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V-Day (The Vistaria Affair/Vistaria has fallen 6) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

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             Fall has started for good now so what could be better than reading near the fire with a cup of tea ( when time allows it,that's is). Today i'm sharing with you the conclusion of Visteria has fallen series by Tracy Cooper-Posey.

Happy reading!

Publisher:  Stories Rule
Publication: 2018
ISBN13:  9781772636734
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: strong
Language: normal
sex: allusion
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

 They have known and loved each other for years, but they have never met ... until now.
When Cristián Peña and the entire town of Pascuallita vanish, Chloe Masters, former hacker and free spirit, races to the war-torn island to find the man who saved her life years ago. She has never met Cristián in person, yet she loves him, anyway.

There’s a drone carrying a dirty bomb, heading for the Whitehouse. No one knows who is controlling the drone. Cristián and Chloe, with their extraordinary talents, just might be able to stop it.

Cristián lives under the shadow of his famous older brother Duardo, which makes him doubt everything, including his feelings for Chloe. Cristián must find a way to step out of that shadow, if he is to save his family, the people of Pascuallita, Vistaria ... and Chloe.

My opinion:
          An excellent conclusion. We follow Cristian and Chloe who we met several time in precedent books and we learn not only how they met but a lot about their childhood which is a big help to understand them in the current situation. I admit i wouldn't have loved the young Chloe her choice of lifestyle is against mine but she became a very good soul and never hesitate to put herself in danger or share what she had invented in hope to save people that i admire. Cristian has some self esteem issue but when time asks for it he becomes the leader he can be.

In this story we see how deep the inssurectos have become depraved: abduction of civilians, torture, bordellos.....no war is clean but at this point it can't even be called war.  That forces people to make choice and if i can understand a few i must say i wouldn't be as forgiving as Calli toward the other captives.

The rhythm is fast as our heroes are facing a real countdown and we get to see the situation from several locations and point of view as the family is divided some in america some in mexico, two or 3 groups ( if Nick counts as one group he sure does enough damage alone) in Vistaria....All their actions are linked thanks to Chloe invention and we follow them without any trouble.

There are a lot of tension;some moment fear is edging in our heart but  thankfully the author does delivers and happy ending as we discover the after of each living characters.... a great way to end the series

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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