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Her Un-Valentine by Justine Davis

Hello to all,

                          Happy Valentine's Day  to you.
Today  i give you my review on Her Un-Valentine by Justine Davis  ( quite appropriate isn'it?), enjoy!

Editor : Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Publication : 2011 in Deadly Valentine
ISBN:  0373277156
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: mild

Langage: normal
sex: none
Public: +16

Source: bought

Short description from goodread :

When she's kidnapped, Taylor Burke is shocked to see her new coworker, Angus Kincaid, holding the gun. She later kisses him just to aggravate his partner and is even more shocked that she likes it. Could she be falling for the bad guy, or does Kincaid have other surprises up his sleeve?


               Strong willed, Taylor Burke has always put her job first and the social and love life has suffered from it. Working nearly not stop as the executive assistant for Whitney Systems,  the company of her  late best friend’s father, she know she can be attractive  but it’s not her priority. When her boss hires a “ geek” Angus Kincaid she doesn’t  understand why since he doesn’t seem to be adequate at the post given to him. After her boss ask her to do some investigations secretly and to speak about it to no one it’s even her priority. Why does he want to know the list of everybody who left the company, and they relations? When she confronts him, he explains that Angus is his nephew and that he needs some time to adjust as for the investigations he can’t tell her.

So on the Valentine Day, worse holiday in the year in Taylor’s point of view, when she is kidnapped by Angus and and an ex-co-worker she is quite outraged. How can a nephew do that to his kind uncle…she doesn’t want to collaborate with her kidnappers. However Angus seems to act strange as a kidnapper and when she tries to make his partner jealous while kissing Angus and speaking of the card he gave her she didn’t imagine the sparks that come to live in her heart and body. Who can she trust?

My opinion:

          I loved it really, there is any sex only kissing and some touching but it’s perfect for the story. Taylor is a normal woman, stronger than what  she thought to be but also vulnerable. She sees Angus the geek and guess that he is not only that but she can’t explain her feeling. When she is kidnapped by him she sees that’s she was right and in the same time she still has the feeling that something is strange. Really good intuition. It’s not love at first sight but interest that grows in something else.

Angus isn’t the hero we could expect, he isn’t a cop and disguise himself but in the same time he wrote her an Un-Valentine card making her day better. He is there to suspect everyone but is it really suspicion that makes him look at her. Justine Davis did really well in such a few pages. The investigations is captivating, the characters help the readers to feel like they could be in the story.

To recommend to all who love sweet romance and want to spend a good time

Score:  4,5/5


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