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Soul Resurrected ( Sons of Wrath 2) by Keri Lake + free book " The Fallen"

Hello to all!

 I've been waiting to share today post with you and believe me it was getting harder and harder to wait.  So  today i will share with you my opinion on " Soul Ressurected" by Keri Lake....and FREE EBOOK yes! Let me explain or trty to... in Soul Ressurected a new Character appears " Xander" one so interesting than the readers asked to know more about him.

Keri Lake kindly answered she was going to see what she could do, kind of a novella, as a gift to her fan and thus free since all gift should be free..... She went above our expectation! reallly forget novella think book and today is THE DAY: The Fallen is released and you get your free digital copy all info: here
The Fallen isn't part of the Sons of Wrath series but more a spin off so if it's your first try with this author and love dark horror  grab this new book and enjoy it.

 For those still hesitating here is want i thought of Soul Ressurected where Xander's made his first appearance and that make me want to discover The Fallen even with all the warning about how dark it is (because this time it will be^^)

 Happy Reading
Publisher: Keri Lake
Publication: 2013
ISBN:  0984851747
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal romance
Violence:  really strong

Language: strong
sex: really strong
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodreads :

 As Wrath’s fiercest son, Logan carries the scars of fifty years spent in the most dreaded prison of the underworld, for a sin he’d kill to keep secret. Enduring decades of gruesome torture has left Logan feared by and detached from others, until a female Alexi’s blood resurrects his soul from death and, with it, the pleasures he’s been denied for so long.

Plagued by shame of her own, Calla is drawn to the ruthless demon, Logan, whose insatiable craving for her touch rouses buried passions and, for once, leaves her feeling desired.

A dark and dangerous evil has been reawakened, however, and when Calla is drawn too close to its breeding grounds, Logan vows to summon the violence of Wrath in order to keep her safe. First, though, Calla must save him from a past riddled with deceit and corruption … but only if she can accept the chilling consequences of unearthing his vilest skeleton.

Sons of Wrath
Never gamble with vengeance …

Warning: This book contains explicit language, sex, and violence. Not suitable for readers under 18 years of age

My opinion:
          What a ride! I went through all kinds of emotions reading this book and I guess I’m not left unscathed  which is not something negative at all I do hope though readers will hear the warning because yes this book has a high level of violence, sex and it’s a lot, a LOT darker than book 1 so better be prepared for that . But rest assured  Keri Lake was kind enough to give us an happy ending…. A form of at least^^ so even if the journey to reach it is difficult it’s well worth it.
Logan had a difficult childhood…saying that doesn’t even cover half of it and I was a little perturbed because those memories and thus a large part of the “horror “part of the book started just at the beginning of the story. “Soul Resurrected” takes place just after “Soul Avenged” left you, with Logan on his bed recovering thanks to Calla’s blood….
i don’t know why I expected the book to gradually become darker in the series and the violence to come later in the book but I did so when the violence, nightmare, horror start right in the first chapters  and that it jumped several levels between this book and the first one I was a little taken aback. To be honest I even though fort a moment to stop there because it was really that hard but I’m glad I trusted Keri and kept reading because in a sense it lightened.  No, it doesn’t become all flowers and sweets far from it but gradually the humour showed and the attraction and romance appeared to put a little hope in all the darkness.

Logan and his brother are demons yes but I love how they have honor. They are not all violence for nothing it’s even the complete opposite and it’s probably for that reason others fears them ( now I won’t say i love all demons in this series far from it as you will understand when you read this ).  In this book we learn how deeply they loyalty and the love they have for each other run deeply. Gavin didn’t hesitate to suffer imprisonment and torture to lighten what Logan had to go through, we discover how Zayne has been suffering and at the same time forgiven his brother for what he had done ( though we will learn more about that part in the future I think). The thing they have between them is stronger that what most human family have which make us admire them a little more.

Logan is only discovering that part since he didn’t grow up with the others, he still feels a little outcast while they are behind him no matter what and they would be even ore if he trusted them enough to explain his past. Until now he is keeping it to himself, because he doesn’t trust himself first and foremost. I think he fears their judgement like he fears Calla’s rejection.
I really loved to see him open himself slowly.. he is as loyal as the others if no more so I really could feel his pain, his fear and his love ( some of his quotes just make your toes curl)… he is perfect for calla.

Calla’s past is special and Logan get to discover it before her even if he doesn’t understand it at first. She was especially targeted by Wade and we learn that sadly he wasn’t the big villain and there are people above him. She has suffered a lot too and she has some difficulty to adjust in the mansion. For a long part of the book she keep believing what she was taught (demons are crazy, they jump on any woman etc) even if she saw it wasn’t the case. For that reason she doesn’t trust Logan and the rest of them and she plan to have her revenge alone….sometime I really wanted to tell her how stupid she was but I guess she had to learn. She did speak a little with Ayden but not as much as I would have loved, Ayden is more than secondary in this book, I would have though she would take her fellow alexi under her wing but no it’s Anna who become Calla’s support ( a really good one)

If you remember from my review of book 1, I really loved Gavin… I still do even if he did something that disappointed me….i fear thought that he will have to suffer hell before having is own happiness so I’m glad next book is his, I couldn’t wait longer. As the elder he bears all the responsibilities and he does feel alone. We learn more about Ferno and his past with Zayne (while my heart goes for him I can’t agree with his attitude and the drug addiction) Mad Dog appears too but we still know nothing about him…. In a sense Calix seems to be the more balanced of the brother (with Gavin before). It’s getting hard to have only one favourite^^ but I still hope Gavin will get his soulmate. Oh and Zeke, poor Zeke, I need more of him ( and well).

While this book focus on Logan and calla’s relationship we learn at the same time a lot about the demons’s culture and world since for the first time we see a little of it. I really enjoyed that part. We also  get to see the scheme between the alexi existence and it’s go a lot deeper and larger that what one could have imagined at first. The enemies are getting more and more numerous and the risks I can’t even imagine all of them. On the positive side, we learn that not all lycans are mindless far from it and some protect others a bit like Gavin is doing. Marrick is an alpha who sounds like he is really responsible and knows what he is doing. He would love an alliance with the brothers but after years of being enemies with lycans, trust is slow to come ( even though he should fear more from other demons-_-;;) I hope we will see more of them because that’s the kind of werewolves I prefer not the simply mindless savage beast.

 So while the beginning of the book can be harder to get through this story is really worth it, if you liked “ Soul Avenged” you definitively want to read this one if you love horror and are not overly sensitive. It(‘s really a series I come to enjoy more and more, an excellent urban fantasy universe with romance to make you swoon.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


Free Ebook

And like i said at first if you want to discover Xander go hurry and grab the free book " The Fallen", Keri Lake wrote just for us book info and links here , amazon,  if you are international you can request you free copy by email ( need to do it just now!!) or if you are on facebook.... you could be even more lucky like precised in the info if you do on the release page on facebook today! there are print copy to win ( print copy you won't find anywhere else!) Good Luck!

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Treasures and Finds (2): March or Birthday edition

Hello to all and welcome to this second edition of Treasures and Finds which coincides whith my birthday month.

To be honest, i don't think i ever had such a big monthly haul so i'm really happy of course but i'm even more grateful to each person who helped to make my birthfday really special for once. I never had a real birthday before ( with more than parents and brother), the "friends" living near me forgot again but my bloggers friends didn't and did more than i could have hoped so really thank you to each of you . Really each little word or comment meant a lot to me THANK YOU! It has been the best birthday i could have dreamed of.

So let see what are the results ( if i forget something sorry in advance):

For St Valentine at Cafebiblioart i won the Kat Bastion 's prize and it's one i tried to get during a long time so receiving it was simply perfect. ( Thanks again Sinziana)

In February i also won the birthday giveaway of Nikki at Life's Simple Pleasures and i picked

Then i won at brenda's Blog "Crazy Four Books" and i had to pick one the featured book that month and i couldn't resist some shifters

 For my birthday i wasn't only gifted books so i did get a great pillow i already showed you last month^^ (by the way i love or anyone in europe since it doesn't require more taxes), i got candies ( love candies) some stationary ( if you know me well you know i'm fan of writing real letter and thus  fan of letter paper), some jewellery  ( yes that will  make me start taking care of me^^;;) and of course i got cards, some handmade gifts and the virtual letters/messages ( yes those counts also a lot to me so don't worry even if you just dropped me a line or two you made the day fabulous no gift necessary ( though  i was estatic to receive some *___*)

Thank you for every item, every words really. however to keep this message at a "normal size" ^^ i will only put the books here

Nikki granted me some book from my wishlist for my birthday and she picked one book already released from a series she is really fan of and one that I  was more than impatient about that released a little later.

Christine also chose to offer me a book that had a lot of importance for her even if it wasn't on my list so it will be complete discovery for me

Sullivan from Pearls Cast in front of a MCPig sent me books one to complete a series, one to start a new one.

Melissa picked me and a few others to discover the Hard Ink series by Laura Kaye . Thank you a lot!

I also got some books from Sullivan and from Birgit at The Book Garden when they cleaned their shelves ( yes for one being european was an advantages ;) ) however since these were not exclusively birthday related and since the post is already quite long  i won't say more  at the moment except THANK YOU!!!!

 March has been quite exceptionnal for me so really  thanks to everyone who helped to make it that fantastic if i haven't cited you don't think i think less or appreciated your gesture less than another. Each word/ message was a wonderful gift in itself so thank you, thank you!

So as a result while i participated in the 2014 March Take control of your TBR pile and if i did read more than usual for once i added more books to it than i read which is a feast in itself. ^^


Have you read one of these already?

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Storm Front (The Dresden Files 1) by Jim Butcher

Hello to all,

            Sorry to have been silent all week but it was Carnaval here and thus i'm suffering from a severe sleep deprivation ( no i didn't party, not at all i just had music blasting several streets away during several days long....) i hoped to spend that time reading but apart the few hours when i still could manage after i simply couldn't the incessant pounding vibration really put my blood pressure in havoc.

So end of the week was spent trying to recuperate without success and i'm behind answering emails, comment and writing blog posts, sorry i will try  to get back on track as soon as i can. My health will come first though so if you are waiting for an answer  just a little patience please.

At least i do have something to share with you. As you know i'm attempting to read from my TBR pile the books that have been recommended to me....Last month was Nalini Singh and her Guild hunter series, this time it's a classic for some of you and a completle novelty for me...The dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I lost count of many time it was recommended and by so many people... i was really interested but it took me time to obtain the books as often so finally this is the time for book one.

Happy reading.
Publisher: Penguin ROC
Publication: 2000
ISBN:  045145781
Genre: urban fantasy, wizard,vampires
Violence: strong

Language: mild
sex: mild ( allusion)
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 Harry Dresden -- Wizard

Lost items found. Paranormal Investigations.
Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or
Other Entertainment.

Harry Dresden is the best at what he does. Well, technically, he’s the only at what he does. So when the Chicago P.D. has a case that transcends mortal creativity or capability, they come to him for answers. For the “everyday” world is actually full of strange and magical things — and most of them don’t play well with humans. That’s where Harry comes in. Takes a wizard to catch a — well, whatever.

There’s just one problem. Business, to put it mildly, stinks. So when the police bring him in to consult on a grisly double murder committed with black magic, Harry’s seeing dollar signs. But where there’s black magic, there’s a black mage behind it. And now that mage knows Harry’s name. And that’s when things start to get… interesting.

Magic. It can get a guy killed.

My opinion:
          Nothing exceptional but the story is still really enjoyable. I spent a good time reading this first book and Dresden is a character really promising, sarcastic^^ but honest and loyal. There is a lot of humour and the universe while complex is accessible.
The author, Jim Butcher, manage to make the reader feel at home in this world where magic is there but not wholly accepted either.

He built his characters with enough subtleties that you know there is more to discover and learn but you don’t feel like you are missing something either. Murphy for example seems to be a really determined and strongly independent woman but her relation with Dresden is strange. They like to keep bickering with each other… but she ignore a lot about him and thus I don’t think she completely trust him. He is more a colleague, acquaintance than a friend for her….for him it’s different, he cares a lot about her but seems afraid to tell her. It makes me wonder how they came to meet for the first time and why Murphy is more accepting of Magic than the others.. what did she live to come to that?

The investigation is well constructed too the plot thickens before coming to a complete conclusion. We see a large gallery of characters who tends to be more enemies and suspect than allies. Mister, the cat, as well as Bob the skull made me laugh and smile so I do hope there will be more of them. I mean Dresden doesn’t seem to be a really knowledgeable wizard…at least not by memory so without Bob, not sure what he could do. He is has power and knowledge yes but enough? Not sure.

It ‘s a series I will continue, not a favourite one yes but it could become one I follow with pleasure anyway.  So if you love Magic, Wizard, action, investigation and a touch of dark humour this is a series that could interest you.


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The Sunday Post: a little montly recap

 Hello again,

 You really are lucky today with so many posts but don't worry it should be the last one today.

 Yes i know... March has 31 days so i'm a little in advance to make a wrap up....but i need to stay busy right now so i decided to join the "The Sunday Post" meme hosted by Kimba ( Caffeinated Book Reviewer). This meme's objective is to share what happened on the blog in the past weeks ( and if we want  for the upcoming ones too). Don't hesitate to join us either

 I think it could be a great add up to my Treasures and Finds posts so let's begin.

Kimba really helped to motivate me this month, yes it was my birthday and i had decided to read for pleasure but still... i had some moment down and her TBR Take Controle Challenge as well as her comments made me read faster and with more enthousiasm.

 So I did exceed my goals and read more but not all reviews are written yet ç_ç. Perhaps you will get another one tomorrow and perhaps i will finish another book today so this is a list of what is online at the moment.

Reviews posted in March

In English

en Français

Books Read
Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter
The goblin King by Shona Husk
Storm Warrior by Dani Harper
Bloodstone by Nancy holzner
Dirty Magic
Angel's blood by Nalini Singh

PsiChangeling 4 par Nalini Singh
Clan des nocturnes 2: Gideon par Jacquelyn Frank
Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones
nouvelle/novellas:( Those didn't qualify for the Take Control Challenge)
Levet ( Les Gardiens de l'Eternité  9.5)par Alexandra Ivy
The Summons ( Shadowlands 0.5) by Shona Husk

Challenges update
As for the 30th March 2014:

2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge: i have read 14/10 books
2014 Furs and Fangs reading Challenge: 13 books read
2014 Witches & Witchcrafts reading Challenge: 6 books read
2014 goodreads challenge:20/50

Social/ General:

I've started my own book haul kind of post, the "Treasures and Finds".  First one for February haul
Also there were some great giveaways this week i wanted to share some for English book, one for a french edition all info here

What will happen in the week ( month to come) i will try to keep posting at least one review per week and a minimum of one review in french per month.

I should post the Treasures and Finds for March tomorrow or tuesday ( the best month ever *_* for once i got a real birthday Thanks to the book lovers community!!)

I will need to concentrate on some reviews i was asked for but i think i will continue to take pleasure reading because blogging is great but as long as we keep enjoying reading^^.

 Oh, and i want to continue discover what was recommened to me and are waiting in my TBR pile and participate in this meme.

 Thank you to every one who helped to make this month an excellent one for me!

Giveaways ( Int & FR/BE)


This is sunday, the sun is there as are the flowers ( still blossoming yes *pure pleasure*) and even if i'm sleep deprived i'm happy! No excuse then for not sharing with you a great giveaway. ( oki 2 but only one in English;) )

Sullivan McPig  from Pearls Cast in front of a MCPig is hosting a giveaway for one of his favourite author Linda Poitevin . If you follow me you knows that  i was really interested in that series and i started it thanks to Sullivan who granted me a RAK two years ago.

 Now he is offering the opportunity to one lucky winner to discover the Gregory Legacy  series or to follow it up because you can win either book 1 " Sins of the Angels" or book 2 "Sins of the Son", winner's Choice so hurry and enter Here before 6th April ( one week is quickly spent so go!)

Coucou tout le monde!
C'est  par ce magnifique dimanche que je souhaite partager avec vous quelques concours prenant place actuellement. Le premier (plus haut) est en anglais mais international donc si vous lisez en anglais n'hésitez pas à participer. Cependant, j'ai appris que tous mes lecteurs francophones ne sont pas bilingues alors quand je peux partager avec vous également j'en suis ravie.

Melliane nous offre sur son blog " Between Dreams and reality" la possibilité de découvrir Anne Bishop et sa serie Meg Corbyn via le premier tome " Lettres Ecarlates" , c'est une des séries qui m' a été fortement recommandée et je serai donc heureuse de remporter ce prix.... Les éditions Bragelone  étant très généreuse il y aura non pas un, mais 5 gagnants alors l'espoir est permis^^.
Il vous suffit si vous habitez en France ou en Belgique de participer avant le 16 avril ICI
Bonne Chance à tous!

Angel’s blood ( Guild Hunter 1) by Nalini Singh

Hello to all!

                   "Carnaval" has started here so it also means lack of sleep in my case ( no i'm not partying just suffering the drunks noise in the street and the pub's music loud enough to be hear several streets away ( yes that loud)). The advantage is that i can hide and try to read as much as i want ^^ after i do share a little with you, of course.

This monthy was more fror reading pleasure than anything else even if Kimba from Caffeniated Book Reviewer really helped me to stay motivated and to read more...still i promised myself that i would try to read a book or an author that has been recommend for me for a long time.. one each month... how to try to mix the 2 goals? Simply by trying a new series by an author that has been added on my favourite list already.

I discovered Nalini Singh thanks to the PsiChangeling, published in French by Milady and i loved it nearly instantly ... later i was told she has another great series with angels and vampires but i didn't managed to get my hand on it until a few month ago....i ignored it was also translated but by another publisher so this Guild hunter series i  will read in VO. Also thanks to Nikki i got more books in the series because i was quickly addicted^^ now i just have to read faster because i do want more

Happy reading
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Publication: 2009
ISBN:  0425226921
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal romance
Violence: strong

Language: mild
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: won

Short description from goodreads :

 Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux knows she is the best- but she does not know if even she is good enough for this job. Hired by the dangerously beautiful archangel Raphael, a being so lethal that no mortal wants his attention, Elena knows failure is not an option—even if the task is impossible.

Because this time, it's not a wayward vamp she has to track. It's an archangel gone bad.

The job will put Elena in the midst of a killing spree like no other—and pull her to the razor's edge of passion. Even if the hunt does not destroy her, succumbing to Raphael’s seductive touch just might. For when archangels play, mortals break

My opinion:
          Nalini Singh ‘s writing is real magic.  She manage to drew you in her universes and you feel at home; it was the case with the psychic and shifters in her “psychangeling” series, this time it’s angel and vampires but the magic still operate.

I love how she doesn’t give you all the keys to the world, in which the story is set, right at the start but you never feel lost. You have enough to start and you grow up with the main character as he or she is learning so do you. her universe become steadily more complex but it’s gradually done so you feel at ease immersed in the story.

In this first book, we focus on Elena, a vampire hunter , member of the guild. To explain without saying too much  ( after all we still know little specific),she is a born hunter which in this universe means she has a talent to detect and thus hunt vampires but as a member of the guild she only hunt those who have become bad or tried to breach their contract.
Contract? Yes, here vampires are made by angels ( strange no?^^) , it must be consensual, the human petition to be made vampire, the angels study his/her case and if accepted he is made in exchange for 100 years of service… so yes servant or slave it depends on the master, the angel but in any case so is the contract and that’s done also to protect humans. When a vampire trie to leave before his time, the guild is called to bring him ( her) back.

Now the born hunters are few and the guild has hunter without that specificity too, I wouldn’t say other hunters are “normal humans” but they differ from Elena and the hunter borns, they can have some immunity perhaps ort special talents but then so far we don’t know a lot. Elena is the best in her branch and the best friend of the director of the guild ( who is elected by the way), she also has another hunter born has a friend: Ransom.
Now I spoke of the hunters, of the vampires, what of the angels? You can’t imagine a world divided in two angels on one side, vampires on the other, good vs bad. It’s really more complex. Yes the angels makes the vampires but some of them have an higher rank than some angels, of course it would take centuries for them to reach that level of powers but it’s possible. In fact the world is divided in a kind of sector or kingdom some would say with at their head an archangel (male or female) . The archangel is the one at the top, the one who ensure peace and keeps angels and vampires in line. To reach that result, yes they can be cruel, the longer they lived the less connected with humanity they are, some really thinks of themselves as god.  An angel can with time and if he shows some specific power become an archangel… however they number are limited to ten, and it’s their council that takes the decision like judgement on a archangel or those who affect the world in general.
Archangels and angels are immortals (like vampires) but if it’s hard it’s not impossible to kill them. Also they can reproduce but the birth rate is really low, vampire can too with a human mate but only if they are not too old ( less than 200 y)

All of these infos don’t cover everything so you can imagine how an interesting universe it is.  I really loved to see Raphael, the powerful archangel start to doubt himself thanks to Elena sharp tongue and resistance.  I do love how all the angel have a different wing pattern  too, it’s exciting to imagine or guess who has what. But I must say I was really intrigued by the seven. The seven are composed of vampires and angels and are the honor guard of Raphael; he is the only archangel to have such a group of highly loyal supporters, the top security? Dmitri is making me curious but he is not the only one….contrary to what we could believe they are at that place by choice and won Raphael’s respect and trust…they chose to be loyal it’s not because he made them ( I don’t know if he made any of the vampire in that group but I’m sure for 2)…. He is an intelligent leader even if he was sometimes too cruel ( normal for an archangel). Now yes he can be cruel but he still care for those under him and we can see it’s not the case for all the others member from the ten…he was a little too alpha and too forceful with Elena but he never crossed the line, it was instinctive but she didn’t react well to the compulsion and mind talking ^^;;.

Elena has a troubled past and is an outcast for her family that made her really independent which is why she was fighting Raphael’s orders at first until he went in her head and made her so angry. But deep down she is loyal and understand him better that what he thinks there are a good match and I’m glad a later book in the series will focus again on them.

This book has a cliffhanger for the main story line, but the story between Raphael and Elena and their hunt has a closure so I definitively want more but if I had to I could wait without too much stress. If you love urban fantasy with steamy romance, fierce fighter and hero with a huge ego^^ this is the book for you!

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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PsiChangeling 4 : Mienne pour Toujours par Nalini Singh


             Grâce au challenge créé par Kim ( Caffeinated  Book Reviewer) et au "read-a-thon" qui l' a accompagné j'ai fait une légère percée dans ma pile de livres à lire et c'est à votre avantage puisque en plus des articles bilingues de ce mois et d'un avis déjà... oui vous l'avez deviné un second avis en français juste pour les adeptes de la langue française amoureux des bons livres.

Après avoir découvert combien j'étais en retard sur une des séries ayant ma préférence et comme je devais également découvrir une autre série par la même talentueuse auteur ce mois-ci j'ai décidé de retourner au base et poursuivre ce que je connais. C'est donc avec assez bien d'impatience que j'ai découvert le 4ème tome de la série PsiChangeling par Nalini Singh.

Bonne Lecture
Editeur VF: Milady  2012
Titre original:Mine to Possess ( edited 2008)
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: élevée

Langage: normal
sexe: élevé ( mention de viol sur mineurs)
Public: +18ans
Obtenu par achat

Quatrième de couverture de l'éditeur Milady:

L’amour peut-il guérir les blessures du passé ?

Pour sauver Talin McKade, son amour d’enfance, des griffes de son père adoptif, Clay Bennett a assassiné ce dernier. Lorsqu’en sortant de prison, il apprend que la jeune fille s’est tuée dans un accident, il est dévasté. Talin a simulé sa mort afin de refaire sa vie, loin de son passé et de la nature violente de Clay. Elle a réussi et veille à présent sur des enfants défavorisés.
Mais quand ceux dont elle a la charge commencent à disparaître, l’horreur resurgit dans son existence et elle n’a d’autre choix que de demander de l’aide à l’homme le plus fort qu’elle connaisse.
Mais revenir vers Clay ne sera pas sans conséquences car le léopard est prêt à tout pour la faire sienne…

          Nalini Singh est tout aussi talentueuse que par le passé et peut-être même un peu plus puisqu’elle parvient à aborder de façon très réaliste des sujets assez sensibles et complexes tels que les abus sur mineurs et leurs conséquences malgré tout ce tome est celui que j’ai le moins apprécié jusqu’à présent et ce justement pour ces même raisons. Mes sensibilités font que le sujet secondaire (le premier restant bien entendu la guerre psy changeling et Silence) me heurte trop et que je ne peux donc pas m’évader comme je l’espérais.

Cependant, loin de moi l’idée de vous faire croire que ce tome n’est pas de qualité, vraiment  le rythme, l’action, la romance et l’intégration dans la série tout est parfait c’est seulement le fait que ce soit directement lié à l’abus d’enfants passé et le kidnapping et meurtres d’autres qui  tend à me bouleverser un peu trop.

J’ai vraiment apprécié par contre d’apprendre d’avantage sur le passé de Clay, ce léopard est depuis le début un de mes personnage favoris et cette histoire s’est démontrée très instructive à son propos pour nous aider à mieux cerner sa personnalité. On savait par exemple qu’il n’avait pas passé son enfance dans la meute mais pas à quel point il avait souffert, ni même les raisons pour lesquelles il était hors de toute meute. Maintenant que on el sait on comprend d’autant mieux sa loyauté et donc pourquoi il était sur la défensive. Judd également fait une apparition des plus intéressantes même si il est encore peu sujet aux émotions.

L’histoire se concentre en fait sur un évènement qui a eut lieux  plus de 100 ans auparavant, avant l’instauration de Silence, on apprend que les unions inter raciales ( psi changeling, psi /humains) étaient très fréquentes et que ces spi là se sont battus dès le départ même si le conseil a essayé d’éliminer tous les dissidents  comme il le tente encore. Certains sont parvenus à s’échapper et leur descende ignore ce passé… or certains enfants démontrent des talents divers et Les Psi actuels  dans leur volonté de perfectionner silence veulent s’en servir de cobayes.
Découvrir le monde plus en profondeur par le biais de son histoire est une approche qui me convient tout particulièrement dès lors voir Talin, Shine et Sascha mettre en commun leur savoir avait une saveur toute particulière.

On a également des confirmation supplémentaire comme quoi le PsiNet est loin d’être aussi performant et efficace que supposé. dès lors la situation va probablement empirer et pour tous le monde. Toutefois, DarkRiver a des alliés de plus en plus nombreux et divers et c’est un des éléments que je souhaite continuer à se voir développé.

Un très bon tome qui a parfaitement sa place dans la série toutefois si vous êtes une âme ultra sensible… peut-être vaudrait –il mieux directement passer au suivant ou alors au moins attendez d’être dans un bon jour car c’est un des tomes les plus noirs jusqu’à présents.

Score:  3/5

Disclaimer: Toutes les opinions exprimées ici sont les miennes, il s’agit de d’un avis honnête et personnel. Aucune compensation n’a été fournie en échange de ce dernier.


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