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Furbidden Attraction ( Raven Falls 1) by R. O'Leary

 Hello to all!

 Somehow i have been reading a bit but i did not post reviews here enough so  i will try to do better. today i'm sharing my opinion on a new discovery for me. It was a gift from a very, very dear friend so i had to try ot and i'm not disappointed at all( she knows me too well)

happy reading!

Publication: 2020
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal romance
Violence: strong

Language: strong
sex: steamy
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

Shot and left for dead, shapeshifter Jack needs to find out who wants him out of the picture… preferably before the sexy veterinary tech he kidnapped manages to escape again.

Louisa moved to Raven Falls to make a better life for herself. But “better” isn’t working out so well. Her apartment is a dive, her boss might as well be possessed, and the sweet dog she brought home isn’t actually a dog. Not that the exceedingly attractive naked man in her bed isn’t a step up—but it would be nice if she knew who the hell he was… or how he got there.

Jack has always put his clan first and his desires second—until Louisa. Her dark curls and warm, vanilla scent ignite a fire within him that he can’t quite shake. Sure, he can transform into a seven-foot monster, but he deserves love as much as the next guy. Knee-deep in a dangerous investigation, memories missing, and a bullet wound in his shoulder, Jack doesn’t have time to dawdle with a certain brunette… even if she is waving a baseball bat in his face.

Unless he takes her with him.

Kidnapped and pissed off, Louisa wants nothing to do with the sexy shifter and even less to do with his secret world of monsters and nightmares. But the longer she spends with Jack, the less she can deny the odd pull between them, or that he might just be the “better life” she was looking for all along.

Oh i was gifted this book and so it was a complete discovery for me new series, new author the total and i really loved it!

Yes it's an paranormal romance with quite steamy scenes but also with a good plot and a well built universe so i just want to discover more now.

Jack is a shifter ( dog) and the problem solver of his clan....however he gets hurt during a mission and loose part of his recent memories. Stuck in his dog form he can't ask for help....but luckily a gorgeous lady with alluring scent will care for him.
Louisa moved to Raven Falls to start a new life never expecting said life to be filled with monsters like werewolves, shifters, ghouls and other kinds. Working in a vet clinic she come accross a dog that was shot and hit by a car.....moved by his eyes she takes him home to keep an eyes on his injuries not expecting to suddenly come in front of a naked human in her bed.....kidnapped she is introduced to a world were monters exists...and not necessarily because of the form they take but Jack may be a shifter, transform in a dog she feels a connection to him she never had , the clan is like the family she always dreamed of...

However the investigation of missing women , the one Jack was working on can't wait, and without his memories he must start at the beginnin...with Louisa as his instinct want to keep her near and to protect her.

I really loved Jack, his past history is not easy and still he tries to make it better for everyone. He is loyal and loving. Nate is interesting also and Abby is just too cute little bear. Louisa is interesting she can be stubborn and she has a good heart , she grew on me even if she is not favourite character. Iris is interesting as well. The investigation is really well done, with some twists, romance is cute and the universe see well built as we get information along the story

I can't wait to continue the series and see if it get better and if we keep seeing the characters we have come to love

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