lundi 2 avril 2018

Freedom Fighters ( Vistaria Has Fallen 4) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Hello to all and Happy Easter!

New month means new releases and today i'm sharing with you the new instalment in a series i'm just discovering so happy reading!!
Publisher: Tracy Cooper-Posey
Publication: 2018
ISBN:  9781772634532
Genre: military romance
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+

Short description from goodreads :

She has evolved from First Daughter to Freedom Fighter.

Once the privileged daughter of Vistaria’s President, Carmen Escobedo now fights with civilian Loyalists to win back her country. She would be content except the rebel unit leader, Garrett Blackburn, is an inhuman slave-driver.

Deeply scarred, physically and mentally, Garrett is a doctor by night and a guerilla leader by day. His cold indifference shifts when Carmen helps uncover an Insurrecto plot to steal a silver mine and use the silver to buy respectability. The freedom fighters must halt the silver shipment no matter the cost…

Get your copy now of the fourth book in the Vistaria Has Fallen romantic suspense series reviewers are calling “original”, “compelling” and “a rollercoaster ride.”

1.0: Vistaria Has Fallen
2.0: Prisoner of War
3.0: Hostage Crisis
4.0: Freedom Fighters
5.0: Casualties of War
6.0: V-Day

[Reader Note: This series was previously published as erotic romance titles in the Vistaria Affair series. This new edition has been re-written for a general audience and re-titled.]

My opinion:
          This is my first visit to Vistaria but i really appreciated the fact that this 4th instalment was working really well as stand alone. Yes there is a continuing story line we can follow from book 1 to the last one and yes we meet recurring characters but this story perfectly works as stand alone with a complete story, with information about what happened previously, and romance.

In this one we focus on Carmen who joined rebels in Vistaria despite being the daughter of the late president....she wants justice for her country and to see it back in his full glory.  After studying abroad she came back on her own and joined a group directed by Garrett, a American doctor.  They relationship isn't easy, in fact at first she hates him as he is very strict and without pity but she at the same time realise that he is a very good leader even if he is secret and always grumpy. However as she starts to uncover his past, admiration grows into something even stronger. Carmen is proud, stronger than she think and willing to fight for what she believes in and speaking her one of the very few female in her group it's even less easy but she stays  true to herself.

Garret had a dramatic past....he lost all those dear to him and wasn't left unscathed ...during the night he is a doctor, an attentive one but during the day he is the leader of the rebels , in a war not his own,and a very good fighter without's a strange dual personality but when we learn his past it makes better sense. He is attracted to Carmen and  protective even if from outside it's look like the complete opposite and him being a jerk without pity. One thing is sure he doesn't play favourite but while it doesn't seem so he is very alert and observant of everything and understand Carmen better than herself at times. He is a good leader and look out for his group. i loved to seem him opening to Carmen slowly as it made sense he wouldn't rush things but not wait forever either.

i loved how we got both side of the story, Garret and Carmen but also saw what the other characters and Carmen's family were doing ^^ it's funny to see how large said family is and how disconcerting it is for outsider or new member. There is violence ( it's a war) but also romance and humour as  Vistaria loyalist have quite a large unexpected range of assets.

i would be happy to read the rest of this series as the setting is original and the characters very enjoyable.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

mardi 20 mars 2018

Dead as a Doornail ( Kenni Lowry 5) by Tonya Kappes [ early review ]

hello to all!!

                  So first thank you to all of you who helped to make my birthday special  you really are the best *hugs*

Now, i had to wait until i was less dizzy to be able to read novel but now i feel a little better so i'm trying to make up for teh time i lost and today i'm sharing with you my opinion on a future release in hope you have the time to get up to date in this series if you haven't done so yet.

On the program; Dead as a Doornail fifth instalment in the Kenni Lowry Mystery series by Tonya Kappes.

Happy Reading!!!
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication: 2018
ASIN:  1635113342
Genre: cozy mystery
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+

Description from goodreads :

 Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone. And doesn’t our Sheriff Kenni Lowry know that? Well, she knows a lot of things.

Lucy Lowell takes great pride in writing negative reviews in the local newspaper for anything that does not go her way. When Lucy is found dead, it appears to be from natural causes.

But Sheriff Kenni Lowry knows there is more to it because the ghost of her grandfather, the ex-sheriff, is standing over the body.

His presence can only mean one thing: Murder!

Since Kenni’s relationship with Deputy Finn Vincent has heated up, Kenni is having trouble conducting the investigation without Finn questioning her every move.

Can Kenni unravel the mystery on her own or will she have to tell Finn the real reason she knows it was murder—the ghost of her poppa?

It’s blowin’ up a storm and only Kenni knows how it’ll end.

My opinion:
          Such a good mystery ^^.I've always loved a good investigation  and with this story it was perfect. i loved to see how Kenni was progressing despite a mayor making things difficult and a very long list of suspects. Really the story was perfectly balanced between the investigation , the romance and the touch of humour.

Kenni and Finn work wonderfully together and their relationship deepens but there is still secret between them as Poppa 's help is still something that Kenni keeps to herself in fear to loose him. Duke is still the perfect dog so intelligent and courageous.
and of course Kenni's mother is still  trying to get things done her way and annoying her daughter to no ends^^

This is really a great series we love to follow as we are learning something new each time and each story gets better than the last so i do recommend it without hesitation if you want a good cozy mystery with southern charm.

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer:Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

jeudi 15 mars 2018

Cold Blooded Brew (A Killer Coffee Mystery 4) by Tonya Kappes

Hello to all,

 i'm still dizzy from a small operation so if there are any mistake i'm really sorry but i couldn't wait to share with you this new release from Tonya Kappes....
It was supposed to release later but she surprised us by releasing early for her birthday so i couldn't delay, i had to share my thoughts on this one as it resonnated with something happing in my life right now ( no, no murder but the pets side of the story) so it was simply the perfect book to read during the Carnaval .

Happy Reading
Publisher: Tonya Kappes
Publication: 2018
ASIN:  B078V8W2Q2
Genre: cozy mystery
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+

Description from goodreads :

 Charming. Southern. Mysteries.

Welcome to Honey Springs where the gossip is as hot as the coffee served at The Bean Hive Coffee Shop!

Meet Roxanne Bloom, ex-lawyer and who likes to be called Roxy by her close friends. She's the owner and operator of The Bean Hive coffee shop in Honey Springs. Kentucky.

But when a dead body is dumped on her doorstep like a sack of coffee beans, the cozy coffee shop becomes an all-out crime scene and everyone in the small town is hankering for some good gossip.

Sheriff Spencer warns her to be careful because everyone is a suspect. Roxy's snooping lawyer skills are on alert and she can't help but brew up a few clues to help find the cold blooded killer.

My opinion:
          This series keeps getting better -even if it means Honey Spring has a high level of murders- really this may be my favourite so far.

The investigation isn't simple and we really solve it like a puzzle with bit of info found here and there but really several twist make this one a page turner as you aren't sure of the motive or culprit until the very end. I love the setting a lot with everyone knowing each other in that little city and still so many secret and gossip.

Roxy is a great character, she really thinks of other and i love how she tries to help everyone while making her dream a reality...her romance is also really moving i loved to see it progress.

Now one part i can't resist are the one about the pet: Roxy relationship with her dog of course but also all the other she helps get adoptee and i love seeing them find the right owner.

This story is so captivating that i fear making too many spoiler so i will stop here and only tell you that you must read this one  and if you can read the series in order it's even better!!!

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

lundi 12 mars 2018

Banning (Dragon Guard Bersekers) by Julia Mills

Hello to all,

While it's the Carnaval here and thus lot of noise preventing me to sleep a lot i do put that time into good use : i'm reading! This time i started a new series by Julia Mills and it may become my favourite it was simply perfect for my birthday week... it release tomorrow so  hurry and pre order it when you still can.

Happy reading
Publisher: Julia Mills
Publication: 2018
ASIN:  B07B4D876H
Genre: Paranormal romance
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: steamy
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

 Ancient, Angry, and Looking for Vengeance.
These aren’t your momma’s Dragons.

Unbeatable, Unstoppable and damned near Indestructible.
They are the Dragon Guard Berserkers.

Move over Fate. Take a holiday Death.
The Boys are Back and There’s Hell to pay.

Meet Banning, the first of these legendary Guardsman to resurface and demand his due.

One simple coin, thrown into a fountain.
A wish made from the heart.

Tides will turn.
Futures will change.

His wish - to escape a prison of his own making…
Her wish - to save her mother…

Destiny intervenes.
Two worlds collide.

To save himself, he must first save her.

If you only had one wish… would you use it to save the one you love?

Fate Will Not Be Denied.

This book contains explicit sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.

My opinion:
          Perfect! Really i couldn't have been happier with this book than i am....i love dragons and Banning is really a great one ...even better villains get what they deserve so this story is moving because both Banning and his mate to be Mimi suffered quite a lot and we really want they happiness, it's very steamy too but also violent with some scenes quite gore and it fit perfectly ( i mean he is a dragon he won't just throw a punch) so it didn't bothered me at all as i was cheering for Banning

I loved that there were other shifters and how they came to help and forge new bonds but this story is the first of a series so we still have a lot to discover like where are the other dragons...and what happened during all teh time Banning was a statue.

So this is really a series i hope to continue as it was really great, i do hope to see more of Banning and Mimi!) but it's sure not recommended for those under 18 or not liking steamy or violence but if you don't mind ( especially when it's justice) and want a great paranormal romance i recommend you to try this one

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

mardi 6 mars 2018

Six Feet Under ( Kenni Lowry 4) by Tonya Kappes

Hello to all,

I guess that by know you know how i love a good book by Tonya Kappes....i haven't discovered all her series yet but those i did start got me addicted i'm really hppy to tell you that in the next 2 months we will get not 1 but 3 new releases and i will happily give you my opinion on those so get ready.

 Today i will tell you a little about Six Feet Under the 4th book in the Kenni Lowry series that release next week so you have time to go on a binge reaéds to get up to date^^.

Happy reading!
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication: 2018
ISBN:  0373277210
Genre: cozy mystery, southern
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+

 Description from goodreads :

 Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. And let me tell you, this broth is in trouble. Get ready for a Southern showdown.

The residents of Cottonwood, Kentucky are sent into a tizzy when the Culinary Channel comes to town to film an episode of Southern Home Cookin’ with celebrity chef Frank Von Lee.

Especially Sheriff Kenni Lowry.

Her mama’s award-winning chicken pot pie is what brought Frank to town, and they don’t make hair in the South bigger than her mama’s ego after the news.

When Frank Von Lee is found dead from food poisoning and the most likely culprit is Mama’s chicken pot pie, Kenni’s poppa, the former sheriff, comes back from the Great Beyond to assist in the investigation.

But nothing’s prepared Kenni for such a personal tie to a case, and she finds herself pushing the limits of the laws she’s sworn to protect.

This book’s so delicious it’ll make your mouth water and leave you hankerin’ for more.

My opinion:
          I love this series, as well as every book by this author, because really so far you can't go wrong picking one when you are looking for a cozy mystery well written and with humour enough that you will leave you  smiling long after you close the book.

Kenni has really a strange mother who isn't giving her any reprieve how she can be really supportive yes but most of the time it's embarrassment and complications...
This time a famous chef is coming in search of participants for a cooking reality show and Kenni's mother has been selected which means nothing can stop her now. She goes as far as doing some cosmetic treatment to be at her best.....however when the ghost of Kenni's grandfather reappears it sadly means that more gruesome events will occur and when the famous chef is found dead with what looks like her recipe near, Kenni mama is the top suspect.

Even if Kenni is sure of her innocence , this investigation will move her quite a bit and i loved to see that, she isn't perfect but she is doing her best and we love her for that. Let just say that Kenni will have more than she can chew but also it will show her true friends ( and some new hobby perhaps)

Really i loved it! All was there: the touch of romance, the great investigation with lot of twists and the great sidekick ( really who can resist Duke^^) and the humour to  balance all the rest; it was a great book

if you want a excellent cozy mystery don't miss this one! Can be read as standalone but you would appreciate it even more read in order.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

lundi 26 février 2018

Dalig Hund Wolves series book 1&2 by Emma Alysin

Hello to all!

Today i'm sharing with you my opinion on two novella by Emma Alysin taking place in the same universe as the author is releasing them again ( changing the order among other things)...there is a change of covers too and to be honest if the new ones may reflect more on the story i really prefer the precedent ones so it's those i will show you.

Happy reading

Mated to the Enemy Alpha

If you are looking for a erotic paranormal romance short story this is one for you.  Don't expect romance as there quite a bit of  non consensual scenes ( wolf's part agrees as their are mates but it's no romance just instinct)
it's not bad written and quickly read.

The main plot is light the heroine goes in to get revenge and instead find her mate and they do jump on each other too quickly to my taste i think it could have been better if the story was longer and if they took their time but since it's a novella all is a bit rushed.

Taken by the Werewolf ( Dalig Hund Wolves 2)

First, better to let you know that this short novella takes place around the same time as  "Mated to the Enemy Alpha" and not just after so some events are seen in both story but from a different angle.

It's a paranormal erotic romance but i appreciated that it was less violent ( the steamy parts not the story as itself) even if there is more dirty language involved. It's a very steamy one, way too short novella , for example i would have loved if we knew a bit more about what was happening to the sister after so the end is kind of abrupt.

Globally i prefer this story as we get to see a bit more about the pack law, habits etc from this universe and i loved the characters more.

mardi 20 février 2018

Suzanne Johnson day!

Hello to all!!

i know it's a bit late but i couldn't keep it secret.... today Suzanne Johnson/ Susannah Sandlin is taking over at The Romance of reading on Facebook  with lot of giveaway open to international.

So If you are on facebook hurry and ask to be entered in the group if you are not already and particiapte.

Good Luck to all!!