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Death Maker ( Lark Morgan 1) by J.C. McKenzie -review

 Hello to all,

today i'm sharing with you a new release from an author i really love. I'm not really into dark theme so necromancer generally are not the kind of story i would pick but since i trusted the author and the blurb made it very temping i gave it a try and now i just want more.

Happy reading!

Publisher: JCM Publications 
Publication: 2023
ISBN:  9781990143250
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: strong
sex: mild
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

Death is a terrible power to wield…

Most people think my life as a certified necromancer is filled with raising the dead to resolve estate disputes and make the rich richer. And they’re not wrong. But I’ve added illegal raisings and consulting with the police to my resumé.

Normally, I ask the recently departed “whodunit” for the cops, but in a recent string of gruesome killings, the dead aren’t talking. And while the souls are silent, the vampires won’t shut up. They think I’m the key to solving their problems. To complicate matters, I also keep getting sucked into the veil—the magical realm where spirits rest and a mysterious castle keeps appearing.

All I want in life is to do my job, help my mom pay her medical bills and not murder a certain arrogant detective. But if I don’t figure out how the murders, the veil and the vampires are connected, all while keeping my less-than-legal activities from the cops, I might go from making sacrifices to becoming one.

A deliciously dark Urban Fantasy tale with a flawed necromancer trying to survive a harsh world by International Bestselling Author, J. C. McKenzie.

 Oh i love this new series!!! So our world but something happened to make paranormal creatures, witches, shifters and vampires known. Now they live like anyboby and works but there are still some rules each " glamy" as they are called must follow. Vampires can't make vampires as they want for example and magic users are registered and must follow some specific laws as not to loose their licence.

Lark Morgan is a necromancer and a porwerful one even if she is not exactly liking that.....the sacrifice of animals needed to make it work some some trivial matter does bother her. She is respectful of the deceased but she does need to work as she is saving to pay for her mother medical treatment. She is strong willed, determined but has a kind heart and i really appreciate it as it balanced the darker side. Living with her brother and his boyfriend, her love life is a mess but with her strange hours it's not surprising...working very late all the time sometimes helping the police or more precisely officer Kang who keep bickering with her , he is so funny.

Suddely the master of the vampires offers her a deal she can't refuse while a precedent client is " courting" her and the police is confronted to a series of strange murders. Poor Lark has very little time for herself and the danger keeps growing so she will need to decide what she really wants and who to trust.

I really loved the story , i read it in one sitting. If i was a bit hesitant at first because of the necromancer part i'm really happy to say it's wonderfully written, the sacrifices are not overly described. The fact Lark is repectful and is moved by what she must do make it work perfectly. I also loved the interaction between Lark and Kang ( and his partner), the sparks between them are funny and the mystery about both of their secrets just make us impatient to read more

A great urban fantasy with a dark twist, a touch of romance and full of action to have you addicted to this new series!

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