so far i've read 13 books and for the subgenre romantic suspense: 8books. I still have some for both categories but i give priority to the month's subgenre so it will have to wait a bit before more of these two.

2012 ebook Challenge: i've reached my goal of level 1: Floppy disk 5ebooks. I will perhaps move up to the next level but i'm not sure yet.

And lastly for the only french challenge i've entered Challenge romance paranormale: i've moved to level 3 with already 13 books read ( perhaps more if the ebooks count)

I'm quite happy so far but i prefer to stay prudent and move slowly.

all the best

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  1. Wow you've read a lot of books. Great job on your challenges!

    1. Thanks you, since i was sick and at home i wanted to take some advance ^^;;