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The February 14th Secret by Cindy Dees

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                            I hope you got a very happy V-Day and if you haven't found your soulmate yet don't worry and don't forget to love yourself too.... i remember a manga when there was this lovely scene... a boy tell the young girl that is in love with him that when you offer a gift to someone, you want him to love it so at first you love the gift and that's the reason you choose it. When you love someone, you give him the most imprtant gift yourself and your love so to make it important you must love yourself first. I was crying when reading this scene ( my translation isn't exact but i hope you got the meaning ^^)

Please enjoy this new review, i thought it was better to post it today so you can find a book for this saisonal day ^^

Happy Valentine's Day to all and a big thanks you for reading what i write.

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Editor : Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Publication : 2011 in Deadly valentine
ISBN:  0373277156
Genre: romantic suspense/military romance
Violence: strong

Langage: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+

Source: bought

Short description from goodread :

 Colt McQuade is a soldier with a secret, and Layla Freeman is the one person who can unravel it. But someone else wants the information, too, sending the couple on the run. They'll do everything they can to protect Colt's precious knowledge--and guard their hearts in the process.


               Layla Freman receives an invitation to her special valentine ritual under the form of a postcard, problem the one who has written it and share this each year with her, Peter, is dead. Curious and also hopeful she goes to the restaurant. There she meets a man, Colt, who affirms to have spent the last year in company of Peter until his death under the torture. He claims to need her help to unlock a memory Peter put in his head before dying.  Shocked to learn how Peter really died and has told this man all about her and her secrets, Layla wants to leave when she is attacked. Colt saves her. To avoid these men and find the answer to the enigma of what has done Peter, they go together on the run.

My opinion:

          This story has some good characters, Colt, the soldier who spent one year under the torture and Layla, a woman who has lost the only one she has ever loved. Bound together by this man Peter their common friend they start to discover each other…while trying to stay alive. We learn a lot about Peter even if he is dead before the start of this story and even with that he is my favourite character. The action is fast and the breaks are few and in a way that’s the problem… I don’t think a soldier who has suffered as much as him would let his guard down so quickly. Yes he could have started to love her from what Peter told him of her but with men armed with guns following him and trying to capture or kill him, he just take the time to make love in the woods…not realistic enough for me. He should be high on guard all the time and not act like this. The quest to find the secret is interesting and the plot explained however I don’t think the military are likely to let some of them in the hands of one enemy when they have some critical information…one year that’s very long.

So it’s a good read but it could have been better, the military aspect of the story is interesting even if it’s the one that make it less believable

Score:  3,5 /5


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